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Overwatch League’s inaugural season was a success on every front, and everyone is expecting season two to come out even stronger. While the teams have been busy preparing for the second season we’ve also been doing our work analyzing their gear. As usual, we researched the Overwatch settings like resolution, dpi and sensitivity for each individual pro. We also verified information on the monitors, mice and keyboards of these players as well.

We consider this our data-vault, our source to give you the Best Monitor and Gear for Overwatch. The best gear isn’t enough though. Tuning your Overwatch settings is what takes you to the next level. Our Overwatch Pro Settings Guide is a great place to start. We’ve updated the list to reflect the Overwatch League by Blizzard in addition to a host of free agents that are looking to break-through in the scene. This is for all players who want to add the perfect Overwatch settings to their arsenal.

In our articles we deliver an overview of what we consider to be the best Overwatch settings. Averages of eDPI for example can be a great guiding tool in deciding which Overwatch sensitivity you want to use. Instead of taking a data-driven approach, it might be that you want try out a favorite Overwatch pro’s settings like Seagull or Surefour. If that is the case, you can find the settings, resolution and sensitivity of the pros below.

The list is connected to our database which is continuously updated, as the scene evolves and new trends become standard. If we’ve made any mistakes, please feel free to join us in the comments to discuss these settings and their sources. If you have any further questions, you can refer to our FAQ as well.

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  1. This is NRG/SanFransicos lineup for OWL season 1: iddqd, babybay, Danteh, nomy, dhaK, sleepy, sinatraa, super.

    They’ve officially announced the spot just not a team name.

  2. Hello! I real love your site, its really useful, but you should add Galeadelade gear and settings!
    Ty for doing this site and helping the community!

  3. Agilities is using a Logitech G Pro Mouse, an Asus VG248QE Monitor, a BENQ Zowie G-SR Mousepad, a Logitech G810 Keyboard and the HyperX CLoud II Headset.

  4. New York Excelsior
    Saebyeolbe DPS Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 100 Dpi: 500 sens: 9.03 Mousepad: Razer Golathius Speed Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Headset: hyperX cloud
    Pine DPS Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 100 Dpi: 500 sens: 15 Mousepad: Maxtill G-PAD Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Headset: Kingston HyperX Cloud II Monitor: ASUS PG248Q Resolution: 1280*720
    Fl0w3r DPS Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei RAW Dpi:450 sens:10 “hero specific” Mousepad: Roccat Alumic Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Headset: Sennheiser Game Zero Monitor: BenQ XL2420Z Resolution: 1600*900
    Libero Flex Mouse: Logitech g402 Dpi: 1000 sens: 4,8 Monitor BenQ XL2411 Resolution: 1600*900
    MekO Flex Mouse: Finalmouse ScreamOne Dpi: 1600 sens: 3 Mousepad: Logitech G640
    Janus Tank Mouse: Logitech G900 Dpi: 1000 sens: 15 Mousepad: Maxtill G-PAD Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Headset: David Clark H-PC40642G-01
    Mano Tank Mouse: Logitech G Pro Dpi: 800 sens: 6 Mousepad: Zowie GSR Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Headset: HyperX cloud Monitor: ASUS ROG SWIFT PG248Q
    JJoNak Support Mouse: Logitech g403 Dpi: 800 sens: 2 Mousepad: Zowie G-SR Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Headset: SteelSeries SIBERIA 840 Monitor: Asus PG248Q Resolution: 1920*1080 FOV: 103
    ArK Support Mouse: Logitech g900 Dpi:800 sens: 12,5 Keyboard: Logitech G Pro tenkeyless

    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to list all of the settings and gear of the full New York Excelsior team. Added all of them. 🙂

  5. Saebyeolbe zoom sens: 38 Monitor: X-star DP2414LED (144hz) resolution: 1920*1080
    Pine: zoom sens: 40
    Fl0w3r zoom sens: 35
    JJoNak zoom sens: 40
    Boston Uprising
    Striker DPS Mouse: Logitech g903 dpi: 800 sens: 7 zoom sens: 39 mousepad: ASUS ROG Sheath jayworks

  6. Seoul Dynasty
    tobi dpi: 800 sens: 8,5
    LA Valiant
    envy Flex Mouse:FinalMouse Scream One Dpi: 400 sens: 6,35 Mousepad: Logitech g640 large Keyboard: leopold 660M Headset: HyperX cloud II
    KariV sens: 3 zoom sens: 35 Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK heavy Keyboard: Leopold fc750r Headset: HyperX cloud Revolver S

  7. Boston Uprising
    Mistakes DPS Mouse: Zowie ZA12 Dpi: 1600 sens: 2,70 zoom sens: 38 Mousepad: Zowi G-SR Keyboard: SteelSeries 6Gv2 headset: SteelSeries Siberia v2 Frost Blue Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z Resolution: 1920*1080 FOV: 103
    DreamKazper DPS/Flex Mouse: Logitech g403 Dpi: 800 sens: 5 zoom sens: 44 Mousepad: HyperX Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Headset: HyperX cloud II Monitor: ASUS VG248QE
    NotE Flex Mouse: Zowie FK1 Dpi: 800 sens: 6
    Kalios Flex Mouse: Logitech g900 Dpi: 800 sens: 3,20 Mousepad: Logitech g640 Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Monitor: BenQ XL2430
    Gamsu Tank
    Snow Support Mouse: Logitech g900 Chaos Spectrum Dpi: 800 sens: 4,88 zoom sens: 43 Keyboard: Ducky Shine 6 Snow Edition
    Kellex Support
    Neko Support
    London Spitfire
    Fury Flex Mouse: FinalMouse Scream One second edition Mousepad: HyperX Fury s Pro keyboard: Logitech G Pro
    WOOHYAL Flex
    Fissure Tank Mouse: Logitech g502 Dpi: 800 sens: 6 Mousepad: Logitech g640 Keyboard: BRAVOTEC LINKTOP LT01 Headset: Logitech g433 Resolution: 1920*1080
    Gesture Tank Mouse: Logitech g703 Dpi: 800 sens: 7 Mousepad: Logitech g640 Keyboard: Logitech GPro Headset: Logitech g433
    HaGoPeun Support Mouse: Logitech g903 Dpi 800 sens: 5,4 Mousepad: Logitech g640 Keyboard: Logitech g810 Headset: Logitech g533 Resolution: 1920*1080
    Closer Support
    Bdosin Support Mouse: Logitech g900 Dpi: 800 sens: 5 Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK+ Limited Keyboard: Leopold FC750R Headset: Logitech g430 Resolution: 1920*1080
    NUS Support Mouse: Mionix Castor Dpi: 800 sens: 5 zoom sens: 45 Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK XXL Keyboard: Logitech G Pro
    SanFrancisco Shock
    Danteh Mousepad: Roccat Taito Keyboard: Corsair K63 Headset: Logitech g430
    iddqd Mousepad: Logitech g640 Monitor: ASUS ROG PG258Q, 240hz
    Nevix Flex/DPS Joined SF Shock
    Houston Outlaws

    1. I fixed everything and added all the new players. I left the players out that had no information next to them. Thank you so much for taking your time to write all of this down Mali! 🙂

  8. You guys are linking the wrong zowie keyboard on amazon, it links to the original zowie keyboard not the celeritas ii

  9. Hi,
    Could u put up CHIPSAOW settings and stuff. He is #1 Doom fist and his stream on twitch has recently been popping off.

  10. Sayaplayer Zoom sens: 38 Mousepad: Zowie G-SR Keyboard: Leopold Fc750r Monitor: BenQ XL2411 Headset: HyperX Cloud

  11. Taimou uses the Zowie EC2-B not EC2-A. Via his twitch. He hasn’t updated his mouse on the info, but if you type !mouse it says EC2-B

  12. Looks like there’s a typo in Seagull’s description. His DPI is listed as 1600 and his sensitivity is 3.00, but his eDPI is listed as 5200 instead of 4800.

  13. Seoul Dystany
    Zunba role: Flex
    Weeked DPS Mouse: Zowie ec2-a white dpi: 800 sens: 8 mousepad: SteelSeries QcK heavy Keyboard: Logitech G Pro
    Bunny DPS Mouse: Logitech G900 Dpi: 800 sens: 5 zoom sens: 40 mousepad: Logitech G640 Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Headset: Logitech G430 Monitor: BenQ Zowie XL2411 Resolution: 1920*1080
    Los Angeles Valiant
    Fate Mouse: Logitech G900 Mousepad: SteelSeries QcK heavy Keyboard: Bloody B903 (orange switch) headset: Sennheiser Game Zero
    SPACE Flex Mouse: Logitech G Pro Dpi: 450 sens: 6.50 Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Headset: HyperX Cloud II
    Houston Outlaws
    Clockwork DPS Mouse: Logitech G403 Dpi: 800 sens: 6 mousepad: Zowie G-SR Keyboard: Corsair K65 Headset: Sennheiser HD598
    SPREE role: Flex
    Muma Tank Mouse: Logitech G403 Dpi: 2000 Sens: 4,33 Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K65
    Boink Support Mouse: Razer Deathadder elite Dpi: 1800 sens: 2,5
    Bani Support Mouse: Logitech G403 Dpi: 1600 sens: 2,75 zoom sens: 38
    San Francisco Shock
    super Mouse: Logitech G403 Keyboard: Logitech G810
    Danteh role: DPS
    Nevix role: Flex
    Sleepy Support Mouse: Finalmouse Scream one Dpi: 800 sens: 2,5 zoom sens: 30 Mousepad: Zowie G-SR special edition Keyboard: DREVO Calibur 71 (white w/ black switches)

    1. Added all of the information to the list! Thank you so much for taking your time to research and write all of this down Mali! 🙂

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