How to Remake in VALORANT

  • When you’re down a player at the beginning of a match, type ‘/remake’ in the in-game chat
  • A vote will happen, and if all four remaining players vote ‘YES’ (F5) the match will end and players will be sent back to the lobby
  • Successfully voting for a remake does not have any influence on your XP, RR, or MMR

There is nothing worse than booting up your favorite game, hopping into a match, and expecting to have a fun time just to have one of your teammates leave before the game has even started. Being forced to play out the entirety of a match while being at a 4v5 numbers disadvantage is not enjoyable. It’s also unfair and is guaranteed to lose you ELO.

Thankfully for VALORANT players, Riot Games decided to address this issue in Patch 1.07 in 2020 (see: VALORANT Patch Notes 1.07) by introducing the ‘remake call’. If, for one reason or another, your team begins the match a player down, or someone disconnects during the first round of play, the remake command can come into play.

The remake command aims to prevent people from having to play in unfair and lopsided matches, which more often than not, result in loss of XP, RR or MMR. We always recommend people to go for a remake if someone quits at the start of your game: there is always a very slight chance you win a 4v5 match, but usually these types of matches result in a loss of time as well as RR and MMR.

How to Remake in VALORANT

To trigger a remake in VALORANT, one of the four remaining players has to type ‘/remake’ in the in-game chat. Once that’s done, a vote on whether the remake should go through is initiated. The vote takes place only during the buy phase of round two. If at least one of the players fails to make their vote in time, the game continues on and another remake call can not be initiated, so make sure to vote, and vote in time. For the remake to pass, all four players on the team must select ‘Yes’ by clicking the F5 button on your keyboard.

If all four players voted for the remake to take place, the match quickly ends and all players are sent back to the lobby, with the ability to join another game right after. The player who abandoned the game is penalized for prematurely disconnecting from the match.

Consequences of Remaking

At first glance, the remake command may seem similar to simply forfeiting the game, but there is a key difference between the two. After forfeiting a match, all players on the defeated team receive the adequate XP, RR or MMR deduction for losing the game. However, after a remake vote has been successfully passed, the XP, RR or MMR level of all players from the disadvantaged team remains the same, as it would be unfair to punish four innocent players who were robbed of a chance to play a competitive game.

As such, it’s perfectly safe to remake in VALORANT. It’ll save you time and ranking points.

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