Apex Legends Tier List – Season 15

A brand new season of Apex Legends is upon us! With the online Battle Royale reaching a new all-time-high player count (over 500,000 concurrent players on Steam in a single day), the game is more popular than ever, and with and over 100 million registered players this year, many new players may still be getting a feel for which Apex Legends characters fit into the current meta or match their playstyle. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you a breakdown on all 23 Apex Legends characters and we’ll tell you who’s good, who’s great, and who to avoid completely.

Our picks for best Apex Legends tier list are selected with ranked lobbies as the focus, but these recommendations will carry over to pubs as well. All the Apex characters are ranked equally in each tier unless otherwise specified. So, without further ado, lets jump right in!


These are our MUST pick legends, and not having them in your team composition will put your team at a substantial disadvantage. Try them, learn them, master them.

Horizon (Offense)

The queen of movement kicks off our best Apex Legends in S-tier, and for good reason. While Horizon plays well in all the current Apex Legends maps, she really excels on maps requiring more verticality, especially the newly added Broken Moon. In addition, her kit can pair well with a wide range of team comps and playstyles. While the skill ceiling to master this legend is high, the skill floor is set fairly low, making her a great option for newcomers.

Horizon’s passive ability provides unmatched midair and landing movement skills, offering her a significant edge when engaging, during fights, or bailing from team fights. Horizon’s tactical is quite useful in many situations, from making a push, repositioning, or even helping a knocked teammate get to a safe and revivable location.

While you may see greater benefit from the utility Gravity Lift provides on larger POIs, this also makes her Black Hole ultimate a bit less effective on its own. There is a reason top Apex Legends players are running Horizon, though. A well-placed Black Hole can create space and disruption, and it combines very well with numerous Apex Legends tactical and ultimate abilities.

Tip: If you’re still working on mastering your movement skills, Horizon is a great legend to practice with.

Seer (Recon)

Whether you love him or hate him, Seer is THE best recon character in the Apex Legends meta, and arguably broken. While proper use of him requires significant amounts of skill and communication, his kit is extremely powerful.

Seer’s Heart Seeker passive essentially gives you a portable version of Bloodhound’s tactical. All. The. Time. This passive, however, requires you to communicate with your team effectively, and frequently. While you can detect foes through buildings and other geography, pinging simply won’t do, as you’ll end up marking the object right in front of you. Heart Seeker supports scouting new areas in a stealthier fashion and is more useful than popping a Bloodhound scan every 30 seconds whilst alerting your presence to nearby enemies. An effective Seer scouts ahead for their team, leading them into areas whilst providing intel constantly. Having more information than an enemy team is invaluable when engaging in a fight or repositioning.

Moving on, then, to the shining star of Seer’s kit: his Focus of Attention tactical ability. Pair this with his Heart Seeker passive, and you end a fight as quickly as it started.

Let’s finally discuss Seer’s ultimate, Exhibit, which I would argue is less powerful than his tactical. Admittedly, this ultimate is less useful for revealing enemies, but it serves as a great deterrent. Usually, popping this ultimate can prevent a team from pushing you, as they are hesitant to give away their position. This can slow down the fight, allowing your team ample time to heal, reset, or even escape while the enemy is waiting out the ultimate. However, popping this ultimate also serves as an open invitation to third parties, so be mindful.

In the right hands, a skilled Seer can be devastating to other teams, so what are you waiting for? Give him a try.

Tip: try saving your tactical ability until mid-fight to cancel healing on a wounded enemy team.

Valkyrie (Recon)

Valkyrie is another recurring S-Tier Apex Legend. She provides better repositioning and rotation abilities than any other legend in the game. While she has undergone several rounds of nerfs to balance her out, her verticality maneuverability still sets her apart.

Having a Valkyrie on your team aids in traversing maps with more widespread geography. The VTOL Jets make Valkyrie one of the most slippery legends in the game; she’s able to kite around buildings, move from roof to roof, and generally just confuse your opponent. As mentioned with Horizon, having an Apex Legends character with effective verticality provides an invaluable advantage in just about every situation.

With the addition of the new Apex Legends map, Broken Moon, Valkyrie provides a great deal of utility to keep your squad ahead of zone. She can also give your squad a quick escape during some serious ‘GTFO situations’.

Additionally, her passive scanning ability is extremely underutilized, as it allows you to sus out rats, scout the next rotation for your squad, or detect enemy teams trying to hide out and capitalize on a third-party situation.

Our winged suit warrior also has one of the best tactical abilities in the game, Missile Swarm. This is essentially like having an arc star on cooldown. It’s a great opener for a fight or can be used defensively to get off a quick shield cell. Valkyrie’s passives and tactical alone make her a superb pick and a reason she has remained in S-Tier season after season.

Tip: Pairing beacon scan and Sky Dive can allow your team to secure a god-tier position in the final zone before anyone else.

Newcastle (Defense)

Newcastle is one of the newer legends coming into Apex, and he has an amazing kit. In fact, it’s so amazing that I did not hesitate about adding him to our S-Tier. If Gibraltar and Lifeline had a baby, it would be Newcastle.

His ultimate allows for amazing mobility, and if used correctly, even the ability to overtake high ground positions. Newcastle’s passive ability is everything that Lifeline should have in her kit, and throwing up the mobile shield before reviving a teammate can make it almost impossible to prevent. The mobile shield can also provide great immediate cover for scanning a beacon, looting a death box, or ganking a care package. Because the mobile shield can be repositioned, this can be used to close the gap on enemies, or to make a push with your team into a building.

The newest Apex legend really shines if you have a solid squad, where your teammates can actively provide suppression and prevent pushes when you go in for a revive. You may find it a bit more difficult to solo queue with Newcastle as he does require you to communicate with your squad more.

With recent changes to the ranked RP system, there is a heavier emphasis on placement this season. This means that you will encounter upwards of 8 squads heading into the fifth or even final zone. Since Storm Point can wind up leaving you with a half of a boulder to play in the final ring, having a defensive character like Newcastle will guarantee you can hold out a little bit longer than teams without.

I also recommend pairing Gibraltar and Newcastle together, as discussed in our Best Apex Legends team comps article.

Tip: Throw down your mobile shield before reviving a teammate, giving them time to heal if you are mid-fight.

Gibraltar (Defense)

The big guy holds a special place in my heart and remains at the top as one of the best Apex Legends. There is a reason Gibraltar is still being used constantly by the pros in their comps. His kit is invaluable and applicable in almost all situations.

Gibraltar can revive faster than Lifeline (which still makes zero sense to me) under the cover of his Dome of Protection. There are many uses for his Dome of Protection, but some common uses for his bubble are to block lines of sight during rotations, heals, or even to close the gap to full send on a team.

His ultimate is devastating and is almost a foolproof win if you have it available in final zone. The Fortified perk, along with the weapon shield passive can give our big boy over 300 HP (with red Evo).

The downside here is that Gibby is a more difficult legend to master (due to his relatively high skill floor. From ultimate usage, bubble economy, mastering bubble fights, and having quite a large hit box: there’s a lot to master.

If you are running a comp without mobility, he might struggle a bit. He is also not the greatest legend if you are solo queueing, especially in the lower ranks, where communication and team synergy are typically lacking. If you take your time to perfect his playstyle, you’ll be winning those 1v3’s in no time though.

Tip: Use Gibraltar to farm shield Evo and armor swap with your squad.


Any of these legends are great picks for the current season and have potential to make up a part of a crucial team comp. The only thing setting these legends apart from S-Tier is the lack of that “something extra”.

Wattson (Defense)

You may be thinking “Wattson!? But she’s a defensive legend”, and you would be absolutely correct. But hear me out. Our electrifying engineer is a superb defensive legend, and provides the most overall team support in her class. As I alluded to earlier, mobility is not always required due to Respawn adding diversity with each new map. Good positioning plays a huge role in increasing your chances of winning a match in Apex Legends.

Wattson paired with a recon legend can allow your squad to grab and secure a power position early. Sure, there are other effective defensive Apex Legends, but Wattson’s ultimate ability can truly be lifesaving (it is also one of the only other counters to a Gibraltar ultimate) and it reduces her electric node cooldown by 80%.

While her electric fence nodes really stand out, calling attention to rival squads and being much less inconspicuous than a Caustic gas trap, they are more effective and much quicker to place than other characters’ defensive tools. The ability to connect multiple electric nodes in a daisy chain fashion can really aid to some high IQ plays and even shift the movement in a close quarters fight.

Her passive abilities are a bit underwhelming in contrast to a legend such as Valkyrie, but they should not be ignored as they do provide benefits to your entire team.

Tip: Make sure to always store the maximum (2) ultimate accelerants to ensure that (and teammates with longer cooldowns) always have ultimate.

Rampart (Defense)

No, you’re not hallucinating, Rampart has secured her spot in A-Tier. She has received substantial buffs to her tactical and ultimate abilities, which means she makes the cut.

Like most legends higher up in the tier list, I do think that Rampart takes some refined skill to fully understand when and how to use her abilities, and she stays in the A-Tier because she does not work with all team compositions like, for example, Horizon. If you have been sleeping on Rampart though, now is your chance to give her a spin (pun intended.)

Rampart’s barriers should be spammed constantly. Not using the most useful part of her kit really defeats the purpose all her buffs. Proactively setting up one or two barriers when entering a new area as a general safety measure is recommended, so long that you keep at least one in your inventory as an emergency. Placing barriers when entering a new POI, before looting a death box, and even before using a crafter are all valuable options. Her barriers are also great at blocking doors or setting up for some early game long range Evo farming. These are all things I see many players neglect until there is a full-blown fight, and they are scrambling to throw down cover before they get lasered.

It’s worth paying attention to the Spitfire, since it has left the care package and re-entered ground loot. Don’t sleep on grabbing one to compliment your Rampart’s passive ability which increases magazine size and reduces reload speed on all LMG’s including her minigun ultimate.

Tip: Sheila can be a great deterrent to stop teams from pushing if you need to buy time for your teammates to heal or even take a flank position.

Pathfinder (Recon)

Pathfinder is arguably still the master of movement, but mastering the grapple comes with an enormously high skill ceiling. You have most likely seen one or two popular streamer clips using Pathfinder during a full squad wipe, but you have to remember that they have put in hours to fully master the properties of his grapple, trajectory, momentum, etc. There is an argument to drop Pathfinder down a tier as his biggest downside is the barn sized hitbox making him an easy target if you have not perfected the movement abilities, so be aware of the fact that you need a lot of practice with this character.

The addition of Broken Moon aids Pathfinder in the tier ranking and really compliments his kit. His ultimate is great at providing rotations for your squad, but can also be used by enemies unless you have learned good door placement. On larger maps, ziplining to and from multiple POIs can really provide an advantage over those who must cross open areas on foot. Pathfinder can be great so long as all facets of his kit are being utilized, which includes scanning at least two recon beacons.

Aside from Pathfinder’s massive hitbox, his passive is probably the most underwhelming out of all the Apex Legends, and while players have been asking for a re-work for some time, this has fallen on deaf ears. Because his grapple is the pinnacle of Pathfinder’s kit, having a cooldown on 30 seconds by default can really be a disadvantage during a fight.

Regardless of any downfalls the tin can may have, he is always fun to play, and highly recommend taking some time in pubs to practice his abilities.

Tip: Make sure to use your ultimate right before you scan a recon beacon.

Ash (Offense)

I’ve always been a fan of Ash, and as Respawn continues to introduce more maps with significantly different geometry patterns, her ultimate can provide what Wraith’s does not: split-second high ground accessibility. Wraith is still great in her own right, but on larger maps with a spread-out landscape, Ash’s Phase Breach allows for quick maneuvering across open areas, fast repositioning, and great flanks.

Phase Breach can also be paired well with several other Apex Legends characters to aid in revives or quick escapes (even in midair using an Octane pad). While its range is about 10m shorter in distance than a Wraith portal, the shorter cooldown makes up for that. Mind you, unlike Wraith’s portal, there is no ability to go back through your Phase Breach from the other side, meaning you must fully commit to using it. While this phase tear does give off a distinct sound when activated, it is significantly less noticeable than Wraith’s large trail.

Her tactical ability is a bit underwhelming but can pose as a bit of an annoyance to enemies when spammed. Because her arc is slow moving, it rarely catches an enemy off-guard. However, if successful it can set up a great opening to combo with a teammate.

Her passive is highly effective, especially during early game, letting you see where fights have just ended across the entire map. This enables you to guide your team to some third-party thrills, and you’ll also know what areas to avoid until you’re properly looted.

A good Ash will be able to utilize all of the tools in her kit and knows when to take advantage of them in order to tilt the odds in her favor.

Tip: If using Phase Breach while being chased, move backwards after exiting the tear to gain an advantage on the enemy following.

Bloodhound (Recon)

I initially had Bloodhound and Seer lumped together, but, because of the immense utility that Seer provides we are keeping our O.G. recon legend just shy of the MUST pick tier.

Our Norse hunter has been a staple since the launch of Apex Legends, and their kit hasn’t changed much since then. Bloodhound’s tactical ability is not only great for gathering crucial information before making your next decision, but the fact that you are able to convey this to your team without having to use voice comms is extremely beneficial if you are solo grinding through ranked this season.

Having wallhacks on cooldown offers pertinent information when making those split-second decisions on whether to push or heal during combat. Staying on the topic of no comms, the passive allows you to ping footsteps and other occurrences that recently took place. For those less experienced with Bloodhound, the screen clutter may be a bit confusing, and it can be overwhelming trying to decipher what tracks are the most recent to properly locate your opponents.

Popping your scan does alert other teams nearby and can unintentionally give away your position, but in lower ranked lobbies it can also strike fear into nearby foes. The flipside to this is that you are not required to use comms as much because your team can see everything revealed by your scan. Scanning can be much less effective on larger maps with more expansive POIs, so take note of that.

The Hunt of the Beast ultimate is still quite useful for decreasing your scan cooldown, but currently its best use is when it’s being used to traverse open space quicker, whether when pushing or retreating thanks to the increased movement speed.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to pop your ultimate at the start of every team fight, as it has a very short cooldown and can provide you with numerous scans for your team.

Loba (Support)

There is a case for Loba to be dropped down a tier, but she stays in this one due to the utility that her Black Market provides. Larger maps make for longer and more vulnerable rotations, so quick looting and hopping a few meters over to third party isn’t always a thing. While a more expansive POI can aid your team in not fighting for loot, it can also be a detriment if you are caught off guard by an enemy.

Loba provides incredible value for quickly grabbing needed loot. If you are contested off drop at a POI, stealing all the ammo alone can turn the tide in your favor. And of course we can’t forget the late game armor grabs. Final ring can leave you with multiple teams, only one small building, and a ton of boulders, and Black Market can really provide value in quickly stealing loot from fresh death boxes or even a care package weapon. The downside is that you need to be heavily reliant on your other teammates to get to the final ring.

Respawn has also fixed the glaring bugs with Loba’s teleportation bracelet, and use of this tactical ability is more consistent. Because her tactical works now, she can be a surprisingly good flanker, and on larger maps, her tactical can also minimize risk when moving to different cover.

Tip: Loba starts each match with 50% ultimate charge. If you are landing contested, try and find an ultimate accelerant and steal all the loot and ammo before the enemy team can get it.


This is our middle of the pack group of legends. They aren’t horrible, but you could also do better. These legends have a well-rounded kit, but considering factors such as the current ranked map and the changes made to the ranked system, there are legends that could contribute more to your success.

Octane (Offense)

Aside from the nerfs in Season 10 and 11, Octane has basically remained the same since he entered the Apex Games.

Octane is meant for a very aggro playstyle, able to traverse maps quickly and with ease. The reason he lands in the middle of the pack is for the simple reason that he does not provide substantial value to the team with his kit. Most of Octane’s abilities are self-serving and align with the general playstyle you encounter with anyone selecting him in a ranked match. Most (not all, but quite a few) Octane players are extremely selfish; stimming to steal teammates’ loot, then later padding into a fight alone with very little intel and getting knocked off the rip.

Octane’s saving grace is his jump pad ultimate, effective in POIs with lots of taller structures. Padding into a building that has three or more floors with entry points can still give you the advantage when initiating a team fight.

Tip: Jump pad can block doors or be thrown down to slow or deter enemies needing to reposition. Try throwing a pad by the feet of an enemy team during final circle.

Bangalore (Offense)

Another of the OG Apex Legends in the game, Bangalore really has potential to be moved up higher, but with almost every team running a scan legend her smoke gets negated 9 times out of 10 and is only useful in lower ranks, or on larger maps during early game to retreat or close a gap across a large open area. Her smoke can still be useful and more effective than something like a Mirage Bamboozle, but it’s just not as effective as it could be.

She is an adequate choice for someone starting out in the game, as her kit is simple and easy to learn. One could probably make use of Bangalore’s full kit through gold lobbies without an issue. Bangalore’s ultimate and passive could be better though, and that is the second reason she remains a middle-of-the-pack pick.

Her passive is lackluster and because it is so short-lived it does not provide any consistent utility. Her ultimate is really a glorified space maker because aside from a small handful of final circles, when was the last time you actually saw an effective shielding cracking, squad downing, Bangalore ultimate?

Tip: Shoot your smoke at your enemies’ feet instead of your own.

Caustic (Defense)

The Gas Daddy himself received a nerf to his gas traps in season 12. This change lowered his pick rate substantially and has seemingly never recovered from these nerfs. However, Caustic is still great for holding down buildings, and HP on his gas traps aren’t of much importance if you trigger one during a fight inside a building. As he is a larger hitbox character, he also has the fortified perk if that is any consolation.

Caustic’s ultimate is quite good but is much more effective when paired with a teammate’s abilities such as Black Hole.

In most cases, I still think he is a decent choice, but there are better defensive legends to choose from that provide more utility. Caustic shines in confined spaces wherein he can manipulate the pace of a fight; in the open his kit really does not provide much support to the overall team. To unlock the full potential of Caustic, you need to rely on your teammates a bit more, and success really depends on having a mobility character in your squad.

Tip: If you need to revive a teammate, throw a gas trap and activate it before reviving, this will discourage an enemy trying to capitalize.

Crypto (Recon)

Crypto is a bit of a strange one. While he does have some great abilities, just about all of them require him to be piloting his drone.

His EMP ultimate is valuable at opening team fights but can be botched quite easily.

The passive ability is more effective on smaller maps: when you can hear a fight on the opposite side of the map, even just throwing your drone up in a safe location will provide intel to your team and help you earn some of that KP. On larger maps, the drone can be useful for scouting new locations, grabbing banners, or reviving teammates, but again: it takes you out of the game and you leave yourself vulnerable to attacks. With the range limit on using the drone, larger maps can also become a nuisance to scout.

I wish Crypto was worthy of a higher tier, but if someone did choose a scan legend Seer, Bloodhound, or even Valkyrie are much better options right now.

Tip: Always have your drone out, even if it is just covering your back when you are in a building.

Wraith (Offense)

Wraith is the OG sweat legend here and can always provide value. However, with new maps becoming more spread out and much larger overall, it becomes exceedingly difficult to make full use of her kit.

She still provides a lot of utility, especially during endgame when multiple teams refuse to leave their location and everyone is playing the poke damage game. I cannot emphasize enough how clutch well placed portals can be in late game, or to block off points of entry at any point in the match. Pair a good Wraith with a Gibraltar or Newcastle and you’ve already secured the bag.

The passive is only worthy of mentioning because it is substandard: it rarely works and can sometimes be an annoyance as it competes with enemy footsteps. If her passive was reworked and her tactical was reverted to the original, she could have potential to be meta, but right now she just isn’t.

Wraith still has great potential though: due to her smaller hitbox she is a force to be reckoned with when played by someone with well-practiced movement techniques. Her Into The Void tactical can still offer valuable intel when scouting new locations.

Tip: you can still use ziplines while using your tactical.

Fuse (Offense)

Mr. Boombastic himself, Walter Fitzroy Jr. aka Fuse, is one of my go-to legends in pubs simply because he is incredibly fun to play. His kit allows for a very disruptive playstyle, and that’s typically how he’s used.

Having infinite nades on cooldown coupled with the capacity to stack an extra lethal per inventory slot AND firing them faster, further, and more accurately can really force teams out of their cover. Spamming lethals, especially on more widespread maps where you cannot safely make a push is vital to force teams out of position and is even more crucial when the final ring can have limited cover options.

On his own, however, Fuse is not especially powerful, hence his middle-of-the-pack ranking. If you have an aggressive and mobile squad, his tactical ability can provide enough distraction for your teammates to flank. Fuse also serves as a great counter to defensive-centric enemies, and as a bonus his knuckle clusters can destroy doors. More importantly, these abilities can function as valuable defensive tactics, particularly his ultimate.

Tip: If your team has moved to the power position for final ring early, you can easily pair Fuse with a Newcastle or Loba and let him spam nades to deter anyone trying to challenge you for your position.

Mad Maggie (Offense)

Mad Maggie has received some notable buffs since her initial release but I still believe her tactical is far better than her ultimate since it can force teams out from their only piece of cover. Additionally, her tactical is just about the only ability that can impact a Gibraltar bubble. Everything else in her kit is a bit subpar, especially on vaster maps.

Maggie’s Wrecking Ball ultimate does provide value in more confined spaces against defensive foes, but because of the short cooldown it’s more likely to be used to cross openings faster.

Mad Maggie is very much an in-your-face brawler, creating diminishing value the greater the distance of the engagement.

While commonly used as an aggressive legend, Maggie does pair well with a more defensive team composition, as her utility can be fully utilized in more restricted spaces.

Tip: If you are reviving a teammate, use your Riot Drill first to ward off enemy advancements.


Overall, the characters in this tier provide very little value and do not synergize well with most other legends in the game. These legends should really be avoided, but they can still have clutch potential in rare scenarios.

Lifeline (Support)

The once overpowered drumstick wielding, reviving support character has unfortunately been severely underwhelming for quite some time now. After the initial nerfs to her original abilities, our humanitarian combat medic has never really recovered.

Even after Respawn implemented buffs to bring Lifeline, well, back to life, it was still a miss. While she can deploy a revive drone, this doesn’t typically have a high success rate as most enemies are aware of when it’s happening, forcing them to push and finish the fight.

Her care package can be useful, ever so slightly, during early game but with each zone there is a correlating diminishing value.

In final zone, you’re better off using this as a piece of cover over using it as anything else. If you are thinking about picking Lifeline, just pick Newcastle instead. I could spend a lot of time discussing why Lifeline isn’t (and hasn’t been) a viable pick for many seasons now, but I won’t. Just don’t pick her right now.

Catalyst (Defense)

Like so many before her, Catalyst enters the Apex Games over-promised and under-sold. There seem to have been several re-works prior to launch if we go by what we all saw in the leaks of her abilities in the firing range. If her ultimate blocked scans from recon characters like everyone expected, she would be much higher on this list, but sadly it doesn’t. Her kit is extremely defense-focused and excels in buildings and other close-quarter environments.

For now, you are better off picking any other defensive character higher up in the list.

Vantage (Recon)

Continuing the theme of new Apex letdowns Legends, we have Vantage. The best part about her kit is the ability to relocate using her pal, Echo. While you can double jump during this, the animation takes much longer and therefore is an inferior version of Loba’s translocation bracelet.

The idea of her sniper ultimate is great: freeing up a weapon slot for more mid to long range engagements, but you only get five rounds every three minutes, and body shots are weaker than a Longbow.

If her kit was to get a slight rework, she could be more viable in higher ranked lobbies.


These are the legends you should avoid at all costs. These explanations will be brief, but trust me: if you pick these legends, you are just asking to fail.

Revenant (Offense)

What can I say about our demonic mercenary. Ever since the dissolution of the Revtane (Octane and Revenant ultimate combo), there is very little value provided here. On paper his kit isn’t that bad, but certain maps don’t do him any favors.

The value that you get out of him really depends on the map, and if there are fewer buildings with verticality for him to climb then his combined flanking and tactical abilities are nullified. On maps with a more spread-out geography, getting utility from his totem ultimate is rare, and it just does not combo well with most other Apex Legends in the game.

Mirage (Offense)

If you have watched any content creators you should know that, while Mirage can be fun to play, once you get to gold lobbies, no one really gets faked out by the trickster. His ultimate can sometimes be more of a detriment than an aid, causing more chaos and confusion for your team during a fight.

I will say that the invisibility passive when reviving a teammate can be useful, but only sometimes, like for example during chaotic fights when there’s seven ultimates going off, four other teams around, and it’s raining sky nades. You get my point.

Apex Legends Tier List – Conclusion

Now that you know what the best and worst legends (of this season) are, you can hopefully make an educated decision as to what your mains are going to be. Don’t let this list stop you from trying out lower tier characters, however. Gaming should be fun, and it can be very rewarding to just relax with an off-meta legend every once in a while after you’re done sweating it out with the optimal legends.

Thanks for reading, and good luck out there!

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