Review is one of many CS2 skin trading websites. Being a partner of Team Vitality it’s definitely a website that is in the spotlight quite often, so we thought it would be a good idea to do a full review. We will test all of the website’s features and evaluate its ease of use, layout, and overall performance so you can decide whether you want to trade your hard-earned skins on or not. is a CS2 skin trading website that offers some unique extra features. These include a Wiki section and a giveaway section to reward returning customers.


  • Various extra tools such as a float checker and inventory value calculator
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Pretty good selection of low-mid tier skins
  • Giveaways are a cool way to reward returning customers


  • Large house edge on some skins
  • Limited amount of filters when trading (no price range, float range, …)
  • Not a ton of very high tier skins


Extra Features: Giveaways, SteamID finder, Float Value Checker, CS2 Server Status, Inventory Value Calculator, Expansive CS2 Skins Wiki

Payment Options: PayPal, VISA, Amex, Bancontact, Bitcoin, Alipay, Tether, Ethereum


Features is mostly known as a skin trading website, but it has a number of other features. These include a float checker (see CS2 Float Values Explained for more) and other handy tools such as a SteamID finder.

Skins Wiki

This is a vast database of every single CS2 skin in existence, with some useful information in there. This information includes the release date, the amount of cases the weapon can be found in, and so on. One note here is that the info in these Wiki pages is clearly automated. For example, on the Butterfly Fade page, it says that it’s a ‘rather cheap CSGO skin’. Considering the fact that a Butterfly Fade is at least $5,000, it’s anything but a cheap skin.

Despite this, it’s still a good resource to have if you’re looking for a new skin. wiki feature

SteamID Finder

Using the SteamID finder, you can post any profile link to get the full information on that profile. This includes the SteamID64. This is a unique identifier of any Steam account and can be used on websites that analyze inventory value, competitive match history, …

CS2 Status Checker

This does exactly what it says: it reports on the status of the game. If you’re having frequent lag spikes or the game isn’t working properly, it’s always handy to check if the game itself is down before doing any local troubleshooting.

The CS2 status checker includes the status of all matchmaking servers. It also has a bunch of additional info that you can use for troubleshooting if your game isn’t running properly.

CS2 Inventory Value Calculator

Here, you simply paste a SteamID (which you can find with the SteamID Finder tool) and the tool will then analyze your inventory and its value. Keep in mind that inventory value calculators like this one do not take rare-patterned skins into account. If you have a knife with a special pattern that’s worth more money, for example, it’ll show up as regularly priced knife.

One quirky aspect is that the calculator values your skins differently than when you’re trading. Our gloves were worth $668 in the calculator, however if we go to trade them away using their trade bot they were valued at $592.

Luckily, the calculator displays three different overall inventory values, based on three different markets. Those are Steam, Buff, and Buff, in case you don’t know, is a Chinese peer-to-peer skin trading platform. It used to be the ‘baseline’ platform for determining prices. However, they recently de facto banned international users, so this might change in the future.

Float Value Checker

The float value checker lets you paste any inspect link, after which you’ll get info on the float value, paint seed, and so on.

Below the float value checker, there’s a lot of extra info. Even people who don’t know anything about CS2 skins and float values will be able to use this tool with ease thanks to in-depth explanations. You can also read our article on CS2 float values if you want to learn more.

Trading Section

Ease of Use uses their own bots for trading, so completing trades is easy and quick. Simply select the skins you wish to trade from your own inventory, and then select the skins you want in return from the other side. After doing this, you confirm the trade and you get a trade offer (or multiple) from their bots.

We did multiple trades and they all went smoothly. We received trade offers almost instantly and they always had the exact skins we wanted.

One thing we found a bit annoying during our testing is the limited amount of filters that are available. You can sort ascending or descending by float, price, and release date, but there’s no way to set custom parameters or anything like that. If you are, for example, looking for a skin between $5 and $7, there is no way to set the filters to only display that. The site would be a lot more user-friendly if the filters were a bit more detailed, so this is something that they can work on.

Trade Bots vs Peer-To-Peer

Using bots is a lot more reliable than going peer-to-peer since you’re not relying on users to be online and follow through on a trade. However, this also means that you don’t get to set prices yourself. This has pros and cons. One con is that you can’t (technically you can, but you shouldn’t) sell a rare patterned item to a tradebot. If you have a skin with a special pattern that’s worth more than a regular skin, the tradebot will still value it the same, so you’re losing out on a lot of money.

However, this also means that you can snag some great deals. Users with a high volume of skins (professional traders, people who won a ton of skins via betting, …) often go to websites like these to dump their extra inventory without even checking the skins themselves. As such, you might find a rare pattern skin for the price of a regular skin.

Skins Store

In addition to their trading system, also has a market where you can buy skins for cash. To do this, simply browse the store section, add the skins you want to your cart, and then check out. The store section houses the same skins as the trading section, so if you see a skin you like and you want to buy it outright, you can do so. Payment is quick and easy, and there are sufficient payment options present.

Note that the store only works with direct payments. If you have on-site balance that you got by trading skins, you cannot use this balance in the store section. This is indicated on the top right of the website, but it can be hard to miss if you’re not paying attention so we’re mentioning it here to be complete.

Selling Skins also has a tab for selling skins, but this was disabled during our testing. There wasn’t any info on when it would come back.

Performance and Bugs

As is the case with almost all websites, isn’t completely bug-free. We discovered various small bugs, such as items still staying in the trading screen even after they had already been traded away. None of the bugs we encountered severely impacted our experience, however. The overall performance of was definitely satisfactory.

Stock has a pretty large stock of skins. During our testing, we saw everything from $0.04 skins to an AWP Dragon Lore worth over $10,000. We did notice that there weren’t very many high tier ($1,000+) skins available. Some of the usual favorites (Dopplers etc.) were there, but most of the action was in the mid tier section.

This is pretty logical; the prices of high tier skins are much more dependent on float value, pattern, and so on, so players who want to trade these are more likely to use a peer-to-peer system where they can set the prices themselves. Considering the prices that come with high-tier skins, traders also like to negotiate more. This is another option that isn’t available when using a tradebot website.

Giveaway Section

Giveaways rewards returning customers with giveaways that they can enter. These giveaways have certain ticket requirements. Tickets can be gained in various ways. Every $1 worth of trading that you do on the website is worth 1 ticket, but you also get 10 tickets for free every day just by signing in.

You can use your accumulated tickets to enter giveaways. Higher tier items require more tickets to enter, so don’t expect to have a chance at winning a $100 skin if you’ve only done $1 worth of business on the site.

There are three giveaway tiers: high, medium, and low. The high tier giveaways last one week, the medium tier giveaways last for one day, and the low tier giveaways are held every hour. You can see the total amount of entries for each giveaway, which is over 10,000 entries for the mid-high tier items. As such, your odds of ever winning a giveaway are slim to none, but it’s nice that the option to get free stuff is there for returning customers.

Free Site Balance

A lot of CS2 case opening sites incorporate ways to acquire site balance for free, but this isn’t common for trading websites. On, you can get free website balance by completing a bunch of tasks. These range from joining their Discord server to adding #tradeit to your Steam name. In total, you can earn $0.13 from doing all the tasks, so don’t expect to earn the big bucks by doing this.

Value Proposition

If you’re wondering whether or not this is all free, we can give you a very short answer: no, it’s not.

Websites like are a business, and they’re in it to make money. makes its money by imposing fees. If you have a certain skin in your inventory and you look up the exact same skin (with the same wear) in Tradeit’s inventory, you’ll notice that the skin in Tradeit’s inventory is valued higher.

To put it simply: when trading with, you’re not trading for equal value. Tradeit will always make a profit, unless you manage to find a rare patterned skin or something like that. This is not something slimy or morally wrong; Tradeit is a business, and they need to make money somehow. When using websites such as, you are paying for the convenience of having instant trades by having your items be valued lower than theirs.’s margins are pretty respectable; when comparing our inventory to their stock, we found that they sit somewhere between 5% and 10%. However, most of our high tier items had a margin of around 10%, meaning that if we traded our $1,000 item for theirs, we’d lose $100. Whether or not that’s worth it to you is completely subjective, but if you’re a high tier trader we’d recommend peer-to-peer platforms. If you just want to swap some low-mid tier skins, however, is a good option.

Note that swapping skins via websites or Steam always costs money. Steam, for example, takes a 15% cut on every item that you sell via the community market. You’ll have to pay a fee on every website that you use for trading or buying and selling CS2 skins. There’s no completely free alternative. The only way to guarantee a 1:1 value trade is by trading directly with other traders. Review Conclusion – Is Legit?

If you ask us, is the perfect website to swap low-mid tier skins. For high tier skins, the margins that the website takes are a bit too high to stomach, and losing the ability to haggle or look for specific floats or patterns also limits its functionality for high tier traders. Lastly, there also isn’t a huge collection of high tier skins on the website.

Our trades were offered to us swiftly and precisely and the website works perfectly well. In addition to all of this, also has a bunch of other handy tools that we like, such as a SteamID Finder and a Float Value Finder.

What’s nice about Tradeit is that they offer a way for returning customers to get some extra value by offering giveaways to people who have used the website before. The odds of winning those giveaways are very low, but it’s obviously better than nothing.

All in all, is very functional, easy to understand and use, and does exactly what it has to do. It has been in the business for many years and is part of the community by partnering with Team Vitality as well as sponsoring numerous tournaments. As such, we’d say that is a legitimate website.

Quick disclaimer: use third-party websites for CS2 trading at your own risk. Third-party skin websites have operated for years and often sponsor tournaments and teams, so it’s safe to say that Valve has no problem with them. However, third-party skin websites have their own customer service, ToS, and so on. If you run into any kind of problem with third-party websites, Valve will not help you.

Check out for yourself on their website.

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