Best Mouse for League of Legends - The Ultimate Guide

League of Legends is a game that has been at the forefront of the gaming world for over a decade now. With the game (and its professional scene) showing no signs of slowing down we still see thousands of new players entering the fray every single day. League of Legends is one of those games that is easy to get into but incredibly difficult to master. So, as usual, if you really want to climb to the highest ranks you will want to have a reliable set of peripherals that doesn't hold you back when gaming.

The gaming mouse is one of the most important pieces of gear for any gamer. Despite the fact that aiming is arguably less of a factor in LoL than it is in some of the shooter games that we analyze (and even then: you really don't want to miss a crucial ability due to unreliable gear) we do notice that LoL pros trend towards basically the same mice as professionals in shooter games.

In this article we've gathered the five most used mice in the LoL pro scene. We'll give you a brief rundown of what you can expect out of them, as well as give you some background info on what constitutes a good mouse. This list should serve as an ideal baseline for anyone who wants to get a new gaming mouse for League of Legends, and it is constantly being updated to reflect the latest trends and gear developments.

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

2. Logitech G703

3. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

4. Logitech G Pro Wired

5. Logitech G502

What makes a mouse good for League of Legends?

Contrary to what you might think, there's a relatively low amount of League of Legends pros that choose to use a so-called 'MMO/MOBA mouse' with lots of side buttons. Despite the fact that most MMO/MOBA mice these days have a flawless sensor (and as such aren't worse at tracking or what have you than mice that are aimed more towards shooters) they still don't get picked up very often by the pros. That's probably because of the fact that, compared to a game like WoW where there are sometimes dozens of buttons that need to be within reach, LoL doesn't have all that many abilities that you need to focus on.

What you will definitely want is a mouse that is flawless. You really don't want to be on the receiving end of a malfunctioning mouse when you're lining up some clutch CC moves, so even though you might think that aiming is less important in a game like LoL you will certainly want to go for a dedicated gaming mouse. Luckily, flawless sensors and lag-free wireless connections have been the standard for mice made by reputable manufacturers for a while now, so there are lots of different mice to choose from.

Once you've found a mouse that's on par quality-wise it's also critically important to make sure it suits you. It makes absolutely no sense to go for a mouse that has all the right specs on paper but has a shape that you just don't agree with, so please do make sure that you use something that's comfortable for your personal grip style, both for short stints as well as marathon sessions.

In short: you'll want a mouse that performs flawlessly at all times that suits your personal hand size and grip style. If you want to get yourself a mouse with a ton of side buttons there are definitely options but seeing as the most popular choices among pros are relatively 'simple' (on the outside at least: the technology behind these top tier mice is super impressive) pointers we're going to be focusing on those in this article.

The champions

It is not uncommon for one brand to lead the pack when it comes to adoption rates of their products in one given scene: once the more influential professionals start using a certain brand (or have been using it all along) the newer players might pick up that brand as well, and when they become top dogs the 'waterfall' starts all over, leading to certain brands often being the most recommended/used brands in a certain game's competitive scene. In League of Legends this is clearly Logitech, as you can no doubt see on the right.

Aside from sponsoring there could be multiple reasons for this: one being the fact that, for the longest time, Logitech was the only brand to have a reliable high tier wireless gaming mouse in their lineup in the form of the G Pro Wireless. Other brands have since caught up with their wireless tech but many pros are still using the G Pro Wireless to this day, even if a lighter version (the G Pro X Superlight) has already been released. Of course the brand is also simply one of the biggest peripheral manufacturers in the world which gives them a leg up on some of the lesser known manufacturers out there, but it is still impressive to see one manufacturer leading the pack with such a big margin.

Most Used Manufacturer
of lol pros use a logitech mouse

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

The benchmark

Despite the fact that this mouse was first released almost three years ago it's still one of the most used mice across all of our analyzed games. Back when it was first announced it kind of shocked (in a good way) the gaming world since it was a lightweight wireless gaming mouse with a rechargeable battery, a flawless sensor, and a lossless wireless connection; something that just wasn't possible before the release of the G Pro Wireless. It became the most popular gaming mouse with our analyzed pros in record time, taking the number one spot in all but a few games that we analyze.

It took other manufacturers a good while to catch up, and while there are now alternatives to the G Pro Wireless out there it's still one heck of a mouse. It's got a very respectable weight of 81 grams, placing it firmly in that middle ground between ultralight mice and heavier mice. It also has pleasing buttons, a very safe shape (some might argue it's too safe) and a very decent coating and scroll wheel, making it a mouse that does little to nothing wrong overall. The feet aren't up to today's standards but there are plenty of aftermarket feet available if you want a slicker glide, so that shouldn't hold you back from buying this one.

Why this one?

If you're looking for a reliable wireless mouse with a shape that should suit a very large variety of grip types then this one is very hard to look past. Yes, there is the G Pro X Superlight (read more about that one further down in the article) which is lighter and has better feet, but if those aren't things that you're bothered by you can definitely go for the G Pro Wireless as it'll be a little bit friendlier on your wallet. It still is very much a mouse that lives up to today's standards, which is also why so many pros are still using it today.

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Most Used Mouse
Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G703
Logitech G Pro X Superlight
Logitech G Pro Wired
Logitech G502

2. Logitech G703

Wireless ergonomic option

The G703 is another one of Logitech's mice with an impressive history. This shape initially debuted in the form of the G403. That mouse was released in tandem with the original G Pro which now often called the 'G Pro Wired' or 'OG G Pro'. These two mice were among the first mice in the world to feature a completely flawless sensor (the 3366), making their release yet another landmark in the history of gaming peripherals. This G703 is the wireless version of that G403 shape.

What you get here is a mouse with a shape that seems to be pretty much 'love it or hate it'. The very pronounced hump that's located towards the back of the mouse definitely doesn't suit everyone, but if you like that sort of palm-filling action in a mouse this is a great choice thanks to its flawless wireless connection, great buttons, satisfying scroll wheel, and decent glides.

Over the past couple of years this mouse has seen some small changes: instead of the 3366 that was initially found in the G703 there's now a version with Logitech's HERO sensor, for instance. That's the same sensor that's used in the G Pro Wireless, and the advantage of that one is that it draws less power, meaning that you get a longer battery life. The HERO version also weighs less, which is a definite bonus for some people as the G703 is on the heavier side compared to some of its compatriots.

Why this one?

If you want a wireless mouse and you prefer an ergonomic shape then this is a fantastic option to consider, provided you can get over the hump at the back of the mouse that seems to be a bit of a hit or miss affair with many gamers. If you've got the choice we'd recommend you to go for the HERO version (that one has a longer battery life and is lighter) but functionally there are no differences between the older G703s and the G703 HERO version so if you don't care about those differences you can use either mouse.

of analyzed loL pros use a powerplay mousepad, allowing them to charge their mouse as they play

3. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

The next level

As we said earlier in this article: it took a while for other manufacturers to catch up to the standards that Logitech's G Pro Wireless had set, but these days there definitely are alternatives on the market that can at least be considered equal to the G Pro Wireless. When rumors about a 'Superlight' version of the G Pro Wireless started circulating, people became curious as to what that would entail.

When the G Pro X Superlight was revealed it was made clear that Logitech still knows how to innovate. The G Pro X Superlight weighs a mere 62 grams, which would be very light for a wired mouse, but for a wireless mouse with a rechargeable battery that is basically unseen. Other changes include a swap to better stock feet and a change in the buttons in order to prevent accidental double clicking (which is an issue that sometimes arose with the older G Pro Wireless) but other than that the G Pro X Superlight stays true to what made its older sibling so darn popular in the first place. Whether or not these changes are worth it to you is something that you have to consider for yourself, but there's no doubt that the Superlight is one super impressive piece of kit.

Why this one?

If you like the shape and the overall idea behind the Logitech G Pro Wireless but you love your lightweight mice then this is your best bet right now. The better stock feet and improved buttons are also definitely something to consider. The MSRP of the G Pro X Superlight is higher than that of the G Pro Wireless so whether or not these differences are worth the money is something you'll have to decide, but if you want to go for this type of shape we do recommend the Superlight over the regular G Pro Wireless if you can spare the money.

4. Logitech G Pro Wired

The OG

The original Logitech G Pro gaming mouse is yet another important mouse release. Released alongside the G403 (which was aimed at more 'casual' gamers) this was a mouse that was developed squarely for competitive players, and one of the first mice to feature a completely flawless sensor.

Originally this was just called 'G Pro', but to avoid confusion with the G Pro Wireless that came behind it (and has a completely different shape) people often refer to it as 'G Pro Wired', even though it's officially called 'G Pro Gaming Mouse'. What's in a name, right?

In any case: this small mouse was quickly adopted by professional gamers as their main piece of kit, and even though its popularity has faded over the years, this small ambidextrous mouse (with a shape that's often lovingly referred to as 'an egg shape') still remains popular, with many people asking for a modern wireless iteration of this particular design. Recent models of the G Pro Gaming Mouse feature Logitech's flagship HERO sensor and have an improved cable compared to the early 3366 versions, so if you're planning on buying this one it's a good idea to look out for these changes, as the improved cable does make for a much more pleasant experience.

Why this one?

If you love smaller ambidextrous mice and/or you're someone who mains a fingertip (of fingertip inspired) grip then this could very well be the mouse of choice for you. It's a great 'no nonsense' compact gaming mouse.

of analyzed lol pros use a wireless mouse

5. Logitech G502

A classic

The Logitech G502 is a shape that's been around since basically forever. The mouse in its current form (disregarding smaller changes with the sensor and the likes) is over half a decade old, and this is one of the most often recommended mice for people who like to play a variety of games and aren't playing shooter games competitively.

The G502 is definitely on the heavier side, and with its multitude of buttons and extra features it's not a mouse that's often picked by people who just want to focus on their aim, but not every mouse has to be a stripped down, lightweight piece of equipment meant to click heads. This G502 does what it sets out to do perfectly: it's a comfy ergonomic mouse (complete with a thumb rest) that has a large range of extra features and customization options, ranging from a tilting scroll wheel to extra weights in the packaging.

Why this one?

If you are someone who has no interest in (lightweight) mice with just two side buttons and you want to have some extra options at your disposal then this is a great mouse to have. With its total of 9 extra input options (we don't count the main clicks here) it's got plenty of room for you to bind a myriad of extra abilities and actions to your mouse itself, and the ability to unlock the scroll wheel so that it scrolls freely is something that can be awesome to use if you need fast and consecutive inputs, or even just for work. The fact that it's on the heavy side (121 grams) is something that you'll need to take into account though.

Conclusion: The best Mouse for League of Legends

Even though League of Legends is completely different from the majority of the games that we analyze, the basic principles of choosing the right gaming mouse don't change at all. You will want a mouse that offers you a lossless connection (be it wired or wireless) that is, and this is the most important aspect, comfortable for you. We write these guides in order to inform you on current trends in the pro scene, but if you feel like the shape of our number one mouse wouldn't suit you it would be unwise to go for that one just because the majority of professionals are using it.

That said: we do see a pretty large variety of different types of mice here, even though there's not a lot of variety in brands. You've got everything from a state of the art lightweight wireless mouse to a heavier luxury mouse complete with a host of extra buttons for you to make use of. Hopefully this guide has helped you decide on your next purchase. Feel free to browse our other guides and reviews in order to get even more information on the subject. As always: if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on social media or in the comments of the relevant articles. We're always glad to help!

Thanks for reading!