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NameLucas Lopes
BirthdayNovember 19, 1993
CountryBrazil Brazil
TeamFlamengo EsportsFlamengo Esports

Lucas “steel” Lopes is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Brazil who is currently playing for Flamengo Esports as a rifler.

  1. CS2

    CS2 Settings

CS2 settings


DPI 400
Sensitivity 1.60
eDPI 640
Zoom Sensitivity 0.65
Hz 1000
Windows Sensitivity 6
Raw Input 1
Mouse Acceleration 0


Drawoutline 0
Alpha 255
Color 1
Blue 0
Green 255
Red 0
Dot 0
Gap 0
Size 3
Style 3
Thickness 1
Sniper Width 1


FOV 60
Offset X 1
Offset Y 1
Offset Z -1.5
Presetpos 0
Shift Left Amt 1.5
Shift Right Amt 0.75
Recoil 0
Righthand 1


Lower Amt 2
Amt Lat 0.4
Amt Vert 0.25
Cycle 0.98

Video Settings


Resolution 1024x768
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Scaling Mode Black Bars
Color Mode Computer Monitor
Brightness Unknown
Display Mode Fullscreen

Advanced Video (CS:GO)

Global Shadow Quality Unknown
Model / Texture Detail Unknown
Texture Streaming Unknown
Effect Detail Unknown
Shader Detail Unknown
Boost Player Contrast Unknown
Multicore Rendering Unknown
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode Unknown
FXAA Anti-Aliasing Unknown
Texture Filtering Mode Unknown
Wait for Vertical Sync Unknown
Motion Blur Unknown
Triple-Monitor Mode Unknown
Use Uber Shaders Unknown

Advanced Video (CS2)

Boost Player Contrast Unknown
Wait for Vertical Sync Unknown
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode Unknown
Global Shadow Quality Unknown
Model / Texture Detail Unknown
Texture Filtering Mode Unknown
Shader Detail Unknown
Particle Detail Unknown
Ambient Occlusion Unknown
High Dynamic Range Unknown
FidelityFX Super Resolution Unknown
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Unknown

Config (CS:GO)




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Hélder Coelho

can you update steel’s crosshair ?


video settings?


@ProSettings Here we go update since steel come to spain for Movistar Riders. THE GEEK OF CFG´s its back with more.
Res:1024×768 Black Bars ( u can see in the video at 0:15 that he use this res with hud_scaling 0.9 u can check the position of the nades with the net_graph and u will see how fps var ping up
this line of net graph its upper to nades ) YES IM GEEK of CFG xD .
Mouse: Logitech G pro wireless BLACK COLOR min 0:50 at the video
Headsets: He use Logitech G PRO X u can see that in min 0:50 too
i dont know the mousepad because i cant see the LOGO in a little frame properly

viewmodel_fov 60;viewmodel_offset_x 1;viewmodel_offset_y 1:viewmodel_offset_z -1.500000;viewmodel_presetpos 0 u can see in slow mode 0.25 on youtube when he use the smoke and run u can see on the thumb how its looks like its this viewmodel

and he its using this cl_bob u can see on the same clip that before how the hand moves
cl_bob_lower_amt 21; cl_bobamt_lat 0.4; cl_bobamt_vert 0.25; cl_bobcycle 0.98;

I think in this sick clutch clip u can see in how he move the hand and how he aim that he its using 1.6 400 dpi basicaly i take my time to test by my selft this moves in nuke and im 95% sure that he its using this sens

Rodrigo Coelho

steels mouse is now the logitech g pro in pink version. I am watching a game between mibr and luminosity and the camera showed the mouse.


steel use 1.6 sens with 800dpi, and res 1280×1024 stretched. source


new crosshair gap 1 thickness 1 size 2 style 4 and resolution 1280×720


1920×1080 cl_Crosshairsize 3 cL_Crosshairgap -1 cl_Crosshairthickness 1 check his last stream 😀


okay, i think his sens is 3.2 and dpi 400


Steel is playin on black bars


His mouse is the ec2a

Diogo Dall Onder

steel cfg (link removed)
res 1280×720 stretched
sens 1.6 zoom: 0.65 | 800 DPI e 1000 Hz
new picture

these are the most recent and correct information of the steelega source to own player twitch


sorry for the delayed response, i forgot to upload it, but here it is:(link removed)


i can upload it for u on mediafire so u can download it, if u want.


new config on his stream :


this is the new crosshair of steel, watched on his stream
cl_crosshairgap “-3” cl_crosshairsize “2.5” cl_crosshairstyle “4” cl_crosshairthickness “1”