Best Mousepad for League of Legends - The Ultimate Guide

Mousepads are pieces of equipment that are often forgotten or neglected when people are buying their peripherals. That's a bit of a shame if you ask us. Just like with mice, keyboards, and headsets, there's an entire world of different mousepads out there and they all have their own characteristics and quirks.

In a game such as League of Legends it's arguably less important to have a good gaming mousepad than it is in shooter games, because the overall sensitivity of LoL pros lies a lot higher than that of shooter players and pixel perfect precision is less of a factor, but there are still advantages to choosing a pad that's right for you. Once you've got a surface that has the right glide speed, finish, and texture it'll not only be way more comfortable to play the game, but you'll also have perfect precision at all times (provided you're using a good mouse of course) and your mouse feet won't wear as quickly as they would when you're just using the mouse on a naked desk surface. In short: there are only advantages.

To help you in your search for the perfect mousepad for League of Legends we've been analyzing what the pros are using and we've come up with this list of the five most used pads. In this article we'll briefly go over the features of these pads so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes to buy your (next) mousepad.

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G640

2. Logitech G Powerplay

3. Corsair MM300

4. HyperX Fury S Pro Speed

5. Fnatic DASH

What makes a mousepad good for League of Legends?

If you've ever watched a LAN game of professional CS:GO, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, or any other shooter game you might have noticed that all of those players are using mousepads that are, compared to what you find on the average office desk, huge. That's because competitive shooter players game at sensitivities that require them to have that much mouse space.

Compared to those games, pixel perfect precision isn't that important in League of Legends, meaning that overall sensitivities are generally on the higher side in this game. This means that you can get away with using smaller pads, but if you've got the space we do really recommend to go for a larger mousepad. It's always better to have mouse space left over than it is to run out every time you do a big mouse swipe.

Aside from the size (again: we recommend going for more space than you really need, but most gaming-oriented mousepads start at large sizes anyway) it all comes down to what you want. Do you want a control-oriented mousepad with plenty of texturing, or do you want a pad that's as fast as possible? All of this is purely down to personal preference, and as long as mousepads have a consistent glide, texture, and thickness, there's not much to objectively judge them on other than their durability and reliability in various conditions. In this list we luckily see a variety of pads with very different characteristics, so you should definitely be able to find one that matches what you're looking for.

The usual suspects

Since mousepads aren't as integral to a setup as they are in games where sensitivities are lower and you need more precision, we don't see many surprises here. League of Legends players generally don't go out of their way to experiment with mousepads from niche manufacturers and tend to stick to the well known brands, with Logitech coming out on top as the most used brand in the scene.

Of course this doesn't mean that mousepads from other (niche) manufacturers aren't worth it: we're just commenting on the trends that we see in the pro scene here. It can always pay off to look at what's on offer outside of the big mainstream brands.

Most used manufacturer

fun fact:
of analyzed LoL pros don't use a mousepad at all

1. Logitech G640

The standard

As far as glide characteristics go, the Logitech G640 is a bit of a 'middle road' option: it's neither extremely fast, nor is it very controlling, and that makes it a great mousepad for people who don't really know what side of the speed line they're on (yet) or for people who just want a bit of both.

Something that's also an advantage with the G640 is that it doesn't need a whole lot of maintenance. The glide doesn't suddenly fall off a cliff not does it change a lot with time, meaning that this is a good pad to go for if you just want to slap a mousepad down on your desk without worrying much about it. Its thickness of 3 millimeters also lands it squarely in that 'middle of the pack' category, further emphasizing its ideal 'bit of everything' status.

2. Logitech G Powerplay

Never run out of juice

If you're using one of Logitech's compatible wireless mice the Powerplay mousepad might be a great idea. If you buy this you get two surfaces to choose from in the package: a cloth top pad and a hard top pad. Do be warned: both have a pretty fast glide, with the hard surface being the fastest.

The main selling point of this pad isn't the glide though: it's the fact that this mousepad will charge your wireless mouse even while you're using it. As such, if you use the G Powerplay mousepad (and you've got it plugged in of course) you'll never run out of battery on your wireless mouse. That's a very exciting prospect, but there are some tradeoffs. First of all there's the price, but then there's also the fact that the only available sizes are rather small. If you mainly focus on LoL (and you've got a relatively high overall sensitivity as a consequence) then this is not a problem, but for people who dabble in shooters or just use a higher sens this can be a bit of an issue.

Still, if you use a Logitech wireless mouse and you like the idea of it never running out of juice this is a very interesting mousepad to consider.

of analyzed LoL pros don't use a mousepad at all

3. Corsair MM300

Corsair's standard pad

The Corsair MM300 is another mousepad that's going to be ideal for people who want to get both control and speed in one pad. What's on offer here is a glide that offers a bit of both, which is a good thing if you're after something that's neither here nor there on the glide front. It is a bit faster than the G640 though, so if you lean more towards the speedy side then this could be a good option for you.

The MM300 has a kind of metallic graphic to it that makes the pad almost look damaged or dirty, but that's just looks as it's not very difficult to maintain at all. Top that off with stitched edges and you've got a mousepad that's gonna last for a long time without needing to worry about it.

4. HyperX Fury S Pro Speed

Not super fast

HyperX advertise this pad as a speed pad, but the reality is that it's mostly got a 'medium glide' like a lot of other pads on this list. As such, if you're after a speed pad you're better off looking somewhere else, but if you want a medium kind of glide you can definitely consider the HyperX pad. It has stitched edges, an interesting graphic on top (whether you like that or not is subjective, but a lot of people don't really like completely black pads) and a decent glide with plenty of stopping power.

One disadvantage of this pad is that it wears out fairly quickly, meaning you'll have to wash it a bit more often than some other options on this list. If you want a medium kind of glide with a decent amount of stopping power then this could be one to consider however.

of analyzed LoL pros use a logitech mousepad

5. Fnatic DASH

The need for speed

If you want a speed (cloth/hybrid) pad then the Fnatic DASH is a great choice. It's not the fastest mousepad on the market (look towards hard pads for that) but it's definitely on the speedier side of things. What's nice about the Fnatic DASH is that it uses a surface that offers plenty of glide speed while still reigning you in with a decent amount of stopping power to allow you to come to a stop at exactly the point where you want to stop. Whether you're in the exact right spot will of course depend mostly on your aim, but the point is that this pad is fast without giving you that 'Bambi on ice' feeling that some of the true speed pads will give you.

If you want something with a ton of speed but you still feel like having control over your micro movements is important to you then the Fnatic DASH is a great pad to consider. Thanks to its hybrid surface it's also a breeze to maintain.

Conclusion: the best mousepad for League of Legends

Whether or not a mousepad is a good fit for you will depend on a large number of subjective factors. Aside from talking about the overall finishing quality (and perhaps the durability and behavior in moist environments) there's not much to objectively judge on with mousepads, so this mostly depends on what you want.

Regardless of that there are plenty of options if you look at what the League of Legends pros are using. What's interesting is that almost no LoL pro is using a dedicated control mousepad with a lot of stopping power, while those pads are pretty popular in our analyzed shooter games. This in combination with LoL players' higher overall sensitivity suggests that being able to quickly aim your abilities in the right direction is perhaps more important than having pixel perfect precision at all times, but even that can be down to personal opinion.

Hopefully this article has been helpful. Thanks for reading!