Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro Review

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Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro

The gaming mousepad community is a rather small one. Most gamers consider their mousepad to be somewhat of an afterthought, but if you're somewhat interested in the scene there's a lot to be discovered. Mousepads such as the Artisan Zero have long been considered to be the best in the business, but those pads come at a (very steep) price and availability is rather limited, so the people at Lethal Gaming Gear felt it was the right time to take a stab at the crown with their Pro line of mousepads.

This Saturn Pro is a premium control pad, aimed at players who want the best of the best when it comes to the gliding experience. We've sent one over to our reviewer to see if it meets expectations. Read our full Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro review in order to find out everything you want to know!

"The Saturn mousepad is designed for those who want control while still having an easy glide. Named aptly after Saturn, it has good amount of control with a little something special."Lethal Gaming Gear
Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro Review

Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro - First Impressions

The Saturn Pro is a very pricy pad (at least when compared to the prices of most gaming mousepads) so it's only natural to expect a little more from the experience than what you'd get from a more modestly priced mousepad. Luckily, Lethal Gaming Gear delivers.

The Saturn Pro comes in a flat box that's very nicely designed. What I particularly like here is that the names of the designers for the logo (Lewis Wallin) and the box (alysung.com, though that website was offline when I looked it up) are proudly displayed on the packaging. It's a nice touch of appreciation, and I like to see independent artists (I assume that they're independent, since smaller companies usually don't have designers on their payroll permanently) get some credit and extra exposure for their work with these smaller brands.

Once I took the pad out of the box, I was thoroughly impressed with the overall finishing and quality. Even though Lethal Gaming Gear's website states that the Saturn Pro can smell strongly of fabric dye for the first couple of hours, I didn't really notice this on my copies (I got a red one and a black one) but your mileage may vary. If you do get one with a strong smell, know that this will go away according to the manufacturer.

  • Length: 49 cm / 19.33 in
  • Height: 41 cm / 16.1 in
  • Thickness: 3.5 mm
Glide characteristics (beta)
  • Static Friction X/Y: 44.55 (control)
  • Static Friction (Angle Test): 8.75 (control)
  • X/Y Glide Difference: 6.72%
  • Dynamic Friction: 2.43 s (control)
  • Overall Glide: Control
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Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro


It's very obvious that the Saturn Pro is a high quality product. Thanks to the supple materials used and the fact that it ships flat rather than rolled up, the pad lays perfectly flat on your desk right from the very first time that you put it down.

Putting it down is an experience, too. The material used (the base is made with Poron foam) allows for some movement when placing the pad (i.e. when not all corners are flat against the desk) but once you allow it to settle down it's going absolutely nowhere. The Saturn Pro feels like it is stuck to my desk with double sided tape when it lays flat, yet it's very easy to remove by using a peeling motion. The material used on the base doesn't have any adhesives applied to it, so it won't leave any residue behind and you'll be able to move this mousepad indefinitely without any issues whatsoever. I'm not an engineer, so I don't know exactly what causes this 'stickiness' once it's completely flat, but this is without a doubt the most secure feeling adhesive-free mousepad that I've tested so far. Once it's in position, it won't move on you.

The stitched edges also impress. They're thin and flat, and aside from some barely noticeable imperfections here and there (if you're really looking for it) the stitching is basically perfect. I can move my wrists over these edges all day long without feeling any sort of discomfort, and the fact that they're the same thickness as the pad itself makes for a distraction-free experience.

On to the most important aspect of a mousepad, then: the glide. There's no doubt that the Saturn Pro is a control pad. There's a lot of static friction, and it takes quite a bit of force to get your mouse moving for a big swipe. Once you're moving it flows rather effortlessly, though. It's nothing like a dedicated speed pad of course, but the gliding feeling is way smoother than what you get on dedicated control pads like the ZOWIE G-SR.

That's in part due to the rather smooth (for a control pad, that is) surface. This all results in a rather unique feeling whereby the pad offers a lot of control when doing smaller movements, managing to keep you from 'slipping away' when doing said movements, but once you go past a certain threshold it lets go of the reigns and lets you glide rather freely until you want to come to a stop and the 'control kicks in again'. A lot of pads try this, but many have to make compromises: you might have a rougher swiping experience due to the texturing that's required to offer the control element on the smaller mouse movements, or it might be the other way around where there's a lack of control because they wanted to keep the surface as smooth as possible.

I know that these things are subjective, so whether you like this gliding experience or not will depend on your personal preferences, but for me this is very close to perfection. The Saturn Pro doesn't feel like it has to make compromises.

These days, I am a fan of controlling mousepads. I used to gravitate towards speed a bit more, but with mice becoming a lot lighter and the quality (and speed) of feet improving by leaps and bounds I've been moving towards the more controlling side. This pad gives me just enough grip and control when doing small movements and micro adjustments so that I can carry those out with precision, but once I move towards a big swipe there's nothing of that muddy/sandpaper-like feeling that you often get with control pads.

What's also neat is that the softness of the base is very nicely tuned. It's just hard enough to not bother you (or your mouse glide) when doing regular swipes and using regular amounts of force, but if you apply a bit more pressure to your mouse, the feet will sink into the pad somewhat, giving you an extra element of control. I find this to be incredibly handy for the way I play. I don't put a ton of force on my mouse when gaming normally, but once I get into a tense situation (spraying in CS:GO, for example, or aiming at particularly small objects) I do tend to use more force. The added control that I get out of the soft surface makes those 'pinpoint situations' a lot more precise, and I noticed I was much less prone to whiffing my sprays and what not when using this pad.

To top it all off, the humidity resistance is, as far as I can tell, excellent. It's almost winter where I live right now, so I luckily don't have to deal with extremely humid conditions, but as a gamer who tends to get sweaty palms when tryharding I did play through some particularly intense sessions and I can't say I've noticed any real slowdown or inconsistencies during those sessions.

Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro
Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro

Conclusion & Recommendation

If you're looking for a soft control pad that's finished to an extremely high standard, offering a smooth surface (for a control pad) and ditto glide without it feeling like a gritty 'mudpad' then you've got to check out the Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro.

I know that mousepads are very subjective: we can comment on things like the stitching, surface uniformity, and so on, but when it comes down to it the glide is what matters most, so I won't say that you need to get this (or any other Lethal Gaming Gear) pad. I will say that this is the best of its kind I've tested so far.

A lot of pads try to give you that 'best of both worlds' type of glide with lots of control when doing small movements and a smooth and carefree swiping experience, but none do it so well as this one if you ask me. Using this pad for gaming has been a fantastic experience, and as someone who likes control pads this will no doubt be my main mousepad for the foreseeable future. The stitching job is top notch, the pad comes flat packed and lays flat immediately, the softness of the foam is pretty much perfect, and the gliding experience is fantastic. This is worth every penny.

With that being said: it's all about margins, though. This pad is fantastic in every single way, and if you're looking for this type of glide (think Artisan Zero and, to a lesser extent, ZOWIE G-SR-SE and VAXEE PA) you should definitely check this out, but it's an enthusiast product. People who simply don't care about extracting every possible percentage point of performance out of their setup can and probably should opt for something a bit cheaper, but if you're someone who is looking for what's basically a perfect iteration of a soft control pad then you really need to take a long, hard look at the Saturn Pro. I'm extremely impressed.

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