Best Apex Legends Crosshair Settings

Having excellent aim is imperative if you want to become a great FPS player. One of the most important components required for your mechanics to reach the next level is a quality crosshair. Being in tune with your crosshair allows you to be more confident on the server and greatly improves your chances in heads-up duels. In Apex Legends, as opposed to many other popular shooters, crosshair customization is much more simple, with only the color of the crosshair able to be altered. Continue reading to learn how to change your crosshair settings in Apex Legends and which crosshair is best for you.

How to Change the Crosshair in Apex Legends

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a color for your crosshair is the visibility factor. Choosing a color which allows you to have a clear view of your opponent in a variety of surrounding is the most important thing to consider.

  • Press ‘ESC’ and select ‘Settings’.
  • While in the ‘Gameplay’ tab, find the ‘Reticle’ option and click ‘Customize’.
  • Use the RGB values to change the color of your crosshair. You can also use the sliders if you want to achieve a particular shape.
  • Click ‘Apply’, and get into the game with your brand-new crosshair!

Best Apex Legends Crosshair Settings

Classic Green

Our first recommendation for the best crosshair in Apex Legends is the classic green crosshair. This colored crosshair is most popular among experienced players, as it is the default color for crosshairs in a number of other FPS games (like CS:GO or Valorant). It is probably the most versatile color on the list, providing good visibility in the majority of circumstances.

Color values: RED 70, GREEN 255, BLUE 70

Deep Red

The Deep Red crosshair provides just as much visibility as the previous crosshair, while being a little bit easier on the eyes due to the darker shade. It is especially effective in bright and highly-lit areas of maps, where more vibrant crosshairs could have trouble standing out from the background. Many players are already familiar with this color palette, as red crosshairs have been a staple in other FPS titles for decades.

Color values: RED 200, GREEN 50, BLUE 50

Lively Pink

This crosshair is perfect for people who don’t want to have any trouble finding their crosshair on the screen. The lively pink color crosshair stands out in all surroundings, and makes it incredibly easy to trace your potential victims. Its only downside is that due to this shade of pink being extremely bright, it could be a little bit more difficult to transition to for people who are used to more toned down crosshair colors.

Color values: RED 255, GREEN 0, BLUE 255

Cyan Blue

The Cyan Blue crosshair, much like the previously mentioned Lively Pink, is very hard to miss, especially in darker, low-lit surroundings. This shade of blue, however, is much easier on the eyes and less distracting due to its natural feel. The only place where you don’t want to be looking with this crosshair is the sky, as the similar color pallets could cause visibility issues for some players.

Color values: RED 0 GREEN 255 BLUE 255

Sunny Yellow

This crosshair excels in indoor areas, as its bright hue essentially lights up even the darkest rooms and makes finding the opponents a piece of cake. Its warm tone is very easy on the eyes, meaning that even long Apex sessions in front of the screen won’t cause any eye strains. However, as you could have guessed by the name, this crosshairs color is akin to the sun, which results in limited visibility in highly-lit areas and when looking directly at a clear sky. Nevertheless, it is still a solid choice.

Color values: RED 255, GREEN 255, BLUE 100


Apex Legends only allows you to change the color of the crosshair, but that doesn’t mean that crosshair customization isn’t important. You can definitely go wrong with this (by picking a color or certain tint that doesn’t stand out from the environment, for example) so people who are trying to level up their game would do well to carefully consider their crosshair in Apex Legends. This list will get you on the way, and you can’t go wrong with any of our choices.

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