Best Mouse for Fortnite – The Ultimate Guide

Fortnite needs no introduction. Ever since its Battle Royale gamemode came out it’s been taking the gaming world by storm, and it doesn’t look like it has any intention of giving up the top spot just yet. Countless new players hop on the Battle Bus every day, and drop in to the game, hoping to get a sweet taste of a Victory Royale soon.

But whether you’re a veteran or a complete newbie; there’s one thing that doesn’t change, and that’s the fact that you need good gear in order to play to your full potential. To help you with that we’ve analyzed the mice that our pro players are using, and we’ve come up with a list of five of the most used mice for Fortnite. A mouse is obviously something subjective and largely comes down to personal tastes, but using this list as a guideline can be a great start when choosing a new mouse.

The Top 5:
Logitech G502

Razer DeathAdder Elite

FinalMouse UltraLight Pro/Sunset

Logitech G403

Logitech G703

What makes a mouse good for Fortnite?

Fortnite is a relatively simple game, in the sense that you don’t have a metric ton of abilities and buttons to press. You do have to be able to build fast and switch weapons on the fly, so having a mouse with a few side buttons is definitely a great idea. All of the mice on this list feature at least two extra buttons, as well as a top tier sensor (Fortnite is still a shooter game, so you’ll need a great sensor) and solid internals.

Since it’s a shooter and you’ve got to be able to aim well it’s important to choose a mouse which suits your grip style and hand size too. After all, being able to aim precisely and comfortably is arguably the most important skill in the game.

Logitech: the Logical Winner?

Logitech produces great quality mice, and even though their shapes might not be for everyone it can’t be denied that their end product is top quality. Logitech takes three of the five spots in our top list here, and the absolute winner is the G502, which is currently being used by about 12% of our analyzed players.

It makes sense to us. It’s not the lightest mouse out there (not by far) but it is a super solid all-rounder, which can be used throughout a variety of genres thanks to the multitude of extra buttons and features on the mouse. These extra buttons can come in very handy in a game such as Fortnite, where being able to erect a fortress for you and your buddies to hide in within the blink of an eye can be of critical importance. If you also play other games on the side it’s going to be performing just fine for you there as well.

The other Logitech mice rounding out the top 5 are the G403 and its wireless counterpart; the G703. They’re a bit more classic and aimed more at pure FPS gaming.

Most used manufacturer

A little over
of our analyzed pros use the logitech g502

Number One: Logitech G502

As used by SpaceLyon, CaMiLLs, Ettnix, …

Tons of features

The Logitech G502 is by far the most feature rich mouse in our top five. It has four additional buttons and a sniper button (which, admittedly, is less useful in Fortnite since you can just set your ADS and scope sens lower) which means you can bind a host of ingame actions (such as building) to your mouse. That can make it easier to build faster and more accurately. It also features an infinite scroll wheel, which is less useful ingame (but is great for productivity usage) and the state of the art 3366 sensor.

It also comes with five 3.6g weights, so you can tune the weight balance to your liking, making it even more customizable. Of course the G502 also has ‘the usual stuff,’ such as a super fast response time, flawless ingame performance, satisfying clicks, and all of those good things.

A bit weighty

The G502 does pack a whole bunch of extra features, but when you stuff a mouse with that many extras you’ve got to make some compromises, and that comes in the form of the weight with this one.

The G502 comes in at an impressive 125 grams, which makes it pretty heavy for a pure shooter mouse. It’s a great all-rounder though, and if you can get over the weight it’s a great gaming mouse which, thanks to all of the extra features, can be used for pretty much any genre of games. Thanks to the programmable buttons, infinite scroll wheel, and comfortable shape Logitech has also made a great case for this mouse to be used as a main productivity mouse.

Why this one?

If you want a great all-rounder with a top sensor and top performance which can also effortlessly handle your media editing or other non-gaming related pastimes then you can’t look past the G502. 

It’s a rather heavy mouse, so we wouldn’t recommend it for pure FPS/shooter games for most people, but there’s no denying that under the hood, the G502 has everything you could want from a gaming mouse.

If you’re in the market for an ergonomic mouse with tons of extra features it’s impossible to ignore the G502.

Number Two: Razer DeathAdder Elite

As used by Kenith, Cloak, TimTheTatman, …

The old guard

The DeathAdder has been around for over a decade now. A mouse that’s been surviving for that long must be doing something right, so it makes sense that it’s still used by so many people and the Elite is just objectively a very good mouse.

Previous iterations of the DeathAdder sometimes had one or more issues (that’s the same for most companies though, it’s not a dig at Razer) that plagued it, but the Elite really is a home run.

The razor edge of mouse design

Razer’s marketing has always been pretty aggressive, which makes sense, you have to sell your product in the end, and we all know marketing departments sometimes like to over exaggerate claims, but the DeathAdder really is top of the line.

It features Razer’s version of the flawless 3360 sensor, as well as switches which were co-developed with Omron. These provide a pleasant and crisp clicking experience, as we’re used to from Omron. The sensor can go up to a whopping 16000 DPI, though that’s more of a marketing gimmick than a performance feature, since nobody in their right mind would set their DPI that high. Using the DeathAdder at a regular DPI setting is a blast though, as the 3360 is a sensor which captures your movement with the utmost precision.

The shape is rather safe, though it has to be mentioned that it’s not really a mouse for people with small hands. It should suit most grip styles however. The DeathAdder Elite comes in at roughly 98 grams, which doesn’t make it the lightest mouse on the planet, but it stays under the mythical 100 gram mark which most mouse enthusiast people seem to think is the line between a brick and a usable mouse.

Why this one?

The DeathAdder is an old warrior when it comes to gaming mice. It’s been going through multiple iterations at this point, and its newest arrival hits the mark on all of the important points.

If you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse with a flawless sensor and crisp and responsive clicks you should be glancing at the DeathAdder Elite as well. If you care about that sort of thing it also has nicely implemented RGB lighting. It’s pretty large and on the heavier side when it comes to ‘shooter mice’ though, so if you absolutely want a super light mouse or you have smaller hands then you should be wary.

More than
OF FORTNITE PROS play with Logitech mice

Number Three: FinalMouse UltraLight Pro / Sunset

As used by Gingerpop, 72hrs, Crunch, …

The lightest of the bunch

Weight is getting ever more important when it comes to gaming mice and (certainly if you’re playing shooters) there is an argument to be made that lighter = better. Not everyone necessarily agrees on that (just take a look at the most used mouse by our Fortnite pros), but the guys and gals over at FinalMouse seem to be of that opinion and delivered the lightest top mouse money can buy at the moment.

Coming in at a measly 68 grams it might as well be made of air upon first grabbing it. It’s also partially made from air, as the striking design of the Ultralight’s shell features holes in order to cut down on the weight.

Not full of hot air

The eye catching design and low weight isn’t the only thing that makes this mouse garner so much attention.

It’s also sporting a 3360 sensor and Omron switches, making it a great ingame performer as well. It’s not the smallest mouse in the world though, and the cable on these mice (we bunched the Ultralight Pro and Sunset together since they’re essentially the same mouse) isn’t all that great either. They upgraded the cable on the limited edition UltraLight Phantom, but that’s all sold out and allegedly isn’t coming back, so we’re not going to consider that an actual upgrade on the product until they also release that cable on the regular UltraLights.

The cable and size are minor drawbacks though (and the size isn’t a drawback at all for some people), so in the end the UltraLight is definitely a well performing and innovate product.

Why this one?

If you’re looking for the lightest mouse you can find with an ergonomic shape and top internals this is the one for you.

Sadly availability is very limited, to say the least, so if you want to cop one you’ll have to monitor the FinalMouse website or Twitter to see when they’ve got new stock incoming.

It’s kind of tough to truly recommend a mouse that’s so difficult to get from the company itself or trusted retailers, but if you can manage to get your hands on one at retail price (we wouldn’t recommend to get one at the crazy prices that are being tossed around on eBay and the likes) it’s certainly a great option, even if only to experience the almost weightless feeling you get with these mice.

Number Four: Logitech G403

As used by Choppadown, SirDimetrious, Yelo, …

Still a beast

When the G403 first came out it was immediately touted as being one of the best gaming mice money can buy due to its great construction and the fact that it was one of the only mice to feature the flawless 3360 sensor (Logitech uses a proprietary version of the 3360, called the 3366 in the G403 and other mice).

Since its release many other mice have been adopting the 3360 so most of its initial hype has come and gone, but the G403 is still a tremendously good mouse.

Love it or hate it shape

One of the most noticeable aspects of the G403 is the design of the mouse. It’s an ergonomic mouse (coming in at 90 grams) with a rather noticeable hump towards the back of the mouse. Some people love it, others hate it.

If you can appreciate the shape it’s a great mouse though, featuring all the hallmarks of a top performer. It’s got a flawless sensor, buttons separate from the shell (with Omron switches) which are super responsive and the weight is very, very respectable. The only major downside to the mouse is the pretty stiff braided cable. If you’re planning on getting this one we do recommend including a mouse bungee with your purchase.

Braided cables might look and feel more premium, but they’re detrimental to overall performance and comfort.

Why this one?

The G403 is remarkable in all aspects. Logitech just does something with their buttons which make them have super satisfying clicks, it has a 3366 sensor (Logitech’s version of the 3360), it’s got excellent build quality, and is an all around super quality mouse.

Consider this one if you want an ergonomic mouse with a pretty pronounced and hand-filling hump towards the back and perfectly reliable performance.

If you do get the G403 you should get a bungee with it as well though, since the (braided) cable is really stiff and drags noticeably if you use it without a bungee.

Back when the G403 first came out one of our writers did a quick ‘drive-by’ review of both the G403 and the G Pro. If you’re interested in that you can check it out here, though it’s not as in-depth as the reviews we’ve been doing on ProSettings.

Of Fortnite Pros Choose A Razer Mouse

Number Five: Logitech G703

As used by Myth, jasonR, Lasuis, …

The wireless version of the G403

As we said above; a major downside to the G403 is the stiff braided cable that comes with it. The G703 eliminates that problem entirely by being wireless.

It features Logitech’s POWERPLAY technology, which charges the mouse while you’re using it (if you use a POWERPLAY enabled Logitech mousepad) and is otherwise identical to the G403, except for a minor update to the buttons which, to be honest, is hardly noticeable.

Logitech’s wireless technology is amazing and performs equally to wired mice, though the G703 is a bit heavier due to being wireless, weighing in at 105 grams.

Why this one?

If you like the premise of the G403 but think the cable is going to be a problem you can just get the G703. It’s a top performing mouse with top components all throughout, and Logitech’s wireless technology works absolutely flawlessly.

Wireless mice were never an option in the past due to latency related issues, but Logitech has completely eliminated any latency to the point where it’s impossible to tell if you’re using a wireless mouse or a wired one in a blind test.

If you like the idea of going wireless and/or the shape of the G703/G403 interests you then definitely go for this one.

Conclusion: The best Mouse for Fortnite

Contrary to, for example, our Top 5 CSGO Mouse List, there isn’t one really big consensus here when it comes to what kind of mice the Fortnite pros use. There’s the heavy, feature-rich G502 coming up on top, and then just two spots below that we see the lightest mouse currently available on the market. This tells us that (as always) choosing a mouse is something subjective. What might work for you might not work for someone else, and that’s made abundantly clear by our Fortnite pros and their wildly varied bunch of ‘weapons of choice.’

Nevertheless, every mouse on this list is a great mouse in its own right, so please; take your time, absorb the information we’ve given you here, and use that as a guideline for choosing your own mouse. We hope this guide has helped you a bit, and good luck out there!