CS2 Skin Renting: Everything You Need To Know

In an update on May 23rd of 2024, Valve introduced CS2 skin renting to the game. Players will now have the ability to officially rent CS2 skins for 7 days in the game itself. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the skin renting system in CS2.

How to rent CS2 skins

To rent CS2 skins, you need two things:

  • A rentable case (currently that’s only the Kilowatt case)
  • A case key to unlock said case

Once you have this in your inventory, simply open CS2, go to your inventory, select the case, and click ‘unlock container‘. You will then be brought to the case unlock screen, where you can choose the Open to Rent option. Simply confirm that you wish to open to rent and you will have your skins.

Renting a case will consume the key and the case, and it will give you access to all the skins in the case (minus the knife) for 7 days. After 7 days, the skins get taken out of your inventory. If you want to rent again, you’ll have to buy a new case and case key.

CS2 skin renting option

Which skins can you rent in CS2?

Currently, you can only rent skins from the Kilowatt case. This includes skins such as the AK Inheritance and the AWP Chrome Cannon. If you rent a case, you get all skins from that case. You don’t have to choose between the Chrome Cannon or the Inheritance, for example.

Note that you do not get access to the special items (CS2 skin rarity explained) from a case when you rent it. When you rent a case, you don’t get a knife/gloves.

It is not yet known if Valve will expand the rental feature to other cases/collections, but there are three main routes Valve could take with skin rentals:

  • Have only the latest released case be available for rental
  • Add the rental feature for all upcoming cases
  • Retroactively add the rental feature to all existing cases

Do note that there’s only speculation at this point; Valve have not made any official remarks on what they intend to do with the rental feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the condition of rented skins in CS2?

When you rent CS2 skins, their condition (CS2 skin conditions explained) is decided randomly, just like it is when you unbox a skin. There’s no way to guarantee the condition of the individual skins in the rental case.

Can you apply stickers to rented CS2 skins?

No, you cannot apply stickers to skins you’ve rented in CS2.

Can you rename rented CS2 skins?

No, you cannot rename rented CS2 skins.

How many skins can you rent in CS2?

You can rent one case at a time. It’s not possible to rent multiple cases at the same time.

Can you rent a knife in CS2?

No, renting a case does not give you access to the special item (knife/gloves) in that case. There’s no official way to rent gloves or a knife in CS2.

What does it cost to rent skins in CS2?

The exact cost of renting CS2 skins varies, as you need a case + case key in order to rent skins. The prices of cases and case keys varies, so the price of renting skins depends on how much the cases and keys are going for.

What happens after 7 days?

After the rental period is over, the skins you’ve rented simply disappear from your inventory. If you choose to rent again, you will not get the same skins back; their conditions and patterns will be randomized.

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