The Best VALORANT Skins

Alright, so you’ve decided that it’s time to give your VALORANT loadout a makeover. Those default skins just aren’t cutting it anymore, not when there are so many sweet weapon cosmetics to unlock. But with dozens of options in the store rotation and hundreds more you can unlock just by playing, how do you choose? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, and we’re ready to help you in your quest to find the best VALORANT skins.

We combed through every skin line in the game to find the best and coolest VALORANT skins you need to equip right now. Whether you want to intimidate the enemy team with Reaver’s demonic vibes, impress your squad with Prime’s slick sci-fi style, or just look a class above everyone else with Sovereign’s luxurious look, you’ll find the perfect skin to match your mood and unleash your full fragging potential. 

Best Vandal Skins

Every fragger loves the Vandal. Its satisfying sounds and heft along with the one shot kill potential make it a potent weapon for precise aimers and entry fraggers.

Reaver Vandal

No best VALORANT skins article would be completely without the Reaver. This dark and sinister skin is a fan favorite for a reason. The details are stunning, from the textured black metal to the dark purple accents. It just looks intimidating. 

The variant options let you customize it to your liking, and we particularly love the white variant, as it gives the skin an ‘angel gone bad’ kind of look. Overall, the Reaver is the best Vandal skin in the game.

The Reaver line is one of the oldest skin lines in VALORANT. If you’re interested in the topic, you can read Riot’s article on this skin line: True To Form: The Story Of Reaver.

Prime Vandal

A close runner-up is the Prime skin. This sleek skin gives the Vandal a futuristic makeover with clean lines, chrome finishes, and electric blue lighting. 

The animation is really satisfying too, with the gun unfolding as you equip it. If you prefer a more high-tech look, the Prime is a great choice.

Glitchpop Vandal

Last but not least, the Glitchpop skin is a wildcard option for those who like their skins loud and chaotic. Neon colors, distorted digital effects, and an edgy aesthetic define this set. 

The Vandal variant is incredibly obnoxious, in the best way possible. For a Vandal skin that will turn heads and start conversations, Glitchpop is your pick.

Best Operator Skins

Operator, as we all know, is the best weapon to take down enemies from a long range. If you’re an operator main, you’ll want a flashy and classy skin to frag those enemies in style.

Origin Operator

The Origin Operator skin gives the sniper rifle an organic, alien-like appearance with a green, black, and gold design. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and is a fan favorite. At only 1,775 VP, it’s a steal.

Radiant Entertainment System Operator

Do you prefer something that is more colorful and animated? Perhaps you’re looking for something to accompany your Glitchpop skins? Well, this operator skin is for you, then. It comes in blue, orange, and purple variants, and all of them look fantastic.

Personally, I prefer the purple one just because the color scheme fits perfectly with the design, and the gun looks really cool in hand.

Ion Operator

For a sleek, futuristic look, the Ion Operator can’t be beaten. It is mostly white with some black shading here and there. The finishing and design are clean, and it makes the skin appear high-tech. 

The finisher adds an electric shock effect upon getting a kill for some added flair.

Best Phantom Skins

The Phantom is one of the most popular assault rifles in VALORANT, and for good reason. It’s a formidable weapon with high damage, fire rate, and accuracy. Naturally, it has some of the best skin lines as well.

Oni Phantom

The Oni Phantom features a slick red and black color scheme with a Japanese samurai armor design. It has custom animations, finishers, and shooting sound effects. 

The Oni line is one of the most sought after, and this Phantom skin is a must-have for any collection.

Prime 2.0 Phantom

Part of the Prime 2.0 bundle, the Prime Phantom has a sleek white and gold color scheme with animated textures and regal designs.

The Prime collection is a fan favorite, and this Phantom skin is one of the best in the line.

Best Knife Skins in VALORANT

When it comes to knives in VALORANT, you want a skin that looks as lethal as it feels. There are a ton of knives to choose from, so we went with choices that are a bit more unique.

Araxys Melee

This melee weapon looks like something that an alien might use. And you guessed it: these skins do indeed belong to an unknown alien race. The triangle design makes the grip even better, and the melee looks great in your hand. 

This is one of the best melee designs that VALORANT has introduced, and there’s a reason why it’s still in demand, despite having been released in January 2023. 

The golden grip, the glowing edges, and a futuristic design combine to make this skin something you’d save your VP for. It costs 4,350 VP at the moment. 

Glitchpop Knife

The Glitchpop knife is a neon explosion. This futuristic knife has a jagged pink blade that looks like something out of TRON, and the best part is that the lighting changes every time you pull out the weapon.

The traditional shape and bright colors make the Glitchpop knife a real showstopper. It does cost a bit more at around 4,350 VP, but the premium price is worth it for this legendary skin.

Prime Axe

Maybe knives aren’t your thing. If you prefer to hack and slash, the Prime Axe is for you. This massive golden axe looks like something a Viking warrior god would carry into battle.

When you land a hit, there’s a satisfying “thwack” sound. While one of the pricier melee weapons at 3,550 VP, the Prime Axe is ideal for players who like to go big or go home.

Best Sheriff Skins

The VALORANT skin game is strong, with new collections dropping all the time. The Sheriff is one of the more popular weapons for precise fraggers that are looking for those satisfying headshot kills, so if you’re one of those players you should really have a nice sheriff skin in your arsenal.

Arcane Sheriff

Unleash the mystical power of the Arcane Sheriff skin. This enchanting skin brings a touch of magic to your gameplay with intricate patterns and ethereal hues. 

The shimmering effects and arcane symbols add an air of mystery to your shots, captivating both allies and enemies alike. With the Arcane Sheriff in hand, you’ll feel like a true sorcerer on the battlefield.

Singularity Sheriff

Step into the future with the Singularity Sheriff skin. This high-tech masterpiece features a sleek design inspired by futuristic cybernetics. Its metallic finish, neon highlights, and holographic effects create a mesmerizing visual experience. 

The Singularity Sheriff is a symbol of technological prowess, making a statement that you’re ready to conquer the digital battlefield.

Best Ghost Skins

The Ghost is a classic weapon to buy on pistol rounds or even eco rounds, and its sleek look with that silencer at the end of the barrel can truly make you feel like a slick assassin. With the right skin, you’ll feel even more badass, so it pays off to get yourself a cool Ghost skin if you’re looking to spend some money on a VALORANT loadout.

Gaia’s Vengeance

This masterpiece showcases the power of the tree branches with its mesmerizing light gray branch pattern and a touch of red throughout. 

As you wield this skin, you’ll feel connected to the natural world, channeling its energy into each shot. With Gaia’s Vengeance in your arsenal, your enemies won’t stand a chance against the might of nature.


Its pleasing gold accents and beautiful white color scheme give it a sense of luxury and authority. It also comes in brown and teal, grey and black, and purple and black color (shown above) combinations. 

Owning this weapon will let everyone know that you’re all about elegance when it comes to choosing gun skins. The Sovereign Ghost is a testament to your dominance on the battlefield and your impeccable taste in weaponry.


Unleash the darkness within with the Ruination Ghost skin. This hauntingly beautiful skin features a blend of ominous teal and black hues, adorned with intricate skeletal patterns. 

As much as this skin looks good in a picture, it looks way better up close. The black and teal colors go together perfectly, making this skin a must-have in your collection. 

An interesting read if you’re interested in VALORANT skins like the Ruination line is How We Brought The Sentinels Of Light to VALORANT.

Conclusion – The Best VALORANT Skins

So there you have it, the crème de la crème of VALORANT skins that you need to get your hands on right now. Whether you’re looking to intimidate your enemies with the Reaver or Oni skins or prefer a more minimalistic vibe with the Prime or Glitchpop skins, there’s something for every style and budget here. 

Equip one of these, and you’ll be turning heads and racking up kills in style.

The only downside is choosing which one to flaunt first. But don’t worry; with new collections releasing all the time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to build up your skin collection and become the most stylish duelist in VALORANT. 

What are you waiting for? Go grab your favorite skin, get out there, and show them what you’re made of!

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