CS.MONEY back online after being targeted by hackers

CS.MONEY, one of the world’s largest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin trading websites was hacked in mid August of 2022. After this hack, around 6 million dollars worth of CS:GO skins had disappeared. The website promised to pay all customers who lost skins back in full and has remained transparent over the course of their investigation on Twitter.

As the investigation unfolded, it appeared that the hackers gained access to a bunch of CS.MONEY bots which held CS:GO skins, and they started sending trade offers containing these skins. During this process, the hackers initially only sent skins to themselves, but later on they started also sending offers to popular players and industry influencers in order to hide their tracks and put up a proverbial smoke screen.

CS.MONEY was then alerted to the fact that skins in CS.MONEY inventory bots were sharply declining, but by then the hackers had already sent out around 1000 trades with about 100 user accounts, resulting in the loss of 6000000 USD worth of CS:GO skins.

The identity of the culprit(s) is known to CS.MONEY, but has obviously not been made public. CS.MONEY will share the details of the exploit with other similar skin trading platforms and websites in order to prevent this from happening in the future.

After a thorough investigation to make sure that the vulnerabilities were patched, CS.MONEY is now back online.

As it stands, all affected users should be compensated fully (an update on August 22nd confirmed that half of the stolen skins had already been restored) either in the form of their skins coming back to them or in the form of website credit.


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