Elgato is a subsidiary of Corsair and is mostly known for producing consumer electronics focusing on streamers and content creators.

Top Elgato products used by pros


  • Elgato Key Light Review
    Lighting, Elgato

    Elgato Key Light Review

    In an age where streaming and remote work is booming, it’s only logical to see people invest money into their setup. If you’re in the streaming game you just can’t afford to be left behind by the competition when it ...read more

  • Elgato Wave Mic Arm LP Review
    Arm, Elgato

    Elgato Wave Mic Arm LP Review

    If you are using an external mic for gaming, work, streaming, or other activities where you’re using the mic to speak while you’re sitting behind your desk, a mic arm is one of the best investments you can make. A ...read more

  • Elgato Light Strip Review
    Lighting, Elgato

    Elgato Light Strip Review

    In a time where working from home (and just sitting at home) is the norm it’s always a good idea to brighten up your living/working space. Some people do that by buying some nice plants, others might want to change ...read more

  • Elgato Stream Deck Review
    Macropad, Elgato

    Elgato Stream Deck Review

    Up until a few years ago, streaming seemed to only be for tech savvy gamers with PCs that were strong enough to stream and game at the same time. These days the hobby (or profession, if you’ve cultivated a large ...read more

  • Elgato Wave 1 Review
    Microphone, Elgato

    Elgato Wave 1 Review

    When we’re discussing headsets we always like to say that going for a regular ol’ pair of headphones along with an external mic is definitely a viable alternative to a headset combo. If you’re planning on being a streamer or ...read more