The Most Popular CS2 Skins (November 2023)

Now that CS2 has been out for a while and players sort of know what they can expect from the game, the skins market seems to have stabilized a bit. After a big drop in price, skins seem to slowly be coming back up. In our article on the most popular CS2 skins of November 2023, we’ll take a look at whether or not this has influenced the popularity of skins.

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The List

For this list, we have combined sales and trade data from CS.Money. As this is one of the oldest and most trusted CS skin trading websites on the market, we feel like this is a fantastic source of data to see how certain skins perform in the market.

For this list, we base ourselves on skins that are worth over $10. This way, we filter out ‘case filler skins’ that people sell to just get them out of their inventory and we can focus on skins that are being bought/sold by enthusiasts.

1. AK-47 Redline (Field Tested)

Average price: 17 USD (on Steam Community Market)

The AK Redline has been one of the most popular CS skins for many years now, and its popularity isn’t slowing down now that CS2 is out. And why would it?

What you’re getting here is an iconic skin that you can buy at very friendly prices, and on top of that it also lends itself to customization quite well. One of our all-time favorite (and completely unattainable) AK crafts is a Redline with 4x IBuyPower Holo Kato 14 stickers on it, but you don’t have to go as expensive. Any sticker with a bit of red in it will work great with the Redline, and even by itself it’s a very sleek and interesting skin.

If you’re into minimalism and monochromatic vibes, the Redline is a good option to consider. There’s also the AK Slate (which is completely black) but that one doesn’t have the interesting texturing on the gun itself like you see with the Redline. If you ask us, the Redline has an extra touch of added personality that makes it such a great minimalist skin.

2. AK-47 Asiimov (Field Tested)

Average price: 27 USD (on Steam Community Market)

If simple and subtle isn’t your jam, why not go with a white, orange, and black skin in the style of Isaac Asimov? This iconic skin line is based on the writings and ideas of one of the most influential sci-fi writers of all time, and it really gives you an injection of that 60s/70s retrofuturism vibe.

One downside with the Asimov is that you’ll have to make sure that you’re getting a a good float (see our CS2 Float Values Explained article) as it shows scratches quite easily. Getting a pristine looking AK Asiimov in Minimal Wear or Factory New (see our article on CS2 Skin Conditions Explained) can be an expensive affair but if you’re willing to be patient and shop around a bit you can definitely snag a nice looking Field-Tested rifle.

3. Desert Eagle Printstream (Field Tested)

Average price: 46 USD (on Steam Community Market)

The Printsteam collection still isn’t fully ported to CS2, as the pearlescent finish isn’t working as it should. Even without this pearlescent finish, the Printstream is a fantastic looking skin that keeps its popularity.

One of the most expensive skins on this list, the Desert Eagle Prinstream is a skin that you see a lot in both pro play and casual lobbies. A ton of players seem to be drawn to the clean black and white design that the gun offers, something that also provides a great canvas for various sticker crafts.

According to the creator of these skins they’ll only get better in CS2, so we don’t expect to see the popularity of the Desert Eagle Printstream go down any time soon.

4. AWP Neo-Noir (Field Tested)

Average price: 25 USD (on Steam Community Market)

The Neo-Noir skinline has a whole line of real-life products such as mousepads and mice. That should tell you just how popular it is.

These skins have graphic novel-style designs on them, and the massive size of the AWP means that there’s plenty of room for beautiful details and intricacies. If you ask us, the white/black scope is the coolest part of this skin, but everyone will find their own favorite section in a skin this detailed and intricate.

The AWP Neo-Noir is a classic CS skin, and while it’s not as popular in pro play as it used to be (that’s also because pros are often using rare and expensive skins) that shouldn’t stop you from getting one for yourself, as it’s available at very affordable prices.

5. AK-47 Neon Revolution (Field Tested)

Average price: 17 USD (on Steam Community Market)

Like Suicide Squad types of vibes? Are you a big fan of the Joker and Harley Quinn? Then this AK-47 Neon Revolution should be right up your alley.

This gun is basically a standard AK that’s been drenched in all kinds of fluorescent paint, complete with the word ‘anarchy’ written on it so that everyone knows what your ideas are. It’s loud, shouty, and not precise-looking, but if that’s what your after then this is a great option to consider.

This is also a good option for people who like bright skins but want a little realism (to a certain extent) to keep their skins grounded.

6. M4A1-S Decimator (Field Tested)

Average price: 15 USD (on Steam Community Market)

The M4A1-S Decimator was a skin that was often overlooked in CS:GO, but it’s hard to do that with this CS2 version. The Decimator now has a new finish, making it shine and almost glow in certain areas of the game.

Dominated by bright pink and neon blue accents, this synthwave-styled gun is a must in any neon or Miami Vice-style inventory.

Given the fact that it doesn’t have any intricate drawings or designs on it, the Decimator is also a good skin to craft on. Holo stickers in particular do great with this gun.

7. AK-47 Frontside Misty (Field Tested)

Average price: 15 USD (on Steam Community Market)

The Frontside Misty has been a popular AK for a long time now. If you look at it from far away, it even looks a little bit like a budget AK Vulcan. Once you get closer that comparison falls apart entirely, but if you like that light blue/black/white color scheme that the Vulcan offers, this is a (way) more affordable gun to get.

The design on the gun itself is also kind of interesting; you see almost tribal-looking patterns all over the rifle, making it an interesting mix between modern colors and ‘ancient’ designs.

8. AK-47 Nightwish (Field Tested)

Average price: 16 USD (on Steam Community Market)

The AK Nightwish entered this list in October, and it’s still present in November. This interesting skin has arguably been buffed in CS2, and the pearlescent finish makes it interesting when inspecting.

The scary monster-like figure on the main part of the gun looks really intimidating in the game, and the fact that this monster is made up out of many colorful lines gives the rifle an almost occult type of look.

You can also create some really amazing crafts with the AK Nightwish. Add a couple of good holo stickers and you’ve got yourself a skin that looks like you’re going on a psychedelic journey.

9. AK-47 The Empress (Field Tested)

Average price: 32 USD (on Steam Community Market)

In recent tournaments, the AK The Empress has seen a lot of use. This might explain its growing popularity with skins enthusiasts, but it’s of course also true that this is quite simply an amazing looking skin.

The empress on the gun is based on the tarot card that bears the same name, and the whole skin is filled with interesting details and subtle design patterns.

The Empress isn’t as loud and shouty as some other popular rifles but its mix of dark, royal blues and reds combined with gold gives it a very regal vibe. This is a skin that’s on the more affordable end, but we have a feeling that it might be a future CS2 classic in the making.

10. AK-47 Legion of Anubis (Minimal Wear)

Average price: 14 USD (on Steam Community Market)

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it: the Legion of Anubis is one of the most underrated CS2 skins on the market. It can proudly stand next to more expensive skins such as the AK The Empress if you look at the quality of the artwork and the intricacy of the details.

This skin is based on ancient Egyptian mythology, and the artwork gives off a powerful, intimidating vibe.

This skin could’ve easily been part of the Anubis Collection, making it worth thousands of dollars. The fact that it’s just an affordable case skin is amazing for budget-minded CS2 players.

November didn’t really bring any surprises in the skins market. The old classics are still going strong, and if you want to get yourself some nice new CS2 skins then now might be your time. Skin prices have rebounded a bit, but they’re still on the lower end compared to the pre-CS2 hype levels. Of course there’s no telling what the prices will do, but if you see a skin you like and you have the budget for it we advise you to just go for it. There are tons of great skins that are available at budget prices these days, and this list is proof of that.

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