CS2 Care Package Explained

  • Once you level up, you get a Care Package.
  • This Care Package contains four random drops (weapons, cases, graffiti) and you have to choose two.
  • Once you’ve chosen two drops and confirmed your selection, you instantly get these items in your inventory.
  • Care Packages reset every week; you get one Care Package per week.
  • Knives and Gloves cannot be found in Care Packages.

Now that Counter-Strike 2 has been released, players have rapidly picked up on the new system for handling weapon drops: the Care Package. If you’re somewhat familiar with the way Counter-Strike drops work you can probably figure it out on your own, but if you need the CS2 Care Package explained, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Get a Care Package in CS2

Getting a Care Package in CS2 is very easy: simply level up. Note that you level is not the same as your rank or rating (see CS2 Ranks and the CS2 Rating System Explained). You get XP every time you finish a Counter-Strike 2 match, and once your bar fills up, you level up. If you level up, your level icon starts shining very clearly, so it’s hard to miss once it has happened.

Once you’ve leveled up, you will get a Care Package.

CS2 Level Up Animation

How to Use A CS2 Care Package

Note that you need to have Prime Status if you want to receive Care Packages. You can learn more about this in our Is CS2 Free article.

If you want to use your CS2 Care Package, simply head over to Store -> Home once it’s available. There, at the top, you’ll find your Care Package.

Once you’re at your Care Package, you’ll notice that there are four random drops in the Package itself. You are allowed to select two of these drops, after which you can click ‘Claim Rewards’. You then get the items in your inventory. It’s also possible to inspect skins in your Care Package offer prior to claiming your rewards.

Once you’ve claimed your rewards, you have to wait until your Care Package refreshes. You can get one CS2 Care Package per week, and the items that you get in the Care Package are completely free and yours to keep.

CS2 Care Package Selection Phase

The Different Kinds of Items in CS2 Care Packages

The items that can be found in a CS2 Care Package include:

  • Weapon Skins
  • Cases
  • Graffitis

Knives or gloves cannot be obtained through Care Packages, and most items that you get in Care Packages will not be worth a whole lot of money, as the rarest and most expensive skins in the game need to be obtained through cases, tradeups, or operation collections.

Best CS2 Care Package Items

The question ‘which Care Package items should I pick’ is a difficult one to answer. Most of the items you’ll find in Care Packages are rather low value, but cases have been known to appreciate in value over time, so if you are someone who wants to keep hold of their ingame items for a long time, it might be a good idea to go for cases if you get the chance. If you get a rarer or more expensive skin, or quite simply a skin or graffiti that you desire, you should obviously always go for that.

CS2 Care Package items won’t make you rich, but if you’re a regular player their value can really build up over time. This can help you buy a skin that you really want, or perhaps even an entirely different game altogether, as all CS2 items can be sold on the Steam Community Market for Steam Balance.

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got an operation bravo case worth £35 from this weekly package, seems solid


Any overview on which weapons are possible drops?


I have ranked up 2 times but i have not been dropped any gift am i doing something wrong???