Logitech G640 Review

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Logitech G640 Review

A mousepad is something that's often an afterthought for a lot of people, but it really shouldn't be. Much like it is with mice, finding the right mousepad that's comfortable for you and suits your playing style can greatly enhance not only your overall gaming experience, but also your performance.

We've already reviewed a bunch of pads from a variety of manufacturers, and today it's Logitech's turn. The G640 is the company's most popular cloth pad (and currently the most popular mousepad in the Overwatch pro scene) so it's only logical that this one gets a thorough look from our reviewer as well.

Read on to find out what he made of it.

The right mouse pad can greatly enhance not only your overall gaming experience, but also your performance.
Logitech G640 Review Mousepad

Logitech G640 - First Impressions

The G640 comes rolled up in the package, and the box in which it comes has this little patch at the end of it which is made of the same texture as the pad itself. That's a great way to get people to experience what the pad feels like without having to open the box or exposing the pad itself, so compliments to Logitech for this elegant and effective solution.

The G640 is a large sized mousepad (there is also the smaller and thinner G240 and the desk sized G840) so it's going to be ideal for gamers who play on a lower sensitivity or for players who just want a bit more mousepad real estate. The pad lays flat almost completely straight out of the box. I say 'almost' because there's this very slight curve at either end of the pad which took a few hours to even out by itself. It didn't really hamper my performance since the curve is very minimal and the thin nature (3mm) of the pad meant that the pad evened out by itself once my mouse got close to the curve, but it's still something worth mentioning.

Due to the aforementioned lack of thickness (this isn't inherently a good or bad thing; the thickness of a pad is mostly preference) this won't be an ideal pad to use on very uneven surfaces, but if your main playing surface looks like the surface of the moon you're probably better off with a hard pad anyway. The mildly textured rubber base does a great job at keeping the pad securely in place wherever you decide to put it down, even when I was furiously trying to get it to move by putting unrealistic amounts of pressure on my mouse, so all's well on this front.

  • No stitched edges
  • Medium - fast glide
  • Length: 45.5 cm / 18 in
  • Height: 40 cm / 15.7 in
  • Thickness: 3 mm
Logitech G640 Review Mousepad


The G640 is, despite being advertised as a 'moderate friction' pad, pretty fast from what I've experienced. It's difficult to actually rank individual cloth pads since the glide is influenced by any number of factors (mouse, mouse feet, humidity in the room, cleanliness, ...) and even though I did put it down as a medium - fast pad (because it still has plenty of stopping power) it definitely leans more towards the 'fast' side if you ask me.

The glide itself is consistent across the board; it's easy to do big flicks in a smooth motion, but the pad also offers a decent amount of resistance for when you're doing small micro adjustments. It's nothing close to what a control pad would offer, but for a low sensitivity user such as myself that's not really necessary either. All in all I have to say that I'm very fond of the glide that this pad delivers.

Sadly there are some drawbacks to the pad itself. The G640 doesn't have stitched edges, for one. That's not a huge issue in and of itself (some people don't even like the feeling of stitched edges) but the pad did start to fray a bit towards the end of my testing period. Not extremely so, but stitched edges definitely do increase the lifespan of a mousepad and if done nicely they're almost not noticeable when playing, so an option to have those would be welcome in my opinion.

The logo on the pad is placed well out of the way so you won't normally come into contact with it, but if you do it does feel a bit different from the regular cloth, which can have an impact on the glide. This is again something that they could improve on in the future.

Either way: the glide of a mousepad is definitely its most important feature, and that's where the G640 delivers in spades. It's also worth mentioning that the glide stays consistent for a long period of time. Some pads have this issue where they start to feel very murky and different from how they were when they were new, which means that you'll have to clean the pad a whole lot, but the G640 remained consistent all throughout my testing. That doesn't mean that it'll never need cleaning (every cloth pad will need a shower at some point) but it's definitely a plus.

Logitech G640 Mousepad Review

The G640's texture in closeup

Conclusion & Recommendation

The Logitech G640 offers a (for a cloth pad) pretty fast glide while still offering more than enough stopping power and micro adjustment control, and it doesn't require a whole lot of maintenance to keep it at that level either.

Because of the great longevity of the glide itself (you don't need to wash the pad a lot at all) it's a bit of a bummer that there are no stitched edges to further reinforce the 'this pad will last' feeling, but that's obviously always something that can be improved on in the future.

Aside from that the G640 is definitely an amazing mousepad, and if you're a medium/low sensitivity gamer looking for a new pad this one comes very strongly recommended.

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34 Comments on “Logitech G640 Review”

    1. Thanks! And yeah I know, but the team editions are usually rarer to find than the regular editions, and some people don’t like using a mat with sponsoring from a team they may not even know or like so I usually don’t count those ‘special editions’ as the standard product, if that makes any sense.

    1. They’re really close but I’d say the QcK has a slightly faster glide. If I personally had to choose I’d go for the G640 (it feels a bit nicer to me overall) but obviously everyone has different preferences. The QcK also has a very unique feeling due to its thickness.

    1. The G-SR-SE has a more controlled glide, but aside from that there’s not a massive difference when it comes to feel or anything.

  1. Looking for a pad that delivers a fast feel, doesn’t have to be the fastest but my glorious and hyper x both become highly fractionated so I assume this won’t be a bad choice for a pad that will remain consistent over time

    1. The G640 is a pretty consistent pad but I have to say that the glide overall isn’t that much different from the HyperX. If you really want a fast glide I can recommend the Glorious Helios, it’s one of the only hard pads on the market right now and it’s got a really consistent and fast glide.

    1. Yup, the G840 is the desk sized version with the same surface as the G640.

  2. Hello PRosettings plz can you help me on this ?
    I have a G pro wireless mouse. I wanna know who is more faster the Razer Gigantus or the Logitech G640 ??
    And who has More control the razer or the logitech ?
    I have a QCK+ right know and i feel it little bit faster and there not too much control.. I need a mousepad Less faster than the QCK+ and little bit more control than The Qck+ so i can micro adjustment so wich one you advises me between the Razer gigantus and the logiech G640 ??

    1. Based on what you’re saying right now I would go for the Razer Gigantus. It has a bit of a controlling element to it in my opinion so it should be right up your alley.

  3. Hey ProSettings, I currently have a Razer Goliathus Control and I have been using it since Jan/2014. I am looking forward to switch to the Logitech G640. Which one is better and what are the main differences? Please reply, thank you!

    1. The G640 is gonna offer a slightly faster glide, if you’re asking me. One isn’t necessarily better than the other though, it really comes down to what you personally prefer.

  4. hello, i have sold my Qck xxl thick cuz it becomes muddy after a month and i didn’t like it and i bought the before Couger Arena Black and it did the same thing so my experince with pads aren’t that great as u see and now i have 2 offers to buy Zowie GS-R used for 2 weeks for a good price or Try to find G640 in my country and wait so dose the G640 deserve the time to wait I WANT A BAD THAT DOESN’T BECOMES inconsistent after short time of use cuz this is frustrating and plz don’t tell me personal prefrence cuz i don’t know whats my personal prefrance is cuz i didn’t try too many pads i tried the Qck xxl thick and i liked it but not that much and the inconsistent issue my sens is in siege 5-5-83 on 800 dpi its i guess slow and i like it i want the best pad for this type of sens and slower sensitivities and another important thing i use stock feets on my Razer Viper and i am planning to buy the viper Ultimate i want to know which is better for stock feet on Viper ultimate and viper and G pro wireless which pad do you recommend for me 2 weeks used zowie GS-R or G640 and if i had to go for the GSR will i regret it, sorry for the long speech and thank you for the great reviews.

    1. I personally use the G640 as I like the consistency that it offers, but pretty much every cloth pad will need a wash after a while. The buildup of dirt, dust, sweat, and what have you will always cause a cloth pad to feel different after a while though you’re definitely right that some pads are more sensitive to this than others.

      The G-SR in my experience isn’t a good buy for you, as it needs maintenance pretty frequently in my opinion, so out of those two the G640 seems to be your best bet. That said: if you’re extremely sensitive to a changing glide then why not try a hard pad or perhaps a hybrid pad? The Glorious Helios, for example, is a great hard pad that’s very thin to boot. Something like the Zowie GTF-X is a nice hybrid between cloth and hard that shouldn’t get dirty as fast.

  5. ok now i just, bought my G640 but when i got it out of the box the left of it is deffrent than the middle in terms of glide idk what is that but when i toke a closer look i noticed that my pad has some dust on it in the middle idk why is that its sopposed to be new but anyway i don’t feel it as good as people said so idk is it because of the dust or what but its not bothering too much but i hate to see it and i can’t rma it cuz i want this pad and its the only one avalible in my country at this moment so what do you sugget me should i wash it with dish liqued and microfiper cloth or just refund it and is it safe to wash this pad with dish liqued cuz ?
    meanwhile what should i do, i use the razer viper with the stock feet is that a problem or idk am getting the ultimate next week so idk what is wrong with this pad and how to fix it, the left of it is like harder than a normal cloth and the middle is dusty a bit and slow for this speed pad.

    1. Well the G640 isn’t necessarily a pure speed pad, if you’re after speed you’re better off going for a hard pad or a hybrid pad. Aside from that you can definitely clean cloth pads, in fact we’ve got a guide for that on our blog (https://on-winning.com/how-to-clean-your-mousepad/). I obviously can’t see your pad, but if you feel like the center is significantly different from the sides then you should probably contact the seller and ask for a different pad as that definitely shouldn’t be the case.

    1. They’re very similar but I’d say that the QcK is a bit faster out of the box. The difference is extremely small though, and this is just based on my personal experience.

  6. Hello ProSettings,

    I’m using for many years G-SR old version and I’m loving this pad for its control. But even if I washed it many times, its getting too slow. (tried to change mouse feets also) Next I have Zowie G-SR SE which is too fast for me, and SS Qck Navi Edition which is also a bit too much speed and no control I’m looking for. I’m searching for pad something between those. Is logitech g640 close to it? or would you please suggest me another mousepad?

    Thank you in advance ;))

    1. The G640 isn’t really as controlling as the G-SR in my opinion. In fact I don’t know of many (mainstream) pads that are as controlling as the G-SR so if you really loved that one you can always pick one up again. It’s only natural for a mousepad to degrade after time and you’ll see this happen with pretty much any pad that isn’t a hard pad to varying degrees.

  7. Hello ProSettings,

    I live in India and the humidity here is horrible for mousepads, and to make it worse my palm sweats a bit after a few sessions, because of which my mousepads feel muddy. I have a pair of GSR’s and a Qck+ Howl Edition. The GSRs right now are unplayable in the middle region, the Qck+ also behaves inconsistently (sometimes glides like ice, and sometimes very muddy). I also wash the Qck+ weekly (because I was very sad with the glide caused due to the humidity), I gave up on the GSRs, because they were unbearably slow.

    What can you recommend me to buy :(?
    Im currently using a Razer Viper mouse and looking for a consistent mousepad to fit my needs.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi! If you can stomach a faster pad (or you’d be willing to lower your overall sensitivity to match a faster pad) you can always try something like the Glorious Helios, which will almost completely eliminate the humidity problem. Something like the Endgame Gear MPC also does really well with humidity from my experience (though I don’t live in a super humid climate so I can’t speak to how well it does with humid air) so you could also check that one out, even though it’s a pretty fast pad as well.

  8. Thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately both the Helios and MPC don’t ship to my country 🙁

    What do you think about the MP510, I heard that it uses Cordura Fabric which is both sweat and humidity resistant, do you think it can help me here?

    1. I haven’t yet tested that one for myself but since it’s a Cordura pad it should be pretty good at handling sweat. It’s not as fast as the Helios or the MPC I think though, but if you can get past that it should suit your needs quite nicely.

    1. It’s a good pad that works perfectly well with the Razer VPU so if you like what you’re reading about the pad then it should be good to go!

    1. That depends on your preferences entirely. There is no one ‘best mousepad’ as they all offer very different characteristics so I would recommend you to read a couple of reviews (there’s a bunch on here) and see what you would possibly like.

  9. Hi, I use a Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Blue mousepad and have used it for quite some time, about a year or more. I really like it but now its getting really slow and its quite dirty in the middle. I have washed it but now its back to being too slow again. I don’t know if I like really speedy pads more or if I like control pads more but I really need to buy a new mousepad cause this is making my aim very inconsistent. As you know the Zowie G-SR-SE pads are no longer being made so I need to find a new pad that I like. Do you think the G640 would be a good buy if I really like the G-SR-SE or do you have any other recommendations, I have looked into the HyperX Fury Large and Zowie GSR too but idk which one I would like the most as I want one that is similar to the G-SR-SE pad. Please help.

    1. The G-SR-SE pads are still being made! They’re quite popular at the moment so they might just be sold out. That said: if you want a pad with a very similar glide to the G-SR-SE (nothing that I tried is exactly the same) you can always check out the Razer Gigantus V2, that one comes close to the same experience that you get with a G-SR-SE, though as I said the G-SR-SE is still being produced and sold.

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