Razer Gigantus V2 Review

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Razer Gigantus V2 Review

Razer's first Gigantus pad managed to strike a nice balance between speed and control, and now the famous brand has released the second version of that pad. With a lot of changes being made to the overall product as well as the opportunity to have Razer create a completely custom mousepad for you it's no wonder that we got a bunch of comments asking if we would review this second iteration of the Gigantus, so obviously we immediately sent the goods over to our reviewer to find out what he makes of it.

Razer Gigantus V2 Review Mousepad

Razer Gigantus V2 - First Impressions

First things first: this is a review of the standard Gigantus V2, not the customized version. That's an important distinction to make because I got my hands on both types and the glide difference between the regular Gigantus V2 and a customized one is rather big. That's because the customized pads are made using sublimation printing which 'leaves behind' a coating, giving the surface a different feeling than the regular, non-coated Gigantus V2. The customized pad has a pretty recognizable medium-fast glide that a lot of 'standard' cloth pads fall into but it's the same as far as the foam firmness and so on goes.

Secondly there's also a difference between different sizes when it comes to thickness. The medium and the large Gigantus V2 have a thickness of 3 millimeters and the XXL and 3XL versions are one millimeter thicker. I tested a large and an XXL for this review but because the difference between the two as far as glide and overall feel goes is negligible I thought I'd leave it at this small remark instead of making two different reviews for the two different sizes.

With that out of the way we can finally get to my first impressions, and while there generally isn't a whole lot to discover about mousepads I did notice two things straight away. The raised Razer logo has been replaced by a classier and less intrusive 'RAZER' tag on the side of the pad, and the stitched edges of the first iteration are now gone. To me that's a bit of a strange decision because I love the new approach to the branding but I don't really see a reason to remove the stitching. Perhaps their internal testing indicated that non-stitched edges are preferred but for me they could've definitely stayed on.

  • No stitched edges
  • Medium glide
  • Length: 45 cm / 17.7 in
  • Height: 40 cm / 15.7 in
  • Thickness: 3 mm
Razer Gigantus V2 Review Mousepad


'Woven for speed, crafted for control' is what Razer has to say about this pad on their website, and while I'm not someone who takes everything that manufacturers say to heart (I'd be a pretty shoddy reviewer if that's what I did) I do have to say that they're pretty much bang on the money with this description. Whereas the first Gigantus wasn't exactly a full blown control pad (in my opinion) it did seem to focus more on offering that slightly gritty/murky feeling, and that seems to be gone here.

The V2 feels slightly faster that its predecessor but it's not as fast as some of the usual cloth pads (think Logitech G640, HyperX Fury S, Corsair MM300, ...) making it have a pretty interesting glide that's, for me, ideal for shooters. Ever since lightweight mice and PTFE feet have become so common in gaming mice I find myself gravitating more towards controlling pads and this Gigantus V2 gives me a near perfect combination of good glide speed (once you get going) and plenty of stopping power combined with a decently coarse feeling to make smaller adjustments easier to perform.

The overall performance here reminds me an awful lot of what the G-SR-SE offers and that's definitely a good thing since there aren't many pads that offer this kind of 'restrained but not overly murky' kind of glide. Speaking of the glide: I obviously can't test this pad for months and months but the glide remained pretty consistent, even in slightly more humid conditions, which makes this a pretty low maintenance mousepad.

The foam isn't the firmest I've ever seen but I didn't really have any issues with the feet of a gaming mouse sinking into the pad so unless you're using super small feet and applying tons of pressure I don't see any reason to worry.

Something that did bother me a bit (at least on the L version) is the fact that the pad doesn't always stay put perfectly. It does on most surfaces, but on some of the slipperier tables I've tried it on I found that it sometimes had moved a centimeter or two after a particularly intense match. It's not something that I noticed while playing and the XL version is much better at staying in place but I felt like I should mention it regardless.

One last thing I should mention is the lack of stitched edges. I personally prefer stitched edges (if they are nicely done) and while it's absolutely not a 'make or break' issue it is kind of weird to me that they've chosen to not stitch up the edges because the first version of this pad did have that.

Razer Gigantus V2 Review Mousepad
Razer Gigantus V2 Review Mousepad
Razer Gigantus V2 Mousepad Closeup

Conclusion & Recommendation

Razer seems to really be embracing the 'less is more' credo when it comes to their esports-focused peripherals, and the Gigantus V2 is an example of that. This sleek looking black pad can only be identified as a Razer pad by the subtle tag and the green foam liner, and while I would have personally liked to have seen the stitched edges that the V1 had return I do feel like this second version of the Gigantus is a worthy upgrade.

Compared to the original it's gotten a bit faster, landing it that category of pads that manage to strike a successful balance between speed and control. With many gaming mice becoming (or at least feeling) faster due to reduced weight, better feet, better cables, and so on I find myself gravitating towards these more control-oriented pads (think Zowie G-SR-SE) and the Gigantus V2 fits the bill remarkably well.

If you're looking for a pad that's a bit more controlling without feeling murky or extremely gritty then this is definitely one to consider.

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At first, this mat was perfect for me, but after a while I used it the part of the mat I use the most (the left one) became much smoother than the right one and now it’s impossible for me to aim. I tried washing the mat to see if it was a dirt problem but it stayed the same. Do I have to change the mat or can it be solved?


How would you campare it against Glorious PC Gaming Race 3XL Extended? I’m not sure what to choose, looking for 3XL version… I’m using a Deathadder V3 Pro mouse and playing mainly Battlefield titles.


hi! Can you recommend this carpet for long-term use? Or are there carpets that live longer and are similar to this one

alex goh

i dont feel any control in this pad all is speed.currently using viper v2 pro


i use qck heavy sometimes overshoot , i think it is too fast and g-sr to me is too slow , i don’t like a coated pad . gigantus v2 is best for me or not?


I play fps games and i am a mid sensitivity player. I want to know whether steelseries qck+ or gigantus v2 provides more balanced blend of speed and control. I see many pros using the qck+ so i was just confused why gigantus is not chosen often.


Which pads has better control? This or Zowie G-SR. Thx.


Why are no pros using this pad? I feel like it would be a big hit with some pros


Ropz,yay,victor from valorant uses this pad at one point of time


I wanted to ask if I should get the Gigantus V2 3xl (47.25” X 21.65”) or wait till the Inked gaming custom 2xl extended (48” X 24”) is back in Stock?


I have a razer viper ultimate what mousepad is the most recommended with it glorious xxl or razer gigantus v2 xxl or steelseries quick +

ProSettings | Max

It depends on what you prefer of course, but out of those I would go for the Gigantus V2 since it gives such a nice balance between control and speed that I really like. That’s just my personal opinion though.


hello a question its texture is the same (or its surface displacement) is it the same as the mousepad g sr se divina pink?

ProSettings | Max

It feels very similar, though the Gigantus V2 feels just a tiny bit faster than the G-SR-SE. Not by much though.


would you recommend this to a wrist aimer?
my settings are 2.5 sens @800 dpi
current mouse/pad :ec2a / goliathus speed cosmic edition

ProSettings | Max

It depends on your preferences: I think this can be used by wrist aimers as well as arm aimers just fine but you’d have to be a fan of slightly more controlling surfaces of course.


Hey, just wanted to let you know that your reviews are very insightful and you seem to know your stuff and we appreciate it.

ALSO do you prefer this or the G-SR-SE?

ProSettings | Max

Hey thanks! Always nice to be appreciated! For me personally this is the winner. They’re both extremely close and I’d be happy to use either (I was using the G-SR-SE as my main pad for a while before I started testing this) but I find myself using the Gigantus V2 over my G-SR-SEs these days. Mostly because the Gigantus V2 comes in an extended version (which is what I like to use at my home desk) that’s just plain black though, haha. So in short: I prefer the Gigantus V2 myself but that’s mainly due to the available sizes and the fact that the regular black look fits my setup better, as far as the actual glide goes I feel as if the Gigantus V2 has a slightly faster glide with about the same stopping power, which is something that I like too.


Hmm I do kinda want to get the v2, since I would love a 3xl size pad. But idk if I personally would like the slightly faster compared to the older gigantus version. Seeing as to me the old version has the perfect balance of speed and control. And I do not really feel that murky and gritty feel you are talking about in your review.

ProSettings | Max

These aren’t meant to be negative, it’s just a way of describing the glide for me (compared to other pads). If you absolutely love the glide of the V1 then you could perhaps try out a smaller version of the V2 to see how you like it? Those cost quite a bit less than the 3XL version and it’d allow you to see if the increased speed is something you can live with.


this mousepad paired with a razer viper feels like butter
10/10 mousepad

ProSettings | Max

Yeah I’m really liking it too, it’s a great pad. I’ve been using it with a Razer Viper Ultimate for the past couple of days as a matter of fact! Really satisfied with the results.