Razer’s Sneki Snek Saves 1 Million Trees

Razer, without a doubt one of the largest and most recognizable gaming companies in the world teamed up with Conservation International as part of the company’s ten-year sustainability plan which aims to protect the environment and conserve nature.

The company does a number of things in order to pursue its #GoGreenWithRazer plan:

  • It aims to be a green organization by adapting office and work practices in order to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Razer products are sustainable and responsible, and the company has changed their packaging to be more eco-friendly
  • The company invests in environment and sustainability startups
  • Razer’s Sneki Snek campaign is an effort to change the mindset of its customers and fans

The Sneki Snek mascot is part of Razer’s plan to be more green. For every Sneki Snek (which is a play on the fact that Razer’s logo is a three-headed snake and its products are named after snakes) merchandise item that gets sold, Razer contributes to Conservation Internation (CI) to save 10 trees.

Sneki Snek started off as a plushie toy, but for every 100,000 trees saved, the company added new products. Items such as a head pillow, floor rug, slippers, bobblehead, novelty keycap, fleece blanket, and a fridge magnet have already been reached, and now the Sneki Snek hoodie has been unveiled as the item that got unlocked at 1,000,000 saved trees.

Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer, said the following:

We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without our passionate community. In fact, our initial goal was to save 100,000 trees but our community of gamers achieved that in a matter of weeks, and we knew that together we could accomplish so much more. Now that we’ve saved one million trees, we are excited about what’s coming next as we gear up for our next challenge: to save ten million trees.

Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business, Razer

Along with selling the Sneki Snek merchandise in order to save trees, Razer also uses its large platform to launch cartoons that aim to teach people about the importance of the environment, and the company frequently launches contests across social media whereby users get encouraged to share their Sneki Snek merchandise in order to promoted the #GoGreenWithRazer effort.

If you want to learn more about Sneki Snek (or buy Sneki Snek merchandise) you can check out Razer’s initiative here. We certainly hope that Razer manages to reach that 10,000,000 trees milestone!

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