Last updated: 30 Dec 2022
NameHerschel Beahm IV
BirthdayMarch 10, 1982
CountryUnited States United States
TeamContent CreatorContent Creator

Herschel “DrDisRespect” Beahm IV was born on March 10, 1982 and is a content creator.

  1. Call of Duty: Warzone

    Call of Duty: Warzone Settings

  2. Apex Legends

    Apex Legends Settings

  3. Fortnite

    Fortnite Settings

  4. PUBG

    PUBG Settings

Call of Duty: Warzone settings


DPI 400
Hz 1000
Sensitivity 5.25
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier 1.00
ADS Sensitivity Mode Legacy
Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom Off
Acceleration 0
Filtering 0
Smoothing 0



Use E
Jump / Stand / Mantle Space Bar
Crouch / Slide L-Ctrl
Prone Z
Sprint / Tactical Sprint / Steady Aim L-Shift

Weapons & Equipment

Weapon Mount 5
Alternate Fire B
Melee / Finishing Move V
Use Lethal Equipment Mouse 4
Use Tactical Equipment Mouse 5
Use Armor Plate Q
Night Vision Goggles X
Use Field Upgrade 4


Weapons & Equipment

Aim Down Sight Behavior Hold
Steady Aim Behavior Hold
Equipment Behavior Hold
Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch Enabled
Armor Plate Behavior Apply All


Slide Behavior Tap
Automatic Sprint Automatic Tactical Sprint

Video Settings


Resolution 1920x1080
Display Mode fullscreen
V-Sync Disabled
Brightness 50
Display Gamma 2.2 (sRGB)
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Enabled + Boost
Field of View 100
ADS Field of View Independent
Camera Movement Default - 100%

Details & Textures

Render Resolution 100
Streaming Quality Normal
Texture Resolution High
Texture Filter Anisotropic Low
Particle Quality Low
Bullet Impacts & Sprays Enabled
Tessellation Near
Dismemberment & Gore Effects Disabled
On-demand Texture Streaming Disabled

Post Processing Effects

Filmic Strength 1.00
Film Grain 0.25
NVIDIA DLSS Performance
Anti-Aliasing Performance
Depth of Field Enabled
World Motion Blur Disabled
Weapon Motion Blur Enabled

Shadow & Lighting

Shadow Map Resolution Low
Cache Spot Shadows Enabled
Cache Sun Shadows Enabled
Particle Lighting Low
DirectX Raytracing Disabled
Ambient Occlusion Disabled
Screen Space Reflection (SSR) Low

Apex Legends settings


DPI 400
Sensitivity 3.0
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier 1.0
Per Optic ADS Sensitivity Off
eDPI 1200
Hz 1000
Acceleration Off



Crouch L-Ctrl
Jump Space
Sprint L-Shift
Auto-Sprint Off

Weapons & Abilities

Tactical Ability Q
Ultimate Ability Y / Z
Interact / Pickup E
Alternate Interact X
Inventory Tab
Map M
Toggle Fire Mode B
Melee V
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Holster Weapons 3
Equip Grenade G
Equip Survival Item L-Alt
Use Syringe 5
Use Med Kit 6
Use Shield Cell 7
Use Shield Battery 8
Use Phoenix Kit 9

Video Settings


Display Mode Full Screen
Resolution 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 50%
FOV 96
FOV Ability Scaling Disabled
Sprint View Shake Minimal

Advanced Video

V-Sync Disabled
NVIDIA Reflex Disabled
Anti-Aliasing TSAA
Texture Streaming Budget High (4GB VRAM)
Texture Filtering Anisotropic 4x
Ambient Occlusion Quality High
Sun Shadow Coverage High
Sun Shadow Detail High
Spot Shadow Detail High
Volumetric Lighting Enabled
Dynamic Spot Shadows Enabled
Model Detail Medium
Effects Detail Medium
Impact Marks Low
Ragdolls Medium

Fortnite settings


DPI 400
Hz 1000
X-Axis Sensitivity 7.0%
Y-Axis Sensitivity 7.0%
Targeting Sensitivity 60.0%
Scope Sensitivity 40.0%
Building Sensitivity Unknown
Editing Sensitivity Unknown



Crouch L-Ctrl
Jump Space Bar
Sprint L-Shift


Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slot 1 2
Weapon Slot 2 3
Weapon Slot 3 4
Weapon Slot 4 5
Weapon Slot 5 6
Use E


Wall Mouse 5
Floor Q
Stairs Mouse 4
Roof L-Alt
Trap Mouswheel Up
Rotate Building R
Building Edit G
Turbo Building On
Confirm Edit on Release Unknown
Disable Pre-Edit Option Unknown

Video Settings


Window Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920x1080
Frame Rate Limit Unlimited
HUD Scale 100%


Brightness 100%
User Interface Contrast 1x
Color Blind Mode Off
Color Blind Strength 0

Graphics Quality

View Distance Far
Shadows Off
Anti-Aliasing & Super Resolution Off
Textures Medium
Effects Medium
Post Processing Low

Advanced Graphics

Vsync Off
Motion Blur Off
Show FPS Off
Rendering Mode DirectX 12
Allow Multithreaded Rendering On
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency On +Boost

PUBG settings


DPI 400
Hz 1000
Aim Sensitivity 46
General Sensitivity 55
ADS Sensitivity 45
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier 1.00
Universal Sensitivity for All Scopes Disable
2x Scope Sensitivity 47
3x Scope Sensitivity 47
4x Scope Sensitivity 48
6x Scope Sensitivity 48
8x Scope Sensitivity 49
15x Scope Sensitivity 50



Walk L-Ctrl
Sprint L-Shift
Crouch C
Jump / Vault Space Bar
Prone Z
Interact E
Auto Run =


Peek Left Q
Peek Right E

Video Settings

Display Settings

Display Mode Full Screen
Resolution 2560x1440
In-Game FPS Cap Unlimited
Brightness 50

Advanced Settings

Render Scale 100
FPP Camera FOV 103
Anti-Aliasing Very Low
Post-Processing Very Low
Shadows Very Low
Textures Very Low
Effects Very Low
Foliage Very Low
View Distance Very Low
Sharpen Disable
V-Sync Disable
Motion Blur Disable
DirectX Version DirectX 11


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Hi! What are his newest BenQ settings? BENQ XL2546K new technology dyac+ on or off ?

ProSettings | Lars

Unfortunately we don’t have that info as of now.


Watching Doc right now, he showed his sens is now 5.25. Now I’m here because i was shocked, wanted to see what DPI. I run 400 and 6.0 (10-23-20)
I <3 this site!!

Trevor O Lee

He uses a BenQ monitor now. I’m not positive on the model, but in a recent stream. He stated to a donation his monitor is a BenQ


He’s going with a square minimap these days.


you guys need to update his settings he uses tactical equipment on mouse 5


He uses Q for armor plates now


Doc just upgraded his gaming pc to an Aventum X by DigitalStorm PC.


DrDisrespect keybinds
Mouse Button 5 wall
Q floor
Mouse Button 4 stairs
L-alt cone
Scroll Wheel traps


He has a new mousepad it is the ROCCAT Sense AIMO


he now has a partnership with roccat and uses the roccat kain aimo 200/202


Docs new keyboard and mouse
Keyboard – Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo
Mouse – Roccat Kain 200 Aimo


what are his monitor settings

Philip Schalkwyk

Dr. Disrespect has changed his mouse. I think he is now using the Razer Viper. Perhaps someone else can confirm?


Gaming pc:(Prebuilt)ASUS ROG GT51CA. Streaming Pc:(Prebuilt)ASUS ROG Strix GD30


His new chair is the Maxnomic Dr. Disrespect Edition


as you can see in the video his ADS is actually toggle not hold https://youtu.be/yKUhkVmF-J8?t=39


His mic is the ShureSM7B and his arm is the rode PSA1 which you could easily tell by watching his streams. He has not confirmed his chair probably because there are barely any high quality pictures of it but from the few pictures I found I’m pretty sure it is the DXRacerCS120/FT and his webcam is the Logitech C920 from a photo on twitter


DrDisRespect switched to the Razer DeathAdder Elite Mouse.


So, what does “mouse sensitivity” mean? Is that windows sensitivity set to 3, or in-game?

The 2 time

The 2 time back to back Blockbuster Video Game Champion also uses the Razer Lancehead.


The 2 time back to back 1993 and 1994 Blockbuster Video Game Champion uses the Huntsman elite.


What colorblindness does he play on?


Doc showed his new sens. 9.8 with ADS Hor/Vert at 0.76

John Smith

His sens is now 9.80


He changed his keybinds to: Wall: Mouse 5 Floor: Q Stairs: Mouse 4 and his Traps are T


which switch does he use? orange? yellow?