Overwatch Pro Settings and Gear List

Overwatch League's current season was a success on every front, and everyone is expecting the next to come out even stronger. While the teams have been busy preparing we've also been doing our work analyzing their gear. As usual, we researched the Overwatch settings like resolution, dpi and sensitivity for each individual pro. We also verified information on the monitors, mice and keyboards of these players as well.

We consider this our data-vault, our source to give you the Best Monitor and Gear for Overwatch. The best gear isn’t enough though. Tuning your Overwatch settings is what takes you to the next level. Our Overwatch Pro Settings Guide is a great place to start. We’ve updated the list to reflect the Overwatch League by Blizzard in addition to a host of free agents that are looking to break-through in the scene. This is for all players who want to add the perfect Overwatch settings to their arsenal.

In our articles we deliver an overview of what we consider to be the best Overwatch settings. Averages of eDPI for example can be a great guiding tool in deciding which Overwatch sensitivity you want to use. Instead of taking a data-driven approach, it might be that you want try out a favorite Overwatch pro’s settings like Seagull or Surefour. If that is the case, you can find the settings, resolution and sensitivity of the pros below.

The list is connected to our database which is continuously updated, as the scene evolves and new trends become standard. If we’ve made any mistakes, please feel free to join us in the comments to discuss these settings and their sources. If you have any further questions, you can refer to our FAQ as well.

In our list you will sometimes see a capitalized letter behind an organization. That is to indicate that the player in question isn't (currently) a pro player on the main roster but still part of the organization. We use the following abbreviations: coach (C), manager/organization entourage (M), content creator/streamer (S), benched/inactive (B).

Please note that all product links in the table above send you to Amazon and we receive a small commission for items sold. There is no additional cost to you. Thanks for reading.

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According match Seoul Dynasty – NYXL. Creative mouse is Zowie S1 White.

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Creative’s mouse, thanks!


also shadder2k has a 3080 now

ProSettings | Lars

Fixed shadder2k’s GPU, thank you!


karq is mainly a support player it says dps

ProSettings | Lars

Oops, fixed!


Soon’s twitch (today 3/12/21) says he is back at 800 dpi with 9 sens

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Soon’s sens, thank you!


Shax uses the Finalmouse Ultralight 2, not the G Pro Wireless

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Shax’s mouse, thank you!


ANS uses (or I guess used) a Zowie Celeritas II as his keyboard.

ProSettings | Lars

Updated ANS’s keyboard, thank you!


According to decay’s twitch bot’s korean !sens commands (which I would assume is more up to date), he now uses 1600 dpi 2.03 in game (2.53 tracer, 3.03 pharah genji) 30 zoom (widow ana), 54 zoom (ashe)

ProSettings | Lars

Changed decay’s sensitivity, thank you!


Seominsoo now uses 1600 dpi at 2 in game and is signed by the hangzhou spark

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Seominsoo’s sensitivity, thank you!


Viol2t now setting
dpi 800
Sensitivity 4.00
Zoom 32.00

ProSettings | Lars

Changed viol2t’s settings, thank you!


For the mouse, Soon is now playing with the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless (source: Soon’s About page on his Twitch profile)

ProSettings | Lars

Updated SoOn’s mouse, thank you!