Glorious Fire Review

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Glorious Fire Review

Glorious PC Gaming Race is a company that's seemingly on a mission to 'upset' (in a good way) the market in pretty much every peripheral division. Their Model O and Model O Wireless mice made huge waves in the mouse scene, and the new GMMK Pro seems to be a hit with the (custom) keyboard crowd too.

A while ago, they released the elements line of mousepads. This contains three different pads that aim to do to the mousepad market what their mice did to that scene. In this review we're taking a look at the Glorious Fire, their hybrid pad meant for a nice balance between speed and control. Is it worth it or should you skip it? Find out in our full Glorious Fire review!

"Turn up the heat with a perfect blend of Speed and Control for unparalleled precision gaming. The buttery smooth laminated cloth surface provides almost perfectly uniform X/Y control."Glorious
Glorious Fire Review

Glorious Fire First Impressions

The Glorious Fire has a hybrid surface that's meant to 'bring you the best of hard plastic and soft cloth pads into one unique surface'. I'm not going to knock them for having marketing speak on their website and packaging (every company does that; it'd be weird to see a mousepad box that says 'this one's alright, we guess') but the surface isn't exactly unique. Those of you who have a Fnatic DASH will almost immediately recognize this surface because it really is basically the same pad. I say 'basically' because, for me, the DASH is a slight bit faster still, but the overall glide feeling and texture is going to be pretty much the same between both pads.

With that out of the way we can move on to first impressions, and those are good. The pad comes flat packed, which is always nice (and apparently necessary, since they warn you not to roll the pad when you first open it up) and looks and feels like quality. The stitching is nice and tight, and the branding is limited to one small ‘Glorious beard dude’ logo on the bottom right. This doesn’t feel like some cheap run-of-the-mill kind of pad and I’m happy that Glorious have decided to stay away from garish branding decisions.

  • Stitched edges
  • Fast glide
  • Length: 43 cm / 17 in
  • Height: 38.1 cm / 15 in
  • Thickness: 3.5 mm
Glorious Fire Review


A hybrid pad is, from my experience, usually mostly aimed towards speed, and despite the fact that Glorious mention that it’s made for both speed and control in their marketing I would definitely say that it’s a speed pad. That said: I do get what they’re saying here. Compared to a truly speed-focused mousepad you get a decent amount of (initial) friction when you’re making smaller movements. It’s only when you start moving the mouse that it becomes super slick and fast. 

If you’re having trouble imaging this then it’s best to think about the old ‘push the mouse and let it glide freely’ technique. On slick speed pads you can basically get the mouse to glide across the entire surface with ease if you give it an initial shove, but here it comes to a stop pretty quickly. You really have to be handling the mouse and actively manipulating it to ‘activate’ the faster part of the mousepad. 

I know that the above might sound silly to read (give me a break: it’s hard to describe how a mousepad feels in text) but it basically boils down to the following: it’s a pretty fast pad, but there’s still a decent amount of friction and resistance to allow you to make micro movements without feeling as if you’re slipping everywhere. It’s nowhere near a control pad of course, but if you desire a pad that’s faster than the ‘usual crop’ of MM300s, G640s, and Gigantuses without going overboard on the slickness then this might be a good choice. Sure, it’s fast, but there’s still some stopping power there.

I can’t say a whole lot about durability since most mousepads only start to suffer on this front after months of use and I cannot use them for that long but I can say that I didn’t have any issues with the glide changing drastically during my testing period. The x/y glide is also the same as far as I can tell, so all in all this Glorious Fire offers a very nice gliding experience. 

Aside from the interesting glide and surface texture which, again, is very similar to the Fnatic DASH (I compared both and found the DASH to be slightly faster, but that might be due to any number of circumstances and the difference really is minimal so take that with a grain of salt) it’s also a well-finished pad in my opinion. The stitched edges are done tightly and finished to a high standard all throughout the pad. The rubber base does its job and keeps the pad in place on all of the ‘normal surfaces’ that I tested it on. Combine that with the fact that it doesn’t look intrusive and you’ve got a pad that, although eerily familiar, is pretty darn nice to use.

Glorious Fire Review
Glorious Fire Review

Conclusion & Recommendation

The Glorious Fire is an interesting hybrid pad. Despite being advertised as a mixture of speed and control I would definitely categorize it as a fast pad but the glide that it offers really does give you an interesting combination of plenty of flicking/glide speed and a respectable amount of stopping power. 

If that sounds familiar then you’re right: the surface, glide experience, and feeling of this pad is practically the same as what the Fnatic DASH offers, but that isn’t necessarily a problem if you ask me. The mouse industry is rife with samey products (how many copies of the FK shape can one industry make, right?) so I’m not saying that a crime has been committed here. It’s just useful for people to know what they can compare products to. 

In short: the Glorious Fire is a great option to consider for people who want a pad with a faster glide than what the popular ‘middle ground’ options such as the G640 offer while still having a decent amount of stopping power and control over micro movements (which is something that you don’t really get with super speedy pads) for a speedy pad. A nice mousepad, even though it isn’t exactly groundbreaking.

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