Valorant Pro Settings and Gear List

The people at Riot games are responsible for one of the most popular PC games ever made in the form of League of Legends, so when it was announced that they were working on a bunch of brand new games heads were naturally turned. One of the games they were working on is what we now know as VALORANT; a first person shooter built from the ground up to appease competitive gamers.

With 128-tick servers, an engine built so that the game can run at 60+ frames per second even on older computers (and obviously well above that on newer hardware) and a wide network of datacenters all over the world to ensure a good connection for every player it’s pretty clear that Riot has been doing their homework. Since its release back in the middle of 2020, the game has seen a healthy flow of new players coming in to see what's going on, and its ability to draw in gamers who aren't necessarily fans of first person shooters is also interesting to see. Aside from that, VALORANT is also developing a thriving pro scene. All across the world new teams and stars are popping up seemingly every month so we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you guys our VALORANT settings list.

In this list we’ve gathered the settings and gear of the top VALORANT players so that you can get an idea of how the pros are playing. As is the case with all of our pro-based articles and lists,  this is far from a finished article. We’ll add players and update our settings every day, and as usual we’d love to hear it from you if you see any outdated information or you’d like to see players added to our list. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or Discord, or comment on our website if you’ve got any remarks of requests. Have fun with the game, and see you soon on the battlefield!

In our list you will sometimes see a capitalized letter behind an organization. That is to indicate that the player in question isn't (currently) a pro player on the main roster but still part of the organization. We use the following abbreviations: coach (C), manager/organization entourage (M), content creator/streamer (S), benched/inactive (B). FA stands for 'Free Agent.'

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422 Comments on “VALORANT Pro Settings and Gear List”

  1. Asuna uses a real beat up Razer Goliathus Control Fissure.
    He would never say what it was but one day when watching the 100T Youtube channel I caught a good glimpse of his mousepad, it’s super grimey. He describes it as a bad mousepad but he won’t change it because it is what he is used to.
    Source: 100T Youtube VCT VODs

    1. Added Asuna’s mousepad to the list and his player page. I already answered you on the page I think, but just wanted to say ‘hi’ and thanks again!

  2. Nuturn Peri source:email
    Mouse : Glorious Odin Model D
    Mousepad: Razer goliathus control
    keyboard: Deck FRANCIUM Lite
    HZ: 1000
    sensitivity: 0.525
    scoped sens: 0.8
    Monitor: Benq 2540
    GPU: 2080 super
    Resolution: 1920×1080

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