Last updated: 12 Sep 2022
NameAydan Conrad
BirthdayApril 25, 1999
CountryUnited States United States
TeamContent CreatorContent Creator

Aydan “Aydan” Conrad was born on April 25, 1999 and is a content creator.

  1. Fortnite

    Fortnite Settings

Fortnite settings



Controller Auto-Run On
Edit Hold Time 0.100 Seconds
Build Immediately (Builder Pro) On
Slide Hold Time Unknown
Reset Camera Axes Unknown
Reset Camera Time Unknown
Vibration Off


Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier 1.8x
Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier 1.9x

Advanced - Look Sensitivity

Look Horizontal Speed 44%
Look Vertical Speed 42%
Turning Horizontal Boost 0%
Turning Vertical Boost 0%
Turning Boost Ramp Time 0.20 Seconds
Instant Boost When Building Off

Advanced - Aim Down Sights Sensitivity

ADS Look Horizontal Speed 16%
ADS Look Vertical Speed 19%
ADS Turning Horizontal Boost 0%
ADS Turning Vertical Boost 0%
ADS Turning Boost Ramp Time 0.20 Seconds

Advanced - Sensitivity

Look Dampening Time 0.00 Seconds
Look Input Curve Linear
Aim Assist Strength 100%

Controller Deadzone

Left Stick Deadzone 0.12%
Right Stick Deadzone 0.12%

Foot Controller

Enable Foot Controller Off
Foot Controller Dead Zone Unknown
Foot Controller Max Throttle Unknown

Controller Binds

Combat Controls

Aim Down Sights L2
Previous Weapon L1
Attack / Confirm R2
Next Weapon R1
Inventory D-Pad Up
Place Marker D-Pad Left
Map Touch Pad
Push To Talk Unknown
Sprint / Auto Sprint Unknown
Edit Circle
Toggle Pickaxe L3
Reload / Interact Square
Switch Mode Triangle
Jump Cross
Crouch / Slide / Repair R3

Build Controls

Stair Piece L2
Roof Piece L1
Wall Piece R2
Floor Piece R1
Inventory D-Pad Up
Change Material / Trap D-Pad Left
Map Touch Pad
Push To Talk Unknown
Sprint / Auto Sprint Unknown
Edit Circle
Toggle Pickaxe L3
Trap Picker / Place / Interact R3
Switch Mode Triangle
Jump Cross
Rotate / Repair / Change Trap D-Pad Right

Edit Controls

Select R1
Inventory D-Pad Up
Push To Talk D-Pad Right
Map Touch Pad
Sprint / Auto Sprint Unknown
Toggle Pickaxe L3
Jump Cross
Reset L1
Confirm Circle

Video Settings


Window Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920x1080
Frame Rate Limit 240 FPS
HUD Scale 80%


Brightness 80%
User Interface Contrast 1x
Color Blind Mode Deuteranope
Color Blind Strength 5

Graphics Quality

View Distance Epic
Shadows Off
Anti-Aliasing & Super Resolution Off
Textures Low
Effects Low
Post Processing Low

Advanced Graphics

Vsync Off
Motion Blur Off
Show FPS On
Rendering Mode Unknown
Allow Multithreaded Rendering On
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency On +Boost


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aydan has a goxlr and a shure sm7b source: nightbot

Diptarup Ghosh

Aydan sens is 44 x and 42 y 1.9 build and 1.8 edit


Aydan has left ghost gaming


aydan plays on linear


Is aydens settings up to date


Ghost aydan changed his settings


Are these up to date of 2019 August


is aydan still playing claw?


Aydan new sens
x is 0.700
Y is 0.670
Targeting sens is 0.350
Scope sens is 0.340
Building sens is 1.600
Editing sens is 1.760
New deadzone is 0.12 and 0.10


Updated setup.
Arm: Rode PSA1.
Camera: Sony A6300.
Controller: Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro.
CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Flo Riing RGB(240MM).
HDD: Seagate Barracuda(4TB).
Power Supply:Seasonic Focus Plus(850W).
Case: Thermaltake View 37 RGB(Mid Tower).


Is this updated till 16th of may


Aydans new buildings sens is 1.525
and editing sens is 1.700
His microphone is audio technica at2020


Can you show us aydans customs controls and he now use native res


Here are aydans new settings
X is 0.700
Y is 0.650
Scope sens is 0.400
Targeting is 0.400
Building is 1.500
New editing sens is 1.675
deadzone is 0.13 and 0.13


Aydan’s PC CPU: intel core I9-9900k. Motherboard: MSI MEG Z390 Ace. GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti. RAM:G.skill tridents RGB series (32gb). SSD:Samsung 970 EVO (500gb)


What is his edit sens?

Mourice Foster

Aydan posted a video on Tuesday this week (2nd April 2019) and his harvesting tool is L3 you have it as Triangle


What are his deadzone settings?


These are not Aydans binds anymore… his switch mode is triangle, edit/confirm circle and pick axe is L3


I think Ayden uses Strickpack paddles for his controller. (There’s no hard evidence, but the fact that his pickaxe button in-game is his Left stick pressed down……this may suggest that he has a left backpaddle programmed to toggle his pickaxe.)


Ayden plays stretched

Ethan Vicars harris

whats his deadzone?


Aydan’s settings: x=0.700, y=0.650, a.d.s.=0.500, scoped=0.500, build sensitivity = 1.350. Source (stream bot)

Philip Brazell

how does this man edit his display setting on a playstation, I have a monitor that can run at his same specs but I am unable to adjust it. if anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated I cant find out how anywhere


Aydan uses L3 for toggle pickaxe


Aydan uses the an Astro headset (A40 or A50)


Aydan now uses .750 .600 .500 .500 1.40 build sens

Pro man

Is this up to date?


His Y sens has changed to 0.63.


Aydan is currently using a DualShock camouflage edition controller


Aydan is currently using the HyperX Cloud 2 in his twitch stream right now


what mic does he use

Joe Pantano

He has his pc setup in a link as a bot command on his channel !pc


doesn’t Aydan play on PC


Is this his December updated one?


Did Aydan play claw?


I will find out about Aydan’s Computer!