League of Legends Pro Settings and Gear List

Riot's League of Legends (very commonly referred to as 'LoL') is without a doubt one of the biggest games to ever exist, both when it comes to player numbers as well as viewer numbers. Back when the game first released no one could have really predicted its meteoric rise, but here we are. For years now, League of Legends has been the top dog in esports, and the way Riot Games handles their esports scene has been an example for lots of other developers.

With absolutely no signs of slowing down the game still sees new players enter the game world every single day. League of Legends might be more accessible than that other huge MOBA game, but don't let that mislead you: there's a very deep and rewarding game here, and getting to the higher ranks is reserved for only the best players.
To help you reach those higher ranks we've sent out our team of analysts to gather up to date information on the gear that the professionals are using, as well as the settings that they like to use. Of course these things can be personal, but it's always a good idea to get an overview of what the professionals are using: this stuff can be interesting to both beginners and advanced players.

In this list we've gathered the best professional players and their gear and settings. Our lists are always growing and getting updated (just as pros come and go in the pro scene) but of course it can always happen that we have missed a roster change, or a gear or settings change. This data currently is in beta. If you know some of the LoL pro settings and gear mentioned below, or want to correct us, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us, either in the comments, Discord, or on Twitter

Please note that all product links in the table above send you to Amazon and we receive a small commission for items sold. There is no additional cost to you. Thanks for reading.

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CoreJJ is using the razer strider mouse pad Source LCS broadcast

ProSettings | Lars

Thanks! Added CoreJJ’s mousepad!


TheShy is using G Pro gaming

ProSettings | Lars

Updated TheShy’s gaming mouse, thanks!


I suggest you record more LPL players’ information, as LPL is the best lol pro region in the present, I think their information can be useful.


Totally agree with you. But im curious how do people gather pro players gear, they watch them live or?


 Liquid AD Hans sama
USE MOUSE razer orochi v2

ProSettings | Lars

Updated that, thank you!


Razork joined fnatic, swordart joins weibo gaming, carzzy is with vitality now


Niles uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless Source: https://clips.twitch.tv/PerfectTalentedPhoneTBTacoRight-QFK9J-3_oov0zwqw

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Niles’ mouse, thank you!


Which switch they use most for their keyboards, tactile, linear or clicky?


Hans sama and bwipo is now playing for liquid . Tactical is with tsm

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


faker using Razer Deathadder V2, not logitech g pro, his keyboard also razer’s


WHY YOU GUYS HAD DELETED MY COMMENTS ABOUT HLE DEFT?? I’m afraid there’s some kind of conspiracy by admin. IF NOT, reply to this comment

ProSettings | Lars

There is no conspiracy. Your comment might have accidentally been flagged by some sort of filter. Apologies!


Showmaker, Khan, and Canyon use G Pro Wired, not G203.

ProSettings | Lars

Updated that, thank you!


anyone knows DWG Ghost dpi?


Mouse : Endgame Gear XM1
Keyboard : Corsair Gaming K95 RGB
Headset : Bose 35 II Gaming
Mousepad : Endgame Gear MPC450 CORDURA

hans sama

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thanks!



Logitech G900 Mouse
Logitech G-Pro Keyboard
Logitech G533 Headset

twitch about

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thanks!


Armut uses Razer Viper Ultimate

ProSettings | Lars

Added Armut’s mouse to the list, thank you!


showmaker sens 100 for 2500 dpi seen from screenshot of his streaming

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


Hans Sama is using 800 dpi now. Source: Stream commands !dpi

ProSettings | Lars

Fixed, thank you!