The Best PC for CS:GO

Gives you the FPS you need

If you’re going to even be slightly serious about gaming you’ll need computer that can handle your ambitions without holding you back. This is the same with almost any other hobby as well. You’re probably not going to want to play your first football match wearing your slip-on loafers either. Our builds give you the FPS you need.

Gets your inputs right

Getting the right gear won’t make you a pro player overnight, but it will make sure that your skills are not being held back by your gaming mouse and keyboard. A flawless mouse and a mechanical keyboard can greatly improve your gaming experience, so please feel free to check our Quick References for the best gaming peripherals, our check out our full sized guides on gaming peripherals.

The best BANG for your buck

Depending on your budget you might want to go for our 144+ FPS or 240+ FPS options. CSGO isn’t a terribly demanding game and it’s important to have as many FPS as possible in CSGO, which is why our cheapest recommendation is a rig capable of displaying 144 FPS.

Our 240+ FPS option is everything you need out of a gaming rig for CS:GO. With this option you will be able to use high refresh rate (144Hz and over) monitors to their full potential. Literally every Counter-Strike professional plays on (at least) 144Hz monitors and we advise you do the same. If you are someone who doesn’t like tinkering with computer hardware, we have provided prebuilt alternatives as well. Happy fragging.

The Best PC for CS:GO (240+ FPS)

PreBuilt Alternative

The Best Budget PC for CS:GO (144+ FPS)

prebuilt alternative