Glorious 3XL Review

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Glorious 3XL Review

Gaming with a top tier gaming mouse on a subpar mousepad  (or no mousepad at all) is the equivalent of driving a tricked out sports car on flat, worn out tires. It might work, but it's far from ideal. Getting the right pad is essential to unleashing your true potential, doubly so when you're playing FPS games.

We here at ProSettings are dedicated to helping you be the best gamer you can be, and in order to help you pick out the best pad for you we've sent over a lesser known (though popular among enthusiasts) mousepad to our reviewer.

Read on to find out what he has to say about the Glorious 3XL.

Finding a mousepad that suits you and your playstyle can really enhance your overall gaming experience.
Glorious 3XL Review Mousepad

Glorious 3XL - First Impressions

The first thing that you immediately notice about the Glorious 3XL is that it's absolutely massive. You might think you've seen large mousepads before but none of them hold a candle to the absolute unit that is the 3XL. It's over one meter long and its height surpasses the width of most pads at over half a meter high. Is that overkill? Well, no. Not to me at least, but more on that in the 'performance' part of this review.

The 3XL comes rolled up in the package and it lays flat immediately, which is obviously thanks to the sheer size of it. The base consists of a textured rubber which does a really good job of staying in place (something I very much noticed when I tried to wrestle the pad underneath my two monitors) so you can rest assured you won't ever have an issue with slippage.

The pad is finished with high quality stitched edges all throughout and a small white Glorious logo on the bottom right corner of the pad. The logo itself is raised a bit (so it's not ingrained in the pad) but it's so small and out of the way that you won't be bothered by it under any normal circumstances.

  • Stitched edges
  • Medium glide
  • Length: 122 cm / 48 in
  • Height: 61 cm / 24 in
  • Thickness: 3 mm
Glorious 3XL Mousepad Review Thickness


The Glorious 3XL is large enough to comfortably host a full-course dinner party for up to three people, so it's an absolute dream for low sensitivity players. I'm a low sens player myself and the feeling of having an infinite amount of mousepad space really is something special.

That feeling would all be for naught if the glide was rubbish though, and thankfully it's not. The 3XL feels a bit coarser to the touch than some of its equal speed counterparts, but it has a relatively slick glide with a surprising amount of stopping power. That's not to say that the pad feels slow or overly murky and controlling, because it doesn't.

Executing big flicks on the pad doesn't feel like a struggle at all, and the somewhat coarser feeling helps a lot with stopping at precisely the right point to get that montage worthy dome shot.

The surface also handles the variety of sensors I've thrown at it with no hiccups at all. That's to be expected from any self respecting gaming mousepad though.

The 3XL's main selling point is obviously the sheer size of it, but is it a gimmick or something that's actually useful? That'll  depend on your ingame sensitivity (and your desk size) but for me it's alright. I like the look of it, that's obviously entirely subjective, but using a mousepad this large also ensures that you have a completely even surface to move your mouse around across almost your entire desk. On top of that it'll also make sure that your keyboard isn't slipping away during intense gaming sessions.

Is it absolutely necessary to get the biggest mousepad in the world (at least according to Glorious)? No, it's not. Not at all. Do I enjoy using it? Yes. 

Glorious also produces smaller pads, by the way, so if you like the sound of all this but want a smaller package you've got that option.

Glorious 3XL Review Texture
The Glorious 3XL's texture in closeup

Conclusion & Recommendation

I have to admit that I hadn't thoroughly checked out Glorious PC Gaming Race until a few months ago. Some people might not expect it from a company named after a Reddit meme, but Glorious produces an extremely decent mousepad here.

The 3XL offers a medium-fast glide with a nice amount of stopping power due to its slightly rougher texturing. It's a stylish plain black pad that's finished off with high quality stitching as well, so there's not a lot to dislike about this product. The feeling of the pad might not be for everyone, and its rather thin design means that it won't cover up any major inconsistencies on your playing surface, but then again you probably shouldn't be playing on those surfaces either way.

If you're a bit turned off by having a magic carpet sized mousepad on your desk you can always go for one of the smaller sizes, so if you like what you're reading about the pad you should really consider it. It's a winner in my book.

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I have both this pad and the zowie gsr-se and I like them both of them… however I’m not sure which one I want to stick to. Would you have any suggestions?

ProSettings | Max

Not really since it depends on your preferences. I like the G-SR-SE for lighter mice with fast feet because it gives a bit more control though if you’re after a speedier glide then the Glorious pad could take the cake.


does the white verson gets durty really easily? if yes is there a way to clean the durty and let the mousepad 100% clean?

ProSettings | Max

As with anything white it’ll be easy to spot dirt and skin oil buildup over time on it so I’d say that you do notice that it’s dirty more easily than with a regular black pad. Cleaning a mousepad is pretty easy (though something as big as the 3XL obviously requires a bit more work) and we’ve got a guide for it here:


whats better the glorious 3xl or the steelseries qck

ProSettings | Max

Depends on what you like to be honest, there’s not a whole lot differentiating the two but I felt like the Glorious was a bit more consistent and premium-feeling but that’s just my opinion of course.

Philip Grynnerup Skouboe

Right now i have a steelseries mousepad without stitched egdes and i really love it. I was wondering if the stitching on the edge Can irritate you arm when you are gliding it over the stitches all the time.

ProSettings | Max

They didn’t for me since the quality is pretty nice (bad stitching can definitely get annoying) but it differs. Some people really can’t stand stitches, no matter how good they are, for example.


Just out of curiosity, did the mousepad irritate your arm?

Pieter Tol

which mousepad do you recommend, the normal (cloth) version or the stelth (rubber) version?

ProSettings | Max

I haven’t tested the stealth version but as far as I can see on the website it’s just a color variant, so it would just be down to your personal preference.


Which mousepad do you find better? HyperX Fury S or Glorious 3XL?

ProSettings | Max

I personally like the Glorious pad out of those two. It’s definitely close and I wouldn’t mind using either, but if I had to choose it’d be that one.


Which mousepad provides better flicking and tracking (aim)? The Glorious 3xl or the Zowie G-SR-SE. which is the better mousepad overall.

ProSettings | Max

That depends entirely on your personal preferences, but I prefer the feeling of the Glorious pad since the G-SR-SE is a bit too controlling for my tastes.


How does the mousepad hold up over time? Does it need maintenance because it gets dirty easy?

ProSettings | Max

Not really any more than others in my experience. Of course, cleaning a pad this size is obviously a bit more of a chore than cleaning a small pad but you don’t have to do it all too often so it’s not a huge deal if you’re asking me.


I’ve been thinking of getting either this one or Zowie G-SR-SE . which one would you recommend i feel like they’re kinda the same after reading so many reviews and posts

ProSettings | Max

In my opinion the 3XL is still a bit faster. Between those two I would personally go for the 3XL, but that’s just my opinion as both are fantastic pads.


glorious or g sr se divina?
which is faster

ProSettings | Max

Glorious in my opinion.


how would you compare this mouse pad to the Logitech G840? Does the stitching on this mouse pad get in the way or rub your arm at all? I have been using the Steelseries QCK heavy and I can agree there isn’t much to help you stop on your shot except you, I would like more stopping power but without it being to the point that the mouse is hard to push from the start. I use hyperglide feet as well.

ProSettings | Max

The stitching didn’t personally bother me at all. I really love the glide of the Glorious cloth pads, but it sounds like perhaps the Razer Gigantus could also be something that could interest you.


you said that it’s faster than the hyperx fury s which i find very, very fast but at the same time you compared the 3XL to the Zowie GSR black. did you type wrong by chance?

ProSettings | Max

In a comment reply I compared it to the texture of the Zowie G-SR, because I was asked about it. I didn’t say it’s as controlling though, but I might have worded that a little confusingly, my apologies. In any case, the 3XL has a medium-fast glide, but it also has a plenty of stopping power, as I said in my conclusion. The G-SR has a controlled glide and plenty of stopping power, so apart from the texture looking similar and the stopping power being roughly the same they’re pretty different pads.

Also, in my opinion the Fury S isn’t super fast, definitely not after the initial ‘coat’ wears off. But these things can vary depending on the climate and humidity where you live, and how clean the pads are and so on, so it could definitely be different for you. In any case, the 3XL is one of my personal favorite pads, but since it’s so huge and I go play games at another location at least once weekly I just can’t be bothered to pack that massive mat up each and every single time. If you’re considering it I can only recommend it though.


which would you say is faster? the glorious or rog scabbard

ProSettings | Max

Haven’t yet tested the Scabbard so I can’t honestly compare the two, apologies.

peter sustek

Which pad is faster? this …or hyperx fury s … or GSR? Thanks

ProSettings | Max

I’d say the Glorious 3XL. Though the differences are very small.


Since u said it’s a medium-fast glide. And I am using hyperx fury s pro rn, will they feel similar? thank you

ProSettings | Max

Yes, most cloth pads have a very similar glide, and things like the climate you live in can make a pad feel slightly different for you than it does for me. In any case; I do think that the 3XL has a slightly more consistent glide than the Fury S Pro.


hey ProSettings what game are you playing? and what mousepad do u recommend for csgo ?

ProSettings | Max

Our team plays a wide variety of games but we do all have our favorites. My main competitive game at the moment is Overwatch. What mousepad you prefer is entirely up to you (I don’t know what you like in a pad, for example) but you can take a look at our mousepad guide for CS:GO if you want an overview of what the pros are going for.


hey great review there 😀 i’m actually considering to buy this mousepad i’m a low sens player i have the ” Asus ROG Sheath ” right now it’s a blast of a mousepad but i kind need more space ( 400 DPI , ingame sens 1.2 ) . i wanted to ask doest it have the same feeling and glide as the Asus sheath ? thanks

ProSettings | Max

I have never personally used the Asus ROG Sheath. You can’t go wrong with the Glorious 3XL though if you are looking for a bigger mousepad.


From reading this review I get the impression that the feel of this pad is similar to the feel of the g-sr. Is that true ? I currently own a g-sr and am looking for a mouse pad like this but desk size.

ProSettings | Max

Sort of, it’s got the same textured feeling as the G-SR to me, though the latter is way more controlling. I haven’t yet tried anything with quite as much control/stopping power as the G-SR but if I had to pick a pad that comes the closest feel-wise I would personally say the 3XL, yeah.


Hello! Im looking to pimp up my setup, Do you think that this pad would ruin the look? or improve it in some way. I play CS:GO at 1.42 senitivity 450dpi.

My other gear is the Ducky ONE 2 TKL with Whitekeycaps + Steelseries Sensei 310

Thank You!


ProSettings | Max

The look of the Glorious 3XL very simple. It should fit your setup well.


Thank you for your recommendation!

ProSettings | Max

No problem. 🙂


I’m a low sens user looking for a good large mousepad. I’m torn between this, HyperX Fury S Pro XL and the Zowie G-SR. Which one do you think is best?

ProSettings | Max

I personally liked the 3XL best between those three. If you don’t want the huge size you can always get the 3XL in a slightly smaller size.


All I can say is that this is pretty much the best mouse pad I’ve ever used. Even If I have my keyboard at it’s normal position I still have plenty of room for my mouse. I highly recommend buying this mouse pad but if you have any questions feel free to ask!

ProSettings | Max

Agreed, also thank you for offering to help others out.

i hate you

Which one is faster? the glorius or the new qck edge?

ProSettings | Max

I haven’t tried the new QcK yet but if I had to compare the original QcK to the Glorious I’d say the QcK is a bit faster, but not by a lot.


Good review !

ProSettings | Max

Thank you! Glad you like our Glorious 3XL Review. 🙂