Overwatch Pro Settings and Gear List

With the announcement of the upcoming Overwatch League, we were eager to find the best settings for competitive Overwatch. So we spend a lot of time and effort on research and tried to find the resolution, dpi, and sensitivity for each individual pro. We also watched hours of video footage to gather information on the monitors, mice and keyboards of Overwatch pros. This is the result: Our Overwatch Pro Settings and Gear List.

We considers this our data vault and our source to give you the Best Monitor and Gear for Overwatch and our Overwatch Pro Settings Guide. We chose the teams by developing an internal ranking after considering recent tournament performance. And who knows, these might just be possible players of the new Overwatch League.

In our articles we tried to give you an overview of what we would consider good settings for Overwatch. Averages of eDPI for example can help you tremendously in deciding which Overwatch sensitivity you want to use. However, sometimes you might want to emulate one of your favorite Overwatch pros like Seagull or Surefour. If you want to use exactly the same settings, resolution or sensitivity as the pros, have a look at our list below.

We proud ourselves in the fact that we update our list as often and as soon as we can. But please, if you do spot any mistakes, please tell us in the comments. Additionally, you can check our FAQ if you have any further questions. This list will be completely updated and revamped with the launch of the Overwatch league.

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  1. This is NRG/SanFransicos lineup for OWL season 1: iddqd, babybay, Danteh, nomy, dhaK, sleepy, sinatraa, super.

    They’ve officially announced the spot just not a team name.

  2. Hello! I real love your site, its really useful, but you should add Galeadelade gear and settings!
    Ty for doing this site and helping the community!

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