HyperX Fury S Pro XL Review

Most people seem to initially neglect the importance of getting a good gaming mousepad, and that’s a shame. Much like with mice they come in a variety of different sizes and different textures, so finding the one that’s just right for you can dramatically enhance your gaming experience.

In order to help you with that we’ve been reviewing popular mouse pads, and the HyperX Fury S Pro is another pad in this series. It’s pretty popular among pros and enthusiasts alike so it only makes sense that we let our reviewer take a good look at it.

We’ve reviewed the XL version of this pad, but the HyperX Fury S Pro is available in 4 different sizes. Everything apart from the sizes stays the same between the versions.

At A Glance

HyperX Fury S Pro XL

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The HyperX Fury S Pro XL does everything right if you’re looking for a consistent pad with a medium (edging on fast) glide. It starts off a tad bit faster, but that initial faster feeling wears off after some time.


  • Decent stitching
  • Decently smooth surface


  • Wears down rather quickly
  • Doesn’t lay flat immediately


Stitched edgesYes

First Impressions

The HyperX Fury S Pro XL is a ‘desk sized’ mouse pad, meaning that it’s large enough to also accommodate your keyboard. Some people like that feeling while others hate it, so it’s really a matter of preference here, but the good thing is that the Fury S Pro also comes in smaller sizes; you can get small, medium and, you guessed it, large.

Straight out of the box (the Fury S Pro comes rolled up in the package) the pad lays flat almost immediately, which is a nice bonus if you’re planning on using it immediately. It also has a nicely textured base which does a perfect job of keeping the pad in place, and that combined with the thicker, weightier aspect of the mousepad makes for a very even and consistent playing surface, even when used on (slightly) uneven surfaces.

The Fury S Pro has stitched edges and is finished with a (rather substantial) HyperX logo on the bottom right corner of the pad. I don’t much care for the looks of it since I’m personally more of a fan of super clean mousepads, but that’s an extremely minor personal point of criticism. The logo (and the pad, by extension) by no means looks gaudy and the logo isn’t raised or embroidered so you won’t notice it at all when passing over it with your mouse.


The Fury S Pro, as mentioned before, is a rather thick and heavy pad, which means that it’s going to offer a very consistent and even glide. Thickness is obviously personal preference, but if you’re going to be playing mostly on uneven surfaces you’ll be wanting a thicker pad to cover up any inconsistencies on the playing surface.

It’s very comfortable to play on and it never slipped away on me when playing, which is due to a combination of the great rubber texturing on the underside of the pad and the weight of it. I test these pads for consistency on a variety of surfaces and I always try to make them move in outlandish ways which would frankly never happen in actual gaming circumstances, but the Fury S held tight all throughout.

The Fury S Pro, out of the box, has a very consistent and medium-fast glide. After a while (depending on how much you’re using it, obviously) the glide does start to get a little slower due to the coating or treatment that they put on the pad wearing out. That doesn’t really affect the glide by several orders or magnitude, it just gets a tiny bit slower. The glide stays as smooth and consistent as before; it’s not as if the pad gets that swampy, murky feeling that you tend to experience with lower quality pads, but it’s something that I should mention regardless.

The Fury S Pro does have stitched edges but they don’t seem to be of the highest quality, at least not on my sample. It’s not really a problem and it didn’t interfere with anything at all (the stitching also didn’t bother my wrist or arm) but that could be something they can improve on in the future.

Hyper X Fury S Pro XL Conclusion

The HyperX Fury S Pro XL does everything right if you’re looking for a consistent pad with a medium (edging on fast) glide. It starts off a tad bit faster, but that initial faster feeling wears off after some time. Still, the glide and performance of the Fury S Pro is very respectable and I would definitely not feel bad if someone shoved this pad underneath my mouse and told me to use it in a competitive environment.

Due to the heavier and thicker feeling of the pad I can also recommend it as a LAN pad; the Fury S lays flat almost immediately out of the box and has a very consistent and comfortable feeling.

This product was received for free from the manufacturer and given to our reviewer to test and review. Brands and manufacturers have no editorial control over our reviews. For more information, check out our review FAQ.

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Can you recommend me your top 5 mousepads that have good control. Thanks


Possible for a review of the Hyperx Pulsefire Mat non RGB to compare with this one?


el qck o el fury s pro?

zebin lee

normal qck or fury s pro?


Would you reccomend The Hyperx Fury S Pro, Or the Corsair MM350 Champion Edition? I play at 400 [email protected] sens in CS:GO


Both are great pads with a similar glide but I felt like the MM350 felt a bit better. That’s just my opinion though.


excuse me , what about durability of HyperX Fury S ?

G-SR is has good durability but speed really slow

Qck Heavy wearing out very fast


The Fury S has a pretty good durability, but us reviewers don’t test these pads for months on end so we can’t really speak about durability with full confidence. From what I’ve read online though it’s more durable than both the QcK and G-SR so you should be good.

Alan Chen

Would you recommend the hyperx fury s pro speed edition or the glorious xl-extended mousepad?


I haven’t yet tested the Fury S Pro Speed edition so I can’t really comment on that, sorry! The Speed is quite a bit faster than the Glorious pad though so if you’re after that you should probably go for the Speed, but I can’t speak to the quality of the pad sadly.


Which one is better for long range tracking between QCK Heavy & Fury S Pro, I,m using Zowie GSR recently, it’s feel so sticky when trying to make tiny micro adjustment.


Both feel very similar but the QcK Heavy can feel a bit ‘muddier’ due to the thickness so I’d perhaps recommend the Fury S Pro out of those two options.


Do yu think that the hyperx fury s pro is as fast as the zowie g-sr-se when it’s getting old


Is this better or the Logitech G640 for valorant and call of duty warzone?


Depends on your preferences. Both are fine pads though, it just depends on what you want out of a pad.


Ok but i heard that the Fury s pro and the speed version is the opposite.. Others said in reddit that the Speed version was GSR level of slowness and the fury s pro is identically as fast as the QCK : / i know u haven’t got to review the speed version but i hope you’ll review it soon!


Well the S Pro is indeed very similar to the QcK. My apologies for not being of more help on this; I will look into the possibility of reviewing a speed version in the future!


For control, which is better? Qck Heavy or Hyperx fury s pro??


They’re very, very similar. If you really want a control pad I’d consider the Zowie G-SR or G-SR-SE (that’s slightly less controlling) but between those two I’d cautiously say the Fury S Pro.

Luis Miguel Amaro

What you think about fury s speed edition? I want to buy speed or normal edition


I haven’t tested that one yet so I can’t really tell you about the differences unfortunately.


So what you advice me between Razer gigantus and The Hyper X for my mouse logitech g pro wireless ? If they are almost the same. Who has less friction the Razer gigantus or the HyperX ?


HyperX has a bit less friction overall if you’re asking me, but it’s really close.


Someone try the HyperX fury CLoud9 edition??
Does he have less control than the G640 and razer gigantus ?


I didn’t try the Cloud 9 Edition, no. The Fury S Pro is a bit more controlling than the G640 in my opinion, and the Gigantus is about the same.


HyperX FURY S Pro or steelseries qck heavy ?


Depends on what you like when it comes to thickness, but I’m more of a QcK kind of guy myself.


Hi sir im trying to decide for a new pad to use with my moded g305 i want to know wich pad is faster at long term use hyperx fury s or logitech g640? What mousepad between this two has more friction? Ive been checking the corsair mm350 and coolermaster mp510 too its nearly impossible to grt glorious zowie or artisan pads where i leave due to shipping and taxes costs


Hi! If it’s between those two I’d go for the G640, it seems a bit faster in the long run in my opinion. Can’t say too much about those other pads since I haven’t tested them yet.



great review, exactly the info I was looking for. Was considering buying this pad but hearing that it’s about as fast as the Glorious (which didn’t work for me at all) put me off. Have you tested any extended pads that have around the same size as the Fury but have more control? I’m looking for one of those.


Razer’s Goliathus could be called a bit more controlling, and they offer an extended version (albeit with an RGB strip tacked on, not sure if they’re still selling the regular extended version) but it’s not _super_ controlling either. Aside from that the Zowie G-SR offers by far the most control of any pad that I’ve tested, though they don’t offer that one in an extended version. Otherwise maybe something like the Dechanic Control Extended? I can’t personally vouch for that one since I haven’t tested it (yet) but it seems to be all about control as well, so perhaps you could give that one a spin.


The fury s pro xl speed edition is good? and how much dpi is recommendable to this version?


I haven’t yet tried the Speed edition, though I’ve read that it introduces a sort of coating that’s supposed to make the pad faster than the regular one. The regular version is a great pad though so I suspect that the speed version won’t disappoint either.


Which one do you prefer , HyperX fury pro s large or razer gigantus , i mostly play CSGo and pubg


For me, personally, the Razer Gigantus.


I definitely noticed the slow down on the fury s. Especially when I flipped it upside down and used the Opisite side haha. Being that I use super low sens I’m prob gonna switch to glorious to have a more slick feel over time while still having control


Yup, it’s kind of a bummer that the initial glide wears off. I can definitely recommend the Glorious pads, I really love the way they feel!