The Best PC for Overwatch

Gives you the FPS you need

We are competitive gamers. So when we talk about ‘the best PC for Overwatch’ we focus on what is important: FPS. There won’t be any large hard-drives in our PCs, no fancy lights or beautiful cases. We want to give you the most bang for your buck. That’s want counts, that’s what gives you the edge to win games. The best PC for Overwatch is the fastest, not the best looking.

Gets your inputs right

There are thousands of gaming peripherals available for you to buy. We only consider the gaming mice, keyboards and headsets used by professional gamers. A good mouse elevates your game to the next level. So we only recommend the most used and most trusted gear in esports.

The best BANG for your buck

Our goal was to show you two great options for either 60+ FPS or 144+ FPS, depending on your budget. This is what we consider the two milestones of competitive gaming. We do not recommend playing with below 60 FPS in Overwatch, so this is the only budget option we provide.

If you’ve got the cash to spare, have a look at our 144+ FPS option to get the most out of your gaming rig. With this option you will be able to use 144 HZ monitors as well. These can be a tremendous improvement to your gaming performance and we wholeheartedly recommend using them. We’ve also provided prebuilt alternatives if you don’t want to go through the hassle of assembling the PC by yourself.

The Best PC for Overwatch (240+ FPS)

PreBuilt Alternative

The Best Budget PC for Overwatch (144+ FPS)

prebuilt alternative