Best Mouse for Fortnite - The Ultimate Guide

Fortnite needs no introduction. Ever since its Battle Royale gamemode came out it’s been taking the gaming world by storm, and by now just about every gamer in the world will have heard of this phenomenon.

But whether you’re a veteran or a complete newbie; there’s one thing that doesn’t change, and that’s the fact that you need good gear in order to play to your full potential. To help you with that we’ve analyzed the mice that our pro players are using, and we’ve come up with a list of five of the most used mice for Fortnite. A mouse is obviously something subjective and largely comes down to personal tastes, but using this list as a guideline can be a great start when choosing a new mouse.

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

2. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

2. FinalMouse Air 58 Ninja

3. FinalMouse Ultralight 2

5. Razer DeathAdder

What makes a mouse good for Fortnite?

Fortnite is a relatively simple game, in the sense that you don’t have a metric ton of abilities and buttons to press. You do have to be able to build fast and switch weapons on the fly, so having a mouse with a few side buttons is definitely a great idea. All of the mice on this list feature at least two extra buttons, as well as a top tier sensor (Fortnite is still a shooter game, so you’ll need a great sensor) and solid internals.

Since it’s a shooter and you’ve got to be able to aim well it’s important to choose a mouse which suits your grip style and hand size too. After all, you will want your mouse to be comfortable for you if you're going to be using it for hours on end. There's no need to go for a mouse that has all the top tier components but doesn't fit your hand and grip style at all. 

Something interesting that we see with Fortnite is that ultralight mice (i.e. mice with a weight of 70 grams or less) are among the most popular ones. Around a quarter of Fortnite pros are using a super light mouse, which is a number that's higher than what we see with our other analyzed games. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that you very much need to be able to swing your mouse around quickly when doing things such as building or scanning your surroundings, or maybe it's because FinalMouse (who brought the idea of ultralight mice to the mainstream market and only produce mice under 70 grams) is so well-loved, perhaps in part due to their collaboration with Ninja. Of course it could also be the case that Fortnite pros are just quicker to pick up new technology than pros in other games; we're just theorizing here.

Logitech: the Logical Winner?

Logitech produces great quality mice and have been doing so for quite a while. Everyone who follows the (pro) gaming scene at least a little will know that their G Pro Wireless is one of the most popular gaming mice to ever hit the pro shooter scene, and that the G Pro X Superlight (its 'successor') has carried on that tradition, but their other offerings are also very popular. They seem to have a shape and design for pretty much everyone right now, leading the brand to be the most used one in the Fortnite professional scene by quite a distance.

In second place we find FinalMouse with their most popular mouse, the Air 58 Ninja, making up for the brunt of their usage numbers. The 'traditional brands' trial behind by quite a bit, and this hasn't really changed over the past year or so. Logitech and FinalMouse have a firm grasp over the Fortnite mouse market.

Most used manufacturer

of analyzed fortnite pros use an ultralight mouse

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

As used by EpikWhale, Cented, Martoz, ...

The first great wireless mouse

Seeing someone with a wireless gaming mouse used to be a clear sign that that person was a noob but these days wireless mice have definitely caught up to their wired counterparts. When Logitech came up with their LIGHTSPEED tech it was clear that the competition would take a while to catch up, and the mouse quickly skyrocketed to being the most used gaming mouse in the professional shooter scene.

It has a battery life of over 40 ingame hours, packs their flawless HERO sensor (which is an in-house version of the 3366) and is capable of charging through their POWERPLAY technology, meaning that if you use this mouse with a POWERPLAY mousepad you'll never have to plug in the mouse. All of that combined leads to a mouse that's, even years after its release, very impressive.

Great shape and performance

Logitech has been working with professionals in order to come up with the best mouse they could make, and it really shows. The shape is great and should suit a very wide variety of grip types (which is something that arguably couldn't be said about the G403 and 'OG' G Pro shapes) and the fact that it's a truly ambidextrous mouse (you've got modular side buttons, which means lefties can easily use this mouse to its full potential as well) is just icing on the cake.

Why this one?

The G Pro Wireless truly is a fantastic gaming mouse. If you've got the budget for it's a fantastic mouse that should suit a wide variety of grip types and hand sizes.

Going wireless without any sort of noticeable lag is a fantastic experience, doubly so if you can do it with a great feeling mouse, and that is definitely what the G Pro Wireless is offering here. It's also a truly ambidextrous mouse, so if you're a lefty and you want to grab a mouse that the pros are using we can strongly recommend this one.

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Most used mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G Pro X Superlight
FinalMouse Air58
FinalMouse Ultralight 2
Razer DeathAdder

2. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

As used by KING, Bizzle, Hamlinz, ...

Logitech's Latest

When the Logitech G Pro Wireless released, it was the undisputed king of (wireless) gaming mice, and the technology behind that product was so impressive that it remained in that position for many months after its release. Competitors did catch up after a while though, prompting Logitech to release the Superlight: an updated version of the well-loved G Pro Wireless.

The main differences between the two (aside from the fact that the Superlight only has side buttons on the left) lie in the fact that the Superlight is a lot lighter (as the name would imply) at just 62 grams, and that the Superlight has better stock feet and new switches that are supposed to eliminate the risk of accidental double clicking. If that's what you were looking for all along then you can definitely go for the Superlight, but if you don't really care about the improvements that Logitech has made to the Superlight then you can also try to score a G Pro Wireless at a reduced price.

Why this one?

If you like everything that you've read about the G Pro Wireless but you want an ultralight mouse then the G Pro X Superlight is a dream come true. With a weight of around 62 grams it would be light even by wired standards, but the fact that Logitech has achieved that weight in a wireless mouse is nothing short of impressive.

3. FinalMouse Air58 Ninja

As used by Clix, DubsThiefs, ...

The lightest of the bunch

Most FPS gamers seem to agree that weight is one of the most important aspects to a gaming mouse. If you've got a brick in your hands you won't be able to swiftly and fluently move your mouse around the pad which can cause you to miss important shots. FinalMouse really doesn't seem to want you to miss any important shots, and for some time now they've been designing their mice to be the absolute lightest out there.

The Air58 lives up to its name; it's made of mostly air (the holes in the shell are designed to have the mouse weigh less) and is advertised to weigh 58 grams. 

Always improving

FinalMouse teamed up with Richard Tyler "Ninja" Blevins to make this mouse, but not that much has really changed since the earlier UltraLight Phantom model. The Air58 is lighter and offers an improved scroll wheel, but aside from that it's basically the same mouse.

That's not an issue though, as the UltraLight Phantom was a great mouse already. The Air58, like its predecessor, has a flawless 3360 sensor and a nice and comfortable shape. Pair that with the super flexible phantomcord (which is their name for their shoelace-like mouse cable) and you've got a mouse that glides over your pad with the ease and grace of a ninja ready to strike his target.

Why this one?

If you’re looking for the lightest mouse you can find with an extremely flexible cable and top internals this is the one for you.

Like real life ninjas these mice are quite elusive, though. FinalMouse only seem to release their products in very limited quantities, which means getting one is a matter of following their socials and then refreshing the page whenever a new 'drop' is announced.

They're fantastic products and we applaud the innovation they're bringing to the market with their shell design and phantomcord, but it's tough to recommend a mouse that's almost never available. If you manage to catch them when they become available it's absolutely a great buy, but we do recommend buying at retail price and to leave the 'scalpers' who buy these mice and then try to sell them for multiple times the MSRP in the dust.

Just under
of analyzed fortnite pros use logitech mice

4. FinalMouse UltraLight 2

As used by Sean, KingRichard, Morgausse, ...

Make it your own

The UltraLight 2 is one of the newest releases in FinalMouse's stable of products, and this one aims to innovate by having a shape that you can customize yourself. The 'base mouse' is a smaller version of their now famous UltraLight, but this one comes with their INFINITYSKIN (it's written in all caps in their marketing so we do the same) which is a malleable synthetic foamy material that you can add to your mouse in order to shape it exactly how you want it.

It's definitely an interesting idea, and it's a great solution for people who like to have a mouse that's shaped exactly like they want it, but even if you don't plan on using the INFINITYSKINS it's a top gaming mouse. Under the hood you've got the flawless 3360 sensor as we all know, and FinalMouse has also been making improvements to the mouse wheel and cable. Combine that with a (base) weight of 47 grams (according to FinalMouse) and you've got a killer of a lightweight small gaming mouse.

Why this one?

If you want the absolute lightest gaming mouse on the planet this is it. It's a smaller version of the UltraLight, so if you found that one to be too large this could also be a great product for you. Naturally the INFINITYSKINS that allow you to customize the exact shape of the mouse will be a good addition for some people, but even if you don't really use those this is a great gaming product. As with other FinalMouse products availability is a huge issue though. Their products are almost always sold out and the only copies you can actually buy are sold at ridiculous markups on the grey market, and we don't recommend paying that crazy premium. At retail price (or close to it) this is a great buy though.

of analyzed fortnite pros use finalmouse

5. Razer DeathAdder

As used by CouRage, Ceice, Nadeshot, ...

We counted all recent versions of the DeathAdder together for this entry.

The old guard

The DeathAdder has been around for over a decade now. A mouse that’s been surviving for that long must be doing something right, so it makes sense that it’s still used by so many people. New versions of this legendary line of mice haven't always been received with equal amounts of praise but recently Razer has been hitting it out the park and the newest V2 version is definitely a great product.

The razor edge of mouse design

Razer’s marketing has always been pretty aggressive, which makes sense, you have to sell your product in the end, and we all know marketing departments sometimes like to over exaggerate claims, but the DeathAdder really is top of the line.

If you're considering a DeathAdder we would definitely recommend the V2 (or the wireless Pro version) since that offers a number of tangible advantages over the older Elite version, but both mice feature a flawless sensor and performance so in practice you're good to go with either and if you're on a budget you might be able to snag up the Elite for a reduced price.

The reason we'd recommend the V2 is because it has optical mouse switches (which are more durable) on top of a more flexible cable, better feet, a better coating and a lighter weight. There's also the fact that the V2 has a newer sensor but in reality you won't notice a big difference there.

Why this one?

The DeathAdder is an old warrior when it comes to gaming mice. It’s been going through multiple iterations at this point, and its newest arrival hits the mark on all of the important points.

It has that relatively safe ergonomic shape (though it is a pretty big mouse; take note of that) that made it one of the most recognized gaming mice in history, and the newest iteration really brings this classic mouse to the forefront of the market as far as specs and features go.

Conclusion: The best Mouse for Fortnite

Contrary to, for example, our Top 5 CSGO Mouse List, there isn't one really big consensus here when it comes to what kind of mice the Fortnite pros use. There's bleeding edge technology in here, but also some more traditional 'oldschool' types of mice. So in truth there isn't really a consensus, at least not when it comes to what the Fortnite pros use.

Every mouse on this list is a great mouse in its own right though, so please; take your time, absorb the information we've given you here, and use that as a guideline for choosing your own mouse. We hope this guide has helped you a bit, and good luck out there!