Best Keyboard for League of Legends - The Ultimate Guide

In a game such as League of Legends, where a lot of extremely vital actions are mapped to your keyboard, it's of crucial importance to have a nice keyboard that you personally like. You don't want to get caught out missing a crucial cast because you didn't fully actuate a key or what have you, and it's equally important to not 'fat finger' (whereby you accidentally press a certain key) either.

Luckily there are a lot of options out there for you to consider. Manufacturers these days are making everything from keyboards with ultra fast switches that are focused on speed to heavy tactile switches that require you to apply a decent amount of pressure if you want to actuate a key. This diversity and huge variety of options when it comes to keyboards is also what can make it incredibly confusing to choose your own board, and that's where we come in. In addition to having articles on keyboard sizes and switches to help out people who are completely new to (mechanical) keyboards we've also gone ahead and analyzed what the professional League of Legends players are using to help you in your quest to find your ideal mechanical keyboard.

In the list below we'll give you the five most popular keyboards in the League of Legends pro scene and give a brief explanation on each board's features. In the interest of keeping this article 'clutter free' we decided to add boards that are practically the same (for example the full size version and TKL version of the same board if they don't have vastly different features) together so they only take up one entry in the list.

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G Pro X

2. HyperX Alloy Origins (Core)

3. Logitech G915 TKL

4. Corsair K65

5. Fnatic MiniSTREAK

What makes a keyboard good for League of Legends?

There is a massive variety of keyboards out there, and with custom mechanical keyboards becoming ever more popular the market just continues to expand. It would be near impossible to deduce what constitutes 'the ultimate gaming keyboard' since things like switch preference (tactile vs linear, for starters) is something that's extremely subjective, but luckily there are a few things we can learn from the League of Legends pros to narrow it down a bit.

For starters we'll get the obvious out of the way: League of Legends professionals, just like pros in the other games that we analyze, use mechanical keyboards. The advantages of a mechanical keyboard over a membrane board are well documented, but in short: mechanical keyboards are much more responsive, last longer, and allow for almost infinite customization which results in a myriad of options to choose from. If you're even a little bit serious about gaming (and even if you're not; plenty of non-gamers have mechanical keyboards) we definitely recommend a mechanical keyboard.

Looking at what the LoL pros use we see that you'll probably want to consider a TKL (or smaller) board if LoL is your main game. The reason for that is pretty simple: space. Unless you've got a very peculiar playing style you'll almost never have to use the numpad for this game, so you might as well spring for a smaller form factor: you don't really lose any functionality but you do gain a ton of space, so the advantages are definitely there. Of course there are other factors to consider too: if you use the numpad a lot for work it might be a good idea to go for a full sized keyboard, but it's definitely worth thinking about how often you use that part of the keyboard if you ask us.

Aside from this it's important to get a keyboard that matches your preferences. There are a ton of switches to choose from, and for a game like LoL it's in your best interest to find a switch that matches your playing style. If you're someone who easily presses a key when you didn't mean to you could consider heavier linear switches, or tactile switches. If you want your switches to actuate at the slightest touch you might want to consider speed-oriented linear switches, for example.

Best keyboard for League of Legends
Most used manufacturer

of analyzed league of legends pros use a keyboard without a numpad

1. Logitech G Pro X

Hotswappable keyboard

The Logitech G Pro line is aimed at competitive and professional gamers, and judging from our data they do a pretty good job at that. We find G Pro products across all of our analyzed games, and the G Pro X takes the cake in League of Legends too.

The main difference between this one and the regular G Pro Mechanical is that the X version has a hotswap PCB. This means that you can swap switches without having to take the keyboard apart, removing the old switches, and then soldering on the new ones. Aside from the fact that a lot of people don't even know how to solder (it's not very difficult at a basic level, but most people understandably don't want to take a hot stick to their brand new mechanical keyboard) it also just takes up a whole lot of time and requires a bit of effort. The fact that you can just pull switches out of the G Pro X and replace them with other ones in less than 30 seconds (per switch) is a tremendous advantage.

The hotswap functionality also means that you can get creative: you can place heavier switches that require more effort to actuate on the buttons that you don't want to accidentally press and then lighter switches underneath buttons you want to actuate in the blink of an eye. Of course this is a pretty extreme example and most people will just use this feature to swap out all the switches in one go to change it up every now and again, but it just goes to show how you can approach this.

Aside from all this, the G Pro X is a reliable TKL keyboard. With relatively small bezels and little to no extra buttons and dials it's a board that's very much focused on competitive gamers, and the small form factor and detachable cable combined make for a portable board for the gamer who often goes to LAN events or tournaments.

By default, the G Pro X ships with Logitech's new GX switches instead of the Romer-G switches that came on the older G Pro Mechanical keyboard, but as mentioned you can swap these out easily.

Available switches

The Logitech G Pro X keyboard is available with Logitech's GX Blue (clicky), GX Red (linear), or GX Brown (tactile). These switches are now much closer to their same-colored Cherry MX counterparts than the previous Romer-G switches.

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Most used keyboard
Logitech G Pro X
HyperX Alloy Origins (+Core)
Logitech G915 TKL
Corsair K65
Fnatic MiniSTREAK

2. HyperX Alloy Origins (Core)

We counted the Alloy Origins and Alloy Origins Core together.

To the point

The HyperX Alloy line of keyboards has been popping up in our lists for years now, and that makes sense to us. They're sturdy and reliable no-nonsense keyboards that focus on competitive gamers. The Alloy Origins line is one of the newest entries in that line of boards, and if you ask us (and our reviewer) they're a hit once again. Contrary to some of the older Alloy boards, these Origins editions feature fully programmable RGB lighting (should you care about that) but more importantly: HyperX's very own switches.

Many keyboard manufacturers come up with their own switches eventually, and the results really do vary in quality, but HyperX's switches are really nice. Some people even like them more than their original Cherry MX counterparts (which is sort of the point when designing your own switches, but this isn't something that all manufacturers immediately succeed in) and that is a major compliment. Couple that with a sturdy aluminum frame and a detachable cable on both the TKL version and the full size version and you've got a really enticing product.

Available switches

The Alloy Origins is available with HyperX Red (linear), Aqua (tactile), and Blue (clicky) while the Core version is only available with Red and Aqua switches.

of analyzed league of legends pros use a wireless keyboard

3. Logitech G915 TKL

Wireless mechanical goodness

These days, wireless mice are as common in the pro gaming world as rainy days are in England, but wireless keyboards haven't really found their way into the scene just yet. That probably has something to do with the fact that a cable on a mouse is far more bothersome than a cable on a keyboard since you're constantly moving the mouse around at great speeds, but it's still a bit strange to see.

This G915 TKL is the exception to the rule. This is a LIGHTSPEED (which basically means 'no interruptions' since Logitech's wireless tech is flawless) wireless keyboard, complete with mechanical low profile switches and dedicated media keys. The aluminum top part along with the extra buttons and volume roller make it a bit more of a 'premium' option than other boards in this list, so if you're after a combo of extra features that are mostly found on full sized boards and a smaller form factor this is an interesting product. With its battery life of ~40 hours you're not going to find yourself out of juice in the middle of a marathon session either, so this is a really solid option for people who want to cut the cord.

Available switches

The G915 TKL can be bought with Logitech's own GL Tactile, GL Linear, and GL Clicky switches.

4. Corsair K65

One of Corsair's most popular boards

Corsair are among the most well known keyboard manufacturers with the casual and hardcore gaming audience alike so it's only expected that we see one of their boards in this list. The K65 is the ideal solution for people who want to get those signature Corsair looks (and RGB lighting) in a smaller package. Much like their premium full size options, this K65 has a brushed aluminum top plate and even some media keys. It's not the most portable TKL keyboard out there due to the fact that the cable isn't detachable, but there is also a USB passthrough port, which is a neat extra on a smaller board.

If you want a smaller form factor keyboard with some extras on it and you're not looking for extreme portability this could be a great choice.

Available switches

The K65 is available with Cherry MX Red and Speed switches.

of analyzed league of legends professionals use a mechanical keyboard

5. Fnatic miniSTREAK

Made by the pros

Fnatic is of course mostly known for being one of the most successful esports teams of all time but they've also been making gear in recent years. Their early attempts weren't really met with a lot of enthusiasm but lately they've been getting better and better, with one of their strong points being that they really listen to customer and reviewer feedback.

This Fnatic miniSTREAK is their take on a competitive gaming 65% board that doesn't concern itself with useless additions that drive up the price, and they did a good job with this board. It's not going to shock the world, but if you're after a reliable (aluminum top plate) and compact (detachable cable and very thin design) gaming keyboard you can certainly do worse than this one. It also comes with an included wrist rest, which is always nice.

Available switches

The Fnatic miniSTREAK can be bought with Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown switches.

Conclusion: the best keyboard for League of Legends

If the League of Legends professionals are to be believed you're going to want a mechanical TKL keyboard, but other than that there are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from barebones keyboards to full featured wireless mechanical boards with low profile switches. Which one is best for you will definitely depend on your personal tastes, but hopefully you've learned a thing or two from this guide. If you're interested in the topic you can always browse our other (keyboard) guides and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out in the comments of the relevant article or on social media.

Thanks for reading!