Best Mouse for PUBG – The Ultimate Guide

Accuracy and precision when aiming in PUBG can make the difference between glory and defeat. With a myriad of gaming mice on the market, finding the best mouse for PUBG is no easy task. Thankfully for all you PUBG players out there we’ve analyzed the top mice used by professional PUBG players around the world (click here to see our list of PUBG Pro Settings and Gear) and put them to the test. Below is our list of the top five best mice for PUBG used by the pros.

Hopefully this list can help you find the best mouse for you and get you on your way to eating more chicken dinners!

The Top 5:
Zowie FK1

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Zowie EC1-A

Zowie EC2-A

Logitech G502

What makes a mouse good for PUBG?

PUBG is, as far as Battle Royale games go, one of the most straightforward games of the bunch. It’s first person, doesn’t feature any abilities or other wacky stuff, movement is pretty realistic, … Because of the fact that you can’t build or fly your way out of trouble your aim is going to be one of the most significant factors in winning fights, and as a result of that you’ll need a solid, dependable mouse which doesn’t necessarily need too many extra frills.

We recommend to go for a reliable, well built mouse with a good sensor and, perhaps most importantly, a nice and comfortable feeling in your hand. The professionals seem to agree with that, with most of these mice featuring little to no extra buttons or other special functions, and some of these mice are universally lauded for their top shape.

Lots of PUBG pros have come from CSGO, so perhaps it’s not that surprising that Zowie is leading the pack with three of the five mice in this article being made by them.

A little more than
percent of PUBG pros use a Zowie mouse

Number One: Zowie FK1

As used by DrasseL, Larsen, Fuzzface, …

No-Nonsense Performance

The FK1 might be an older mouse by now (sporting the slightly older, though still very capable 3310 sensor) but it’s still a favorite of many gamers out there, which is why it (obviously) takes the number one spot on our list. All Zowie mice are created with one thing in mind: performance. You’ll find no crazy light shows or other fairly useless gimmicks on these mice, and that combined with their great shapes make them loved by so many competitive gamers.

Ambidextrous And Plug-And-Play

If you’re a lefty who wants to try out one of the top 5 PUBG mice you should probably stop reading after this entry, since the FK1 is the only ambidextrous mouse in this list. The mouse features side buttons on both sides (which can be activated or deactivated according to your liking) so it can be used by both left- and right handed people.

Another major advantage (certainly for pro players or gamers who travel often) is that the FK1, like all Zowie mice, is plug-and-play, meaning you just have to plug the USB cord in any PC and you’re good to go. This eliminates the need to download yet another driver.

Unassuming Top Performer

The FK1 is unassuming in nearly all aspects: it doesn’t have a wacky shape, featuring a fairly low profile throughout, nor does the mouse have any crazy patterns or other design choices. The FK1 would not yield you any weird looks if you decide to use it in class or in an office, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a performer. Featuring the 3310 sensor, Huano switches, super crisp clicks, and a relatively low weight of 88 grams it’s a safe choice for just about anyone.

Why This One?

If you want an ambidextrous mouse with a top tier (and safe) shape which will work for all grip styles, very good sensor, and all round no-nonsense performance you owe it to yourself to take a look at the FK1. It might be a slightly older mouse by now, but the fact that it keeps popping up so high in our lists proves that it’s still a more than capable contender. Lefties in particular should take a very long, attentive look at the FK1. For more info you can always check out our review.

Number Two: Razer DeathAdder Elite

As used by DrDisRespect, Aladdin, Scoom, …

An Old Classic

Ah, Razer… One of the original gaming brands, Razer was once a pretty dividing company. For a while it seemed like everyone was either a very big fan of Razer or completely against the company. Whatever your thoughts on the company may be, there is no denying that Razer produce some top quality gaming mice. The DeathAdder has been going strong since 2006, and the fact that one mouse (it has of course seen upgrades and different versions throughout the years) has been keeping it up for over a decade now is a pretty strong testament to its quality.

With State Of The Art Internals

The DeathAdder itself might nearly be of drinking age in some countries, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t roll with the big boys. The Elite is the latest release in the long line of DeathAdders, and features Razer’s own version of the flawless 3360 sensor, as well as proprietary switches which have been co-designed with Omron.

We all know what the 3360 is capable of, and it seems like Razer has implemented it perfectly in the latest version of the famous DeathAdder.

And A Comfortable Feeling

Quality internals don’t mean jack if the mouse handles like a brick, but luckily Razer has decades of experience to rely on, and as such the DeathAdder feels great. It’s a pretty safe ergonomic shape and should work for most grip types. It’s a bit large and weighty though, coming in at 98 grams. That still puts it below the magical 100 grams mark that everyone seems to want, so it’s definitely not a heavy mouse at all, though due to its size users with small hands or users who prefer ultra light mice should be wary.

Why This One?

Razer has been one of the giants in the industry for years and years now, and their mice definitely live up to that reputation. The DeathAdder features top of the line internals, a nice and pretty safe ergonomic shape, and a well built and nicely balanced shell. If you’re a big fan of RGB lights or customization overall then Razer’s got you covered as well. In their software you can change the lighting settings to whatever color or setting you want, and you can also do things such as tweak the DPI, program 6 of the 7 buttons on the mouse, surface calibrate it, …

All in all the DeathAdder elite is a top mouse, so if you have larger hands or prefer larger and slightly heavier mice (again, 98 grams isn’t heavy by any means) you should definitely take a look at this one, but it can be a good fit for nearly every player.

Number Three: Zowie EC1-A

As used by ewanng, EscA, Caliburn, …

A Mouse Made For Shooters

The Zowie EC series was particularly designed for first person shooters, and in particular for Counter-Strike. The ‘EC’ in the name stands for ‘Emil Christensen,’ better known as HeatoN, former Ninjas in Pyjamas CS professional. Zowie teamed up with HeatoN to design the perfect CS mouse and they came up with the EC series of mice.

The EC series might have been designed with CS in the back of the mind, but that doesn’t mean that you can only use the EC1-A for Counter-Strike. Aside from being an absolutely amazing mouse in its own right (click here to check our review of its smaller brother, the EC2-A) PUBG does share a lot of similarities with CSGO when it comes to overall gameplay, so don’t let our little fun fact distract you.

A Top Performer

The EC1-A features the 3310 sensor, which is still a super capable sensor despite its age. It’s got Huano switches, a super flexible cable, and a nicely distributed weight of 99 grams.

If that weight puts you off then you can always take a look at the smaller version of this mouse, the EC2-A, which comes in at around 92 grams.

Amazing Shape

The EC1-A (and the EC series in general) have always been lauded as great gaming mice in general, and if you look at the spec sheet of these mice you can already tell why, but by far the most impressive and talked about aspect of this series of mice is the amazing shape.

Zowie mice have always been playing in the top leagues when it comes to shape, and the EC series seems to be the MVP. The shape feels really good for almost all grip types, and it’s hard to describe just what makes the shape so good. Every angle of every curve just seems to be designed precisely to give you the most comfort possible, and while there are definitely other mice which come (very) close in terms of comfort, the EC series still has arguably the best shape of them all.

Why this one?

The EC1-A features top of the line internals (if you desperately want a 3360 sensor then you can go for the EC1-B, which has the same shape and a 3360 sensor), a very nice and flexible cable, and has arguably the best shape on the market. The mouse is plug-and-play so you can just buy the thing, plug it in, and get to fragging out in supreme comfort.

Number Four: Zowie EC2-A

As used by Oraxe, SYMSYOFDOOM, velan, …

The EC1-A’s Smaller Bro

The EC2-A is the exact same mouse as the EC1-A. The only difference is in the size and weight. The 1-A is 3mm (0.11 inches) higher, and 3mm broader at the front and middle, though the bottom part of the mouse is 5mm (0.19 inches) broader.

If you like what you’re reading about the EC1-A but you feel like it might be a bit too large or heavy for you then you can just go for the 2-A, which is about 7 grams lighter than the 1-A as well.

As a small sidenote: the EC series of mice have had an update (the EC1-B and the EC2-B) some time ago, where (most notably) the sensor was upgraded to the 3360, among other things. If you want to know the difference and whether or not the update is worth it you can always check out our review on the EC2-B.

Number Five: Logitech G502

As used by Grimmmz, Ninja, Anthony Kongphan, …

A Bit Of An Outlier

All of the previous mice in our PUBG top 5 have been pretty basic mice, with a relatively safe shape, low(er) weight, and not that many extra features. The Logitech G502 breaks that mold, coming in at number five.

Features Galore

The G502 comes with a bunch of bells and whistles, like a sniper button (which downshifts your DPI, making it easier to aim precisely) and the infinite scroll wheel. There’s also a host of side buttons (the usual two to the side, but also two to the side of the left mouse click) and a thumb rest for added comfort. The mouse also features the top of the line 3366 (which is Logitech’s proprietary version of the 3360) sensor, and if all of that isn’t enough it also comes with extra weights which you can use to customize the balance and, well, weight of the mouse.

A Bit Robust

Easily the biggest downside of the G502 is the weight. All of these extra functions might make it alluring to people who want those, but they do come at a price, and in this case that price is a weight of 125 grams (more if you add the weights). For some people that won’t be a problem, but if you’re used to lighter mice this can and will bother you.

The G502 is an ergonomic mouse, with a pretty comfortable shape, provided you can get over the weight.

Why this one?

If you want a mouse with a (whole bunch of) extra features to grind your way to more Chicken Dinners then you won’t have to look any further. The G502 provides a ton of extra stuff, and additions such as the sniper button are far from a gimmick for some people. The infinite scroll wheel is not very useful for gaming, but it’s an absolute blast to use for productivity, so if you’re looking for a good all round mouse you can definitely go for the G502, provided you can get over the weight.

Conclusion: The best Mouse for PUBG

PUBG is a fairly simple game by design. You don’t have a lot of extra stuff to do besides walking or driving around and shooting other people. As such you don’t need a very heavily customizable or feature-rich mouse, and that’s reflected in the choices of our pros. Most mice in the top 5 (with the G502 being the only exception) are pretty standard ‘run of the mill’ gaming mice. As always it’s important to take these sorts of lists with a grain of salt. What works for one person might not work for you. So take this list as a guideline, and feel free to experiment and look around elsewhere on our website. Finding the right mouse can be a very long and exhausting journey, but we hope this list has at least helped you a bit. Good luck out there and thanks for reading!