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Sensitivity Calculator for CS:GO, Valorant, Fortnite, Overwatch etc.

When you've spent hours upon hours perfecting your muscle memory with a specific sensitivity you don't want all of that training to fly out the window when you're trying out a new game so we've got this sensitivity calculator. Why waste time trying to figure out a sensitivity that just approximates your regular effective sensitivity when you can just get it exactly the same?

We'll keep this sensitivity calculator / sensitivity converter updated, so please check back when a new competitive game releases!

How to Use:

Simply choose the game you're coming from and enter your DPI (if you don't know your DPI you can check out our article) and ingame sensitivity of the game you're coming from. Our calculator will then automatically convert that sensitivity to a value that gives you the exact same effective sensitivity in the second game you've selected. Happy fragging!

Currently Supporting:

  • CS:GO Sensitivity Calculator
  • Valorant Sensitivity Calculator
  • Fortnite Sensitivity Calculator
  • Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator
  • Call of Duty Sensitivity Calculator
  • Apex Legends Sensitivity Calculator
  • Call of Duty Sensitivity Calculator

11 Comments on “Sensitivity Calculator for Esports”

  1. what about scope sensitivity?
    i use .8 in csgo for 1:1 fov sens. For valorant what is the scope sens to match this?

    1. It should be 0.875 if you want it to match for the Operator and Marshall if we recall correctly.

  2. What is the proper conversion for zoom sens? i.e. what is the equivalent of csgo zoom sens 1 in valorant?

  3. Every mouse sens calculator uses cm per 360 to measure sensetivity between games. I dont trust this system because I use different FOV in different games, and I want to have the same amount of pixels in a CM of mouse movement in different games. What can I do about it?

  4. Is there any known page that converts controller sens? because i play on 48% on fortnite horizontal and vertical but I’m pretty sure that it would be to high for warzone. what can i do about this anyone? please

  5. Hello! I don’t know how to convert my sensitivities from Siege to other games. Here are my ads sensitivities post-shadow legacy:
    1.0x: 24.
    1.5x: 39.
    2.0x: 40.
    2.5x: 40.
    3.0x: 40.
    4.0x: 41.
    5.0x: 41.
    12.0x: 62.
    Aspect Ratio: 16:10.
    FOV: 75
    Old ADS Sens: 35.

    I need help to convert this to other games such as CSGO, Valorant, Warzone, Overwatch

  6. Hey I want mouse sensitivity on controller this is for fortnite
    The mouse sensitivity
    X axis 10.5
    Y axis 10.5
    Targeting 34.8
    Scope 33.5
    Use sensitive multiplier for air 100%
    Please do the best u can to get something really close to it

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