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Xtrfy is a Swedish manufacturer of PC gaming peripherals. They are a subsidiary of Cherry, who bought the brand in December of 2022.

7.45% (103 of 1383) players are currently using Xtrfy equipment

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  • Xtrfy M8 Review

    Xtrfy M8 Review

    Xtrfy has never been a brand that plays it safe when it comes to their mice. Rather than just copying whatever is the most popular shape on the market at any given time, the Swedish brand opts to… read more

  • Xtrfy M42 Wireless Review

    Xtrfy M42 Wireless Review

    Xtrfy products seem to go under the radar a bit. There are a good number of professionals using their gear (especially if you consider the fact that Xtrfy is still a bit of a niche brand) and… read more

  • Xtrfy M4 Wireless Review

    Xtrfy M4 Wireless Review

    Xrtfy is a manufacturer that’s been around for quite a while, and while they initially didn’t see a ton of success with their mice, the launch of the Xtrfy M4 changed that entirely. The lightweight and sturdy… read more

  • Xtrfy M4 Review

    Xtrfy M4 Review

    These are exciting times for gaming mouse enthusiasts. With flawless sensors available to pretty much every manufacturer out there, companies are looking at other ways to set their products apart from the crowd. As you may or may… read more

  • Xtrfy MZ1 Review

    Xtrfy MZ1 Review

    Xtrfy started out as a peripherals company that was mostly known for its links to successful esports team Ninjas in Pyjamas, but over the past couple of years they’ve become so much more than that. From making a… read more

  • Xtrfy K2-RGB Review

    Xtrfy K2-RGB Review

    Xtrfy might not be the most well-known peripheral manufacturer in the world, but the brand that’s part of the world famous (definitely in CS:GO) Ninjas in Pyjamas franchise has slowly been making waves. They make periperhals as part… read more

  • Xtrfy M42 Review

    Xtrfy M42 Review

    When Xtrfy released their first Project 4 mouse in the second half of last year, the Swedish company surprised many reviewers and gamers. Rather than trying to quickly cash in on the ‘mouse with holes’ hype by copying… read more