Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

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Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a mouse that didn't even need an official announcement to get the mouse community all giddy and guessing for its eventual release date. People had been clamoring for Logitech to use their flawless wireless technology in a lightweight, safe-shaped package for a while, and when a couple of professional players ran their mouths about this new mouse on streams they got the rumor mills spinning so fast they could have easily powered a small country.

When the official announcement finally dropped it sounded like the stuff of dreams: a super lightweight mouse with a rechargeable battery, flawless sensor, configurable side buttons, and above all: a rather safe and non-offensive shape which, according to multiple of the professionals who had already been testing it, was nothing short of amazing. Since its release it's been taking over 'most used' lists across a multitude of our analyzed games, reaching the number one spot for Overwatch in record time.

So is this mouse worth all the hype and excitement, and more importantly: is it worth your cash? Our reviewer has been testing one out for a while now and he's got his verdict ready.

"This is without a doubt one of the most hyped up releases of the past few years, and for good reason."
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Logitech G Pro Wireless - First Impressions

The G Pro Wireless is simplicity itself. It's a beautiful, sleek looking mouse which is finished with the familiar Logitech G logo towards the back of the unit. Aside from that nothing else would betray that you're holding a state of the art gaming mouse, and that's how I like it.

Underneath the main mouse buttons there are three little dots which only light up when you're switching DPI, turning the mouse on, or charging the unit and help to indicate what profile you're on and what not. The DPI button and on/off switch are located on the bottom of the mouse, where they've also made a little 'hatch' under which you can store the USB receiver.

All in all I really like the aesthetics of this mouse. I'm more of a fan of clean designs anyway, and the sleek and almost stealthy look of this mouse is something that I can personally appreciate.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review Mouse


The G Pro Wireless is a medium sized mouse which is a little over 12 cm in length and 6.3 cm wide, and combining that with its true ambidextrous design and safe, non-invasive shape makes for a mouse that will be agreeable for a whole lot of hand sizes and grip types.

It comes in at an absolutely stunning 81 grams on my scale. That's considered lightweight for wired mice, making the fact that it's wireless even more impressive. The feathery lightness of this mouse is definitely one of the first things you tend to notice when you start using this mouse, doubly so because there's obviously no cable drag at all.

As mentioned before there's no DPI button on top of the mouse, so if you're someone who tends to use that ingame you should be wary of that.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review Packaging


Upon opening the nice looking box of the G Pro Wireless you're greeted with one thing, and that's the mouse. It's sat on some sort of a 'pedestal' with nothing next to it. Remove the mouse and the plastic pedestal and you'll find the usual documentation, along with two little cardboard boxes that contain the charging cable, receiver, and the extra side buttons.

What I appreciate here is how easy it is to repack the mouse. I often travel to and from a LAN room to game and practice with friends, and while it's obviously absolutely possible to take a mouse with you in your pocket or backpack without the packaging I do appreciate the sturdy and easy to use packaging for when I'm stuffing my gear into a backpack. It's a small little thing, but it's something that I noticed regardless.


  • Sensor: HERO Optical
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • DPI: 100 -16000, in steps of 50
  • Polling Rate in HZ: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000
  • Connection: Wireless
  • Cable length: N/A
Size & Dimensions

  • Shape Design: Ambidextrous
  • Width: 6.3 cm / 2.5 in
  • Length: 12.5 cm / 4.9 in
  • Height: 4 cm / 1.6 in
  • Weight: 81 g / 2.85 oz

Shape and finish

The G Pro Wireless is an ambidextrous mouse with a safe shape. Logitech seems to have learned a lot from the criticisms that some people had on their prior line of gaming mice, and it really shows here. There's no awkward bumps or odd grooves; this design flows beautifully and fits like a glove for a wide variety of grip types.

I actually took this mouse to a local LAN party which I happened to attend and passed it around like a sort of litmus test, and I heard no complaints. It is a rather flat design, however, so if you like to have your palm completely filled when using a mouse you don't want to be grabbing this one if you've got larger hands.

Logitech has been working with all sorts of pro gamers for this mouse, and one of the aspects where you can immediately notice this is the shape. I'm quite confident that it'll work for all grip types and a wide variety of hand sizes since it's so smooth and unoffensive. I haven't always been showering Logitech with praise when it comes to their shapes but this one, for me, is absolutely top notch.

The G Pro Wireless is finished with a matte black coating all throughout. I've never had any issues with Logitech's coatings and it's the same here. It handles sweat marvelously (I also got to test that at that local LAN party once all those PCs started running games) and never seems to lose gripping properties, neither does it become sticky or dirty abnormally fast.

One large glider and three smaller ones complete the mouse on the bottom, and they offer a nice and controlled glide without having to break them in for a very long time at all.

Buttons and scroll wheel

Logitech's gaming mice have always had very light buttons. So much so that on some models I personally found them to be too light, but this isn't the case on the G Pro Wireless. The buttons still don't require a lot of force to press at all (so if you've got a heavy trigger finger this'll take some time to get used to) but I found them to be perfectly usable and responsive and haven't had an accidental click ingame yet.

It could be that I've just gotten used to Logitech's lighter clicks over the years, but I do feel like these buttons require slightly more force to press than those on the original G Pro wired, for example. In any case; both main buttons offer a nice and crispy sensation when clicked, as we've come to expect from Logitech.

The scroll wheel has a rubberized texture to it and felt fine to me, but the steps aren't really super defined, nor is there a whole lot of tension between them, so people who like heavy, sturdy wheels or use their scroll wheels for ultra precise operations such as scrolling between a variety of skills or weapons will want to take note of this.

One thing that I loved and that undoubtedly everyone will love regardless of preference is that the scroll wheel is very easy to click. I tend to use that button a lot ingame so for me it's a big hurdle when I find a mouse with a super stiff middle mouse button, but this one is one of the smoothest I've come across.

The (modular) side buttons are also plenty easy to press and are located in convenient positions, meaning that you never really notice that they're there until you need them. When you do use them you'll find that they offer a good, clean click and a relatively low travel time. If you're left handed or you just want to add or remove side buttons you can do that in less than ten seconds as well; they pop in or out of the mouse really smoothly when you want them to, and I never had any issues with buttons coming off or feeling loose during normal usage.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review Buttons and Scroll
Logitech G Pro Wireless Review Review Buttons and Scroll

Quality and cable

Despite the fact that this mouse is incredibly light and thus can't really be built like a tank it actually feels extremely sturdy when you're using it. The mouse won't be stopping any bullets any time soon, but as far as I can see there's no flexing in the shell (even when pressing on it harder than anyone would when using the mouse under normal gaming circumstances) or any rattling inside the mouse itself.

The G Pro Wireless runs on Logitech's LIGHTSPEED technology, which is said to transmit signals even faster than some of its wired counterparts. Logitech's wireless tech has been around for a while now, but it's still amazingly impressive how they managed to create wireless gaming products with absolutely zero delay or issues with interference.

There is a charging cable which connects to the device via a Micro USB port, and it is possible to use the mouse when it's connected through the cable, but with a battery life of about 50 hours (even more if you turn off the LED) I'm not sure why you'd ever want to do that. In case you they've made it so that the charging cable slots into the mouse with two little plastic 'prongs', leaving you with a sturdier and more secure connection than if you'd just have to connect it via the USB port itself.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

Performance and sensor

The G Pro Wireless uses Logitech's own HERO (which stands for High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor. It's an in-house version of the 3366, which maintains the exact same performance whilst consuming way less power. What this means for gamers is that you'll have the performance of the flawless 3366 sensor (so no no jittering, angle snapping, smoothing, or prediction) in a wireless mouse with a battery life of up to 50 hours.

I have already reviewed mice with the HERO sensor, and I must say that it's an impressive piece of technology. It tracks everything I do beautifully and without any faults, translating everything to the game with 1:1 accuracy just like you'd expect a flawless sensor to.

The battery life is indeed amazing as well; I went an entire weekend of almost non-stop gaming on a single charge, so you definitely don't have to worry about your mouse suddenly dying when you're in the middle of a clutch or kick situation if you don't forget to charge it.

Is it all worth it, though? Is it worth it to go with yet another rechargeable device when wired mice can do the job just fine? In my opinion: yes. There are certainly mice out there with great cables which won't interfere with your gameplay (especially not when you stick 'em in a bungee) but even modded mice with aftermarket cables just aren't the same as going wireless.

I play on a rather low sensitivity, so for me it's going to be more noticeable than for someone who does an ingame 360 when they move their mouse half a centimeter, but there really is something very liberating about playing with a wireless mouse, on top of there being absolutely no chance of your cable snagging or folding underneath your mouse or whatever. I can't really explain it without coming off as a failed poet so I'll just say that it's something that you have to try for yourself.

Whatever your opinions on wireless vs. wired may be though; there's no denying that the G Pro Wireless performs like an absolute top tier mouse on every front. Logitech was one of the companies at the forefront of the 'flawless sensor revolution' (there I go being a failed poet again) so they know a thing or two about how a mouse should perform in a gaming environment, and the G Pro Wireless does exactly what it should do on that front.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review Side
Logitech G Pro Wireless Review Bottom


As I've mentioned before the G Pro Wireless is a medium sized ambidextrous mouse, and it has a rather safe shape. For that reason it should suit a wide variety of grip types and hand sizes, with the notion that palm grippers who like a completely filled palm should try and actually hold this mouse first, as it has a rather low profile.

Aside from that almost everyone should be comfortable using this mouse for extended periods of time, provided you don't have abnormally large or small hands, but that is always the case. I 'accidentally' went on a 9 hour gaming binge a couple of days ago (thanks, Apex Legends) and I came out of it feeling no discomfort whatsoever.

Logitech has been working on their shapes (which were one of the most often criticized aspects of their latest gaming mice) and the G Pro Wireless really is a testament to the fact that hard work pays off, as Torbjorn would say it. This definitely feels amazing to use.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review Front

Conclusion & Recommendation

Logitech has set out to create the ultimate gaming mouse with the G Pro Wireless, and as far as I'm concerned they have succeeded in that task. It's without a doubt one of the most hyped up releases of the past few years, and for good reason too.

It's definitely not going to be the mouse for you if you like hefty, more robust mice or if you're a palm gripper with larger hands, but for everyone else this should be a smashing hit.

With 80 grams, a flawless sensor, great shape, lossless wireless connection, great feeling clicks and ditto scroll wheel, and a rechargeable battery this one's going straight to the top of my list of best gaming mice I've ever used. If you've got the budget to spend and you mostly play FPS games (or games where you don't need a ton of extra sidebuttons) this mouse is worth every penny.

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In the near future I want to buy a mouse, and I do not know what to choose. I choose between GPW, GPS, hati and xm1r. For me, it is important in the mouse: a good response of the main buttons, preferably not too much weight, preferably not too expensive. And it’s not so important to me whether the mouse is wireless. I like hati because it is very beautiful, light and with holes (but I am not used to them, but I really like them in this mouse) and it does not have a bad response of the main buttons. I like the Xm1r because it has an even better response, not a lot of weight, kaliah 8.0 switches and it’s not that expensive. I like GPW and GPS because they are wireless, lightweight and with a better response of the main buttons. So I’m faced with a difficult choice, please tell me which of these mice to take


How the mouse has better weight balance, with that bottom plate on the mouse that adds weight, or without? i hope you guys will understand what i am talking about. also, how pro players use it, with the bottom plate or without?


thanks! I will use with the bottom plate on!


Hi, I have this mouse and I’m looking for a mousepad that has as much control as possible as I don’t prefer the fast smoothness of the mouse.

So I’m looking for a mousepad that has the best possible grip, which one do you recommend?

I would prefer one 90cm wide.

ps: sorry my english but it is not my language

ProSettings | Max

Your English is great, no worries!

If you want control and 90cm wide I can recommend the X-raypad Equate: that comes in a 90cm size and has great control. There’s also the Razer Gigantus V2: that’s a bit faster than the Equate but also offers a nice portion of control. As far as real control goes the most controlling pad I’ve personally tested is the Zowie G-SR but they don’t make those 90cm wide so I suppose that’s not an option.


Hi pro settings i want to ask you my g pro wireless stock feet feels so sleepy just not AS smooth as I’d like them to be on the mousepad i want to ask you if its good to change them with the Corepad-Skatez-Patins-Logitech-Wireless ??
Nd does the pro players of csgo and valorant change the stock feet of the g pro wireless or Not ?

ProSettings | Max

Some pros do change the feet (I think I saw Elige with some custom feet on his mouse on a player cam a while ago) but that’s way harder to track since you pretty much never see the underside of people’s mouse. That said: changing the mouse feet is a super easy mod so if you feel like you want faster skates it’s a great call to get some aftermarket feet. Which ones to go for will depend on where you’re living but I’ve got Corepadz on my GPW and I love them.


I prefer wired mice. Is there a wired alternative to the g pro wireless?

ProSettings | Max

Not from Logitech. The G-Wolves Hati is a rather well known clone shape though.


hello I have a hand size of 18cm height and 8cm width will this mouse be good for me i use a palm grip

ProSettings | Max

It should be fine yeah, but it’s really difficult to outright tell people ‘this will be good for you’ since everyone is so different when it comes to preferences. In theory though the mouse should be fine for you!


Hi would this be comfortable for 20×10 hand? I bought the razer viper a few months ago, i get pain in my hand and wrist after just half an hour playing. I thought i would just need to get used to it but pain just gets worse. I know the g pro is slightly bigger than the razer viper, but is it noticeable? Any help would be much appreciated before i gamble £130. Thank you

ProSettings | Max

Well of course this is very personal so don’t take my word (or anyone’s, for that matter) as gospel but the Viper is pretty flat while the G Pro Wireless is much humpier, making it feel a bulkier (for lack of a better word) in the hand. If you feel like the hand pain came from not having enough palm support then the GPW could help with that, otherwise you could maybe try an ergonomic mouse such as the EC series.


what you think about mouse feet? Is this smooth?

ProSettings | Max

They’re pretty good but not the absolute best around. To be quite honest I can’t make a direct comparison because I used the GPW as my main for a long time and ended up replacing the stock feet but the stock feet are pretty high quality with no sharp edges so no need to worry about those in my opinion.

Gabriel Rybnik

Hey, great review I just have a question So I have to unplug the receiver from the dongle and the charging cable every time I need to charge the mouse?

ProSettings | Max

Yes, if you’ve got the receiver at the end of the charging cable you’d have to do that.


Hey would you recommend it for me 16.8cm and 8.5cm i use claw palm.

Also this or the rival 600 for CSGO considering my hand size is small?

ProSettings | Max

I don’t have any real hands-on experience with the Rival 600 so I can’t comment on how good that is but for your hand size and grip the GPW should be a pretty good fit yeah, as long as you don’t like a super filled out palm.


What mouse would be the best alternative to the g pro wireless in terms of feel in the hands/ dimensions? im really curious about the shape of it but it is way too expensive for me, so wondering about any other good options like this mouse. Thank you

ProSettings | Max

There’s the G-Wolves Hati which has basically the same shape!


was wondering if the g pro was durable, its shell is 1mm and was wondering if this may be a problem in the future, dont want to break it

ProSettings | Max

I know that this is anecdotal but I used it as my main for over a year and I never had any issues with it all. I’m also a regular on forums about mice and there isn’t really any talk about durability issues with the shell. There is a double clicking issue with these mice though, but that’s a different problem altogether and should be fixed by RMA’ing the mouse if you’ve got that problem.


I play csgo mainly as a AWPer but being quiet versatile I usually play with a rifle too.
I am right handed & my hand’s size is 18.5x10cm. I play with a palm/hybrid grip.
I am confused between the Logitech GPW & Zowie ec2-b divina/ec2. Which one shall I go for?
Also which mousepad will go best with it?
Thanks 🙂

ProSettings | Max

This depends entirely on your preferences I’m afraid. Both mice should work for your hand size and grip style, so I guess it comes down to what kind of shape you prefer, and whether you prefer wireless over corded, …

As far as pads go; that’s down to preference as well, but I do recommend the SteelSeries QcK series as a ‘starter pad’.


Buenas era para preguntar si este sería un buen mouse para mi estilo de juego etc..
Juego Rainbow 6 Siege, Cs:Go, Fortnite, Rocket League, Sobretodo los juegos competitivos 😀

ProSettings | Max

I would perhaps consider the G305 with that grip style and hand size, though the G Pro Wireless could work for you depending on your preferences.


Does it comes charged? My hand size is 20×10 cm i play mixed grip style (mostly fimgertip and palm) Will it fit me? Or should i go for another mouse?

ProSettings | Max

I’m not sure if all of them come charged but mine had some juice in it. Your hand size should be fine unless you like a really filled palm, but I obviously can’t know what you prefer when it comes to shape and size and all of that so I can’t give you any definite answer on whether or not you should go for it.


I use g402 right now and I want to upgrade to the GPW I use it with a small claw grip. I am wondering if the shape of the GPW in comfortable with that because the g402 has a special different design?

ProSettings | Max

That’s a very different shell design so it might take some getting used to, but the GPW should be good for claw grip in theory so after the break-in period it’s probably going to be fine.


I do really like this mouse. I just have a problem with double clicking. Sent the mouse back and got a new one and I still have a bit of a double click problem, not as much as with the first one.. but it’s still an issue sometimes. What would you recommend me to do?

ProSettings | Max

That’s unfortunately an issue with the GPW. I’d recommend sending it back to Logitech, as a premium mouse with a double click issue just isn’t acceptable. For what it’s worth I’ve used my GPW for about a year as a main mouse (though I do often use other mice for days and weeks for reviews) and never had the issue so it’s not something that you see on every model. It’s still very annoying though.


I’m about 17 x 9.5 with claw grip

I 80 % care about shape. Would it be confortable? I was using g403 and ec2a, but I feel I need better mouse that’s comfortable than those

ProSettings | Max

Well, comfort is completely subjective so it’s completely impossible for me to tell whether or not you’ll find the GPW comfortable. That said; if you don’t like the G403 and the EC2-A it could be a good idea to try an ambidextrous mouse such as the GPW, since both the G403 and EC2-A are ergonomic shapes. For claw + comfortable shape I can definitely also recommend the Zowie S series, by the way.


What is the best Mousepad for the Logitech G pro Wireless
I’m semi pro cs.go player I Have 2.5 sens 400dpi
and does the Zowie G-SR SE divina is a good combo with the G pro wireless ?

ProSettings | Max

The G-SR-SE Divina is a really good mousepad if you like a bit of control to your glide so I can definitely recommend that one.


Everyone is asking so I might as just add myself to the train.
My hands are 21×10 and I am using a G102 flawlessly with my grip.
But I feel like I need to rest my palm from time to time by changing grips. Is it a good option? Or should I rather go for the zowie ec1a or etc?

ProSettings | Max

I’d nee a bit more info. What is your grip style normally? And are you looking for a mouse that can support both palm and claw/fingertip grip?


my hand 18×9 do you recommend? i play r6

ProSettings | Max

Yup, should be good, unless maybe if you’re a full palm gripper and you like a filled palm feeling.


My hand is 17×7 do you recommend? If not what mouse do you recommend i play csgo.

ProSettings | Max

Depends on your grip style, and preference for shape (ambidextrous vs ergonomic).


Would you recommend me getting the GPW or the G502 wireless or any other suggestions? I’m right handed with 19cm x 10 cm hands. Also I have severe sweaty palms that soak the table. Would this affect the mice? in performance and lifespan?

ProSettings | Max

Between those two definitely the GPW. Sweaty hands do not affect the performance or lifespan of a mouse at all, since the sweat stays on the shell. I would maybe shy away from mice with holes in them if your hands are extremely sweaty. Glossy mice also aren’t an option for you in that case I’d say (but maybe you knew that already).


Awesome review! I was thinking of getting either the G Pro Wireless or the Razer DeathAdder Elite. I’ve read both of your reviews on both mice, but as a gamer with 7.2(inches) x 4.5(inches) hands, would you recommend me getting the GPW or the DeathAdder Elite or any other mice out there?

ProSettings | Max


Both are very different from each other to be honest. The GPW is ambidextrous and lightweight (and wireless to boot) while the DA Elite is heavier and ergonomically shaped, so I’d say it’s kind of down to your personal preferences. The GPW is more for me so I’d choose that, but I know plenty of gamers who prefer heavier (ergonomic) mice so I can’t say for sure what would be best for you without knowing more about your grip style and preferences.


Would you reccomend the mouse to me? My hand size is 18x10cm

ProSettings | Max

Yeah, sure. If you like the specs and the features it should be good!

James Howard

would you recommend it for 18x9cm hands with a mixed grip style i play csgo

ProSettings | Max

Yup! Your hands are a bit smaller mine so the size should be no issue at all.


Awesome review! This is the one I’ve been waiting for. You guys should look into the artisan mousepads… Zero, Hien, and Shidenkai seem to be the most popular.

ProSettings | Max

Thanks! Glad you like it. We’re definitely looking into reviewing some Artisan pads, so stay tuned!


Does your copy have pre-travel in the left button?

ProSettings | Max

Hi! No, there aren’t any issues with the clicks on my device whatsoever. In fact there’s very little travel time on both main buttons.

Eber H.

Was waiting to see if a review for G Pro Wireless was going to pop up on here.

I heard about it and was super curious about it and ended up buying one just to try out for myself. 3 months later I am happier than ever with every bit this mouse has to offer. I haven’t even thought twice about wanting to go back to a wired mouse.

Excellent review and on par!

ProSettings | Max


Yeah, this one took a while, apologies. Glad you love yours and thank you for the compliments!