THE FINALS Gamemodes Explained

THE FINALS has gained immense popularity worldwide, mostly because of its unconventional approach to first-person shooters and the sandbox environment. Suffice it to say that The Finals is a breath of fresh air for the competitive first-person shooter genre that’s drawing in a ton of players. This breath of fresh air can get confusing at first, though, so in this article we’ll explain THE FINALS’ gamemodes.

To prevent any further confusion or head-scratching we will explain all The Finals game modes to you. If you’re a new player looking to get into the game you can also check out our THE FINALS Best Settings Guide to set up your game for high fps and optimal performance.

THE FINALS Casual Game Modes

Currently, THE FINALS features two casual modes – Quick Cash, and Bank it

Quick Cash

Quick Cash is the main game mode of THE FINALS. It is also featured in the Tournament mode with some changes. This means that if you are taking THE FINALS seriously, you should be grinding this mode out. Here’s a quick summary of how the Quick Cash mode works:

  • It’s a 3v3v3 objective-based format, and the first team to $20,000 wins.
  • All teams must first fight for a vault that randomly spawns on the map. The vault is a small box that you can crack open to reveal $10,000.
  • After getting the vault, you need to start a deposit in one of the two cashout boxes on the map.
  • After the cashout timer starts, you have to protect it for that time in order to complete the deposit. The other teams can steal the cashout, so you have to guard it well.
  • You get respawned after a short time if you get killed. The timer is longer if your entire team is dead.
  • The match goes on for 8 minutes, and the time is extended if a cashout is in progress. If no team has reached $20,000 by that time, the team with the most money cashed out wins.

To succeed in Quick Cash you need strong team coordination and a plan of execution. Even if you lose the vault or botch a cashout you can try to retake it again. This fast-paced objective system makes for a fun and chaotic game mode. 

Bank It

This is one of the more casual and laid-back modes of THE FINALS. It’s comparable to deathmatch modes in other games. Bank It is the game mode where you go to warm up, chill, and frag out. It’s perfect for when you want to take a break from the ranked or the other modes. Here is a quick summary of how Bank It works.

  • It’s 3v3v3v3 format, but there is also a solo mode. This solo mode has the same numbers of players but they are not on the same team.
  • You win by depositing money and the first to $40,000 wins.
  • There are two ways to get money: the first is by collecting vaults that spawn all across the map. Unlocking these vaults will drop money for you to collect. The other way is to kill an enemy with money. Even if the enemy is not carrying any money, they will drop $1,000 by default after getting killed. 
  • The vaults drop less money at the start of the round; anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000. As the game progresses, the vaults drop significantly more money – $10,000 and more. 
  • The money you gain can then be deposited on deposit boxes across the map, These spawn for a short time and then get respawned somewhere else. The deposits are fairly quick and it takes only a couple of seconds to deposit all the money. Unlike in Quick Cash, you don’t have to guard the box: just deposit and move on.

Keep in mind that the bigger the amount of money you have on you, the more you will be targeted. You can see how much money you’re carrying, so if you’re packing a lot of coin it might be a good idea to cash out.

A common tactic here is to camp out deposit boxes and kill anyone trying to deposit. Make sure you are well-protected when you are depositing.

Tournament (Ranked/Unranked)

The Tournament mode is the more competitive and serious mode of THE FINALS. It functions almost the same as Quick Cash, but there are some changes. There are two modes of the Tournament: Ranked and Unranked.

Before we go into the differences between Quick Cash and Tournaments, there are some basic things to know. Firstly, Tournament mode goes on for multiple matches. As it says, it’s a tournament. 

In an Unranked Tournament, there are a total of 8 teams split between two groups. Each of these two groups plays a match. The top two teams of both groups then move on to the next round. The process then repeats. In this match, the top two again qualify and then go to the finals. 

In the final round of the Tournament mode, you have to be the first one to reach $20,000 to win, similar to how it is in Quick Cash. 

In Ranked Tournament, the process is almost the exact same, except that now you have 16 teams fighting for the win, which means that there’s an extra round. There are now 4 groups, each playing four matches. The top two teams from each group qualify for the next round. You then have 8 teams divided into two groups and the process repeats until the final round. In the final round, it’s a 3v3 match, and the first to reach $20,000 wins.

Differences between Quick Cash and Tournament Mode

As we mentioned, the Tournament is basically just a bunch of Quick Cash matches where the qualifying teams make it to the next round. However, there are a lot of differences between a Quick Cash match and a Tournament match:

  • Tournament matches are 3v3v3v3 instead of a 3v3v3. 
  • Since there are 4 teams, two vaults are spawned on the map. The stealing and taking it to the cashout remains the same. This means there can be two ongoing cashouts at the same time.
  • Cashouts aren’t the only way to get money. You get $1,000 for opening a vault. You also get some money for kills and some for starting a cashout. That doesn’t mean you should skip out the cashout though, as the other ways only grant a small amount of money.
  • Unlike in Quick Cash, you don’t have infinite respawns; you only have two. After that, you can either be revived or wait for your team to get killed. 
  • Team wipes will cost 30% of your total money, so avoid losing your full team.
  • To qualify for the next rounds, you have to be in the top two, which is decided by the amount of money your team deposited.
  • You can’t change builds or equipment over the course of a Tournament, so pick your team comp wisely.


While THE FINALS’ gamemodes can be confusing at first, the game becomes extremely fun once you understand them. All the game modes in THE FINALS revolve around money, and the objective is to collect a lot of it. 

Hopefully, this article will simplify these game modes for you. Nothing beats playing the game though. The more time you put into the game, the better you will be and the more you will understand the game modes.  

You can play THE FINALS for free on Steam.

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