The Most Popular CS:GO Skins Over 10 Dollars (June 2023)

We started our monthly most popular CS:GO skins list earlier this year, and initially we listed skins at all price points. What we found is that those were (perhaps foreseeably) almost all extremely cheap skins, so starting this month we’re only including skins that cost $10 or more. This makes the list a lot more interesting if you ask us, because we’re seeing skins that people actually have to trade for rather than mostly skins that are low tier lootbox fillers that cost a couple of cents.

This means we can get a clear overview of what skins are popular in the community to actually trade or play with, and this can be valuable information for investors, or even just to give you an idea of what skins you can consider for your own loadout.

Since this is the first list with skins over $10 there won’t be any information on these skins’ previous positions in the list, but starting from next month we will obviously add those.

The List

For our most popular CS:GO skins lists, we’ve combined trade and sales data from CS.Money. Being one of the most influential CS:GO skin websites in the world, we feel like this is a good source of information. In case you’re new to the world of skins and you want to get up to speed quickly you can read our introductory article here.

1. AK-47 Redline (Field Tested)

The AK Redline has been one of the most popular affordable AK-47 skins ever since it came out. Its popularity has never really dropped, and that’s also because of the fact that there are so many around. It has to be said that the Redline is getting rarer since the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case isn’t being dropped anymore though, making it more expensive to obtain.

The Redline’s classic carbon fiber look with red accents makes it a timeless skin that works in pretty much every inventory, and thanks to its clean aesthetic it’s also a nice canvas to create sticker crafts on, though it did lose the crown as ‘best AK for sticker crafts’ to the newer AK Slate if you ask us.

It’s of course not the most flashy skin out there, but if you’re a fan of more subtle looking skins and/or you’re into black, stealthy skins then the Redline is an option that won’t disappoint.

2. AK-47 Asiimov (Field Tested)

If you’ve been playing CS:GO at any point in the last decade and you’ve had even a tiny bit of interest in the skins scene, you’ll know about the Asiimov. Originally only available on the M4A4, the Asiimov line of skins is without a doubt among Counter-Strike skin royalty, and fans of this sci-fi inspired skin line can now get themselves the famous black-white-orange skin on their main rifles on both sides. Unless you main the M4A1-S, that is, since there’s no M4A1-S Asiimov.

The AK-47 Asiimov is the most expensive skin on this list (priced at around $33 at the time of writing) so you’ll have to part with some decent cash if you want to get this skin, and if you do we have a word of warning: mind the float value. Asiimov skins show scratches pretty easily, so there’s a big difference between a good Field Tested Asiimov that’s close to Minimal Wear and a bad one.

3. AK-47 Ice Coaled (Field Tested)

The AK-47 Ice Coaled is a rather new skin, but it has attracted a ton of fans already. This is once again a futuristic-looking skin, but rather than going for an almost 80’s retro vibe like the Asiimov does with the orange and white color scheme and sharp corners, the Ice Coaled goes for the modern approach with an ice blue and bright green fade.

The skin looks fantastic on its own, but it lends itself to crafts remarkably well. We’ve seen some crafts where people have put blue holo stickers at the back and green holo stickers at the front, which further emphasizes the satisfying fade that’s on the gun.

The AK-47 Ice Coaled is a relatively affordable AK for people who are fans of futuristic designs and don’t want to shell out the money for an Asiimov or a Vulcan. As an added bonus, the Ice Coaled also doesn’t show that many scratches at higher float values.

4. AK-47 Legion of Anubis (Field Tested)

This skin would’ve been right at home in the Anubis collection, but it released before that came out, making this a very affordable AK skin for players who are fans of Egyptian mythological creatures.

Featuring the Egyptian gods Anubis and Ra, the skin represents the balance between life and death. Its intricate design has a ton of details in it, and while it’s not the flashiest covert AK skin out there due to the somewhat muted colors it’s certainly one of the most detailed.

The Legion of Anubis is rather affordable right now because of the fact that the Fracture Case that it comes in is still regularly being unboxed and sold at under a dollar, but we have a feeling that this skin will cost a lot more in a couple of years. Flashy and extremely expensive/rare skins tend to be more popular in the pro scene so you don’t see this one all too often in top matches, but this is a great choice if you’re after that ancient mythological vibe that the AK Fire Serpent gives off without wanting to spend over a thousand dollars.

5. AWP Neo-Noir (Field Tested)

The Neo-Noir skin collection is rather new if you look at how long CS:GO skins have been going, but it’s arguably the most famous skin collection out right now. Not only because of the fact that there are no less than four Neo-Noir weapons in the game, but also because we’ve seen peripheral brands like SteelSeries coming out with products that have Neo-Noir designs on them.

Giving off a distinct Sin City (the movie, not Las Vegas) vibe, the AWP Neo-Noir features a beautiful stylized drawing of two women in a color scheme that’s somehow nostalgic as well as futuristic. The cell-shaded art on the Neo-Noir skins is a massive hit with Counter-Strike players, both casual and professional.

The scene on the AWP Neo-Noir could come right out of a high quality visual novel, and due to the fact that these black ‘paper tear’ sections are part of the design, scratches won’t be as noticeable on this weapon, which is an added bonus if you ask us.

6. AK-47 Frontside Misty (Field Tested)

Combining almost tribal looking lines with bright colors makes for an interesting design, but clearly the Frontside Misty is a skin that works with players. This combo of black, white, and ice blue makes for a skin that just feels cold, and if you’re the kind of person who is always cool when gunning down enemies in the heat of battle, this might be the skin for you.

Its busy design won’t be for everyone, and it tends to drown out stickers that have been applied to it due to the abundance of lines and colors, but other than that this is a great skin for people who want a flashy looking AK.

7. AK-47 Neon Revolution (Field Tested)

The AK-47 Neon Revolution is a weapon that could come right out of a sci-fi movie set in an alternate universe with its combination of bright pink and neon green colors. The design on the gun has been made to look as if someone has taken a regular AK and went to town on it with some buckets of paint, which really plays into that whole ‘rebellion in a not-so-distant, dystopian future’ kind of vibe.

If you want to get a more organized and conventional pink-themed AK you could always look towards the Neon Rider, but if you like it messy, artistic, and raw, then the Neon Revolution is a great skin to go for. The flavor text for the gun says ‘no suicide squad would be complete without it’ so if you’re into that kind of ‘bubblegum rebellion’ feeling, this is the one for you.

8. M4A1-S Decimator (Field Tested)

If you were a cop in an 80’s neon synthwave world cruising on the highways around Miami in a DeLorean, you’d probably be rocking this skin. Using the famous bright pink and neon blue color scheme that’s so well-loved around the world for its nostalgic, retrofuturism vibes, this Decimator is a simple, but effective skin.

As an added bonus, the Decimator pairs wonderfully well with holo stickers with a blue tint to them, meaning that this is an excellent weapon for people who like their skins loud and bright, but still want to add a touch of personalization to them.

9. AK-47 Legion of Anubis (Minimal Wear)

Despite the fact that almost all skins in our most popular skins articles have been Field Tested so far and the Legion of Anubis doesn’t really show scratches when it wears (other than on the magazine) we see this Minimal Wear version in the list. It costs just three dollars more than the Field Tested version (at the time of writing) so if you’re looking into the Legion of Anubis as a play skin you might as well spend the extra money since Minimal Wear skins are more difficult to unbox and will become more valuable as a skin gets rarer and rarer, but if you want to keep it as affordable as possible you can definitely go with a Field Tested Legion of Anubis.

10. M4A1-S Player Two (Field Tested)

Name a more iconic duo than the internet and anime, we’ll wait. For years, Counter-Strike players have been getting dominated by players with anime profile pictures on Steam, and now there’s finally a weapon for those players to use.

The Player Two is perhaps one of the loudest and busiest skins in the entire game, but if you like this super busy Japanese arcade type of feeling then this skin will suit you nicely. There are a ton of little details to discover with this skin, and the mixture of manga and graffiti styles makes for a very unique weapon that’ll make you feel as if you’re the star of an anime show yourself.

Small note: the StatTrak counter covers the eyes of the boy in the artwork almost completely, so if you’re considering a StatTrak M4A1-S this can be important to know.

The AK-47 is definitely the most popular weapon out there at this point in time, and that makes sense. It’s perhaps the weapon that symbolizes Counter-Strike, and as such it’s probably the first gun skin that people truly invest in when they want to start a real CS inventory. The most popular skins have an average value of around $20, indicating that people who want to get serious about their skins are willing to pay up somewhat, but of course we’ll never see skins worth hundreds of dollars in these types of lists, since most players aren’t willing to or cannot afford to spend that kind of money on virtual weapons.

This list has quite some heavy hitters in there, as well as a couple of unexpected surprises. It’ll be interesting to see how much movement there is over the course of July, so check back soon to see which skins have risen in popularity and which ones went down!

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