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aka.: Sypher

Luminosity Gaming

Sypher “SypherPK” Ali was born on May 10, 1996 and is a full-time Twitch streamer for Luminosity Gaming. He is currently focusing on Fortnite.

Mouse Settings – Razer Viper Ultimate

  • DPI


  • X-Axis Sensitivity


  • Y-Axis Sensitivity


  • Hz


  • Targeting Sensitivity


  • Scope Sensitivity


Key Bindings – SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

  • Wall


  • Floor

    Mouse 4

  • Stairs

    Mouse 5

  • Roof


  • Trap


  • Use


  • Building Edit


  • Reload / Rotate


  • Crouch


  • Sprint By Default


  • Inventory


  • Map



  • HUD Scale


  • Brightness


  • Color Blind Mode

    Tritanope 8

  • NVIDIA Settings


Video Settings – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

SypherPK Setup

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81 Comments on “SypherPK”

    1. SypherPK’s mouse is definitely the Logitech G502. It’s also in his twitch !mouse command. 🙂

  1. His building edit key is now ‘F’. His use key has changed to ‘V’. His reload button is now ‘click down mouse wheel button’ I believe. Roof is on ‘LeftShift’.

  2. Does anyone one know what Sypher bind O as? I know it’s used as crouch but I forgot to say if it’s a bind to his mouse? He recently switch to
    wireless and I was wondering which of those buttons he’s using it as? Only 7 buttons on gpro wireless. 8 if your counting dpi button, but that’s now I the bottom.

    1. SypherPK’s keybinds changed since he uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless. He does not use crouch on the mouse anymore. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing this information about SypherPK’s keyboard. 🙂

  3. SypherPK’s item slot 1 = E
    item slot 2 = R
    item slot 3 = C
    item slot 4 = X
    item slot 5 = Z

    Pickaxe = Tab

  4. FPS limit= unlimited
    Res= 1600×1080
    Brightess= Default
    Colorblind= Off
    X sens: 0.100
    Y sens: 0.070
    Mouse Targeting Sens: 0.755
    Mouse Scope Sens: 0.648
    Polling Rate:1000
    HUD Scale:1.00
    Specs will be tomorrow kind of rushing this sorry 🙁

  5. Mousepad is wrong its the STEELSERIES QCK (XXL)
    He actually has 3 monitors but the monitor you put on the post is still wrong D: His main monitor is the ACER XF240 (144HZ) His second monitor is the ASUS MG278Q (144HZ) And his 3rd monitor is the ACER G24HL LED
    His Mic Arm Stand is the RODE PSA1 SWIVEL MOUNT
    His Mic Mixer is the BEHRINGER XENYX X1204USB
    Everything else is right!
    A thank you will be appreciated!

  6. Sypher got a new Pc monitor and webcam if you go to his twitch in past broadcast there is a stream were he built the new Pc shows the webcam and says this weekend he is getting the Alienware 240hz monitor.

  7. Pc specs – Case-Razer O11 Dynamic| |Cpu-i9 9900k | GPU Evga Rtx 2080 ti | Memory – Gskill tridentz ram rgb 16gb |Mainboard – Msi Meg z390 |Cpu Cooler-Corsair h100i rgb platinum | Case fans Corsair ll20 rgb x3 fans |Power Supply Evga 850 p2 | SSD/Storage – Wd black sn 750 1tb ssd. Check his pasts streams for proof

  8. His webcam is the Logitech c922 you could see it on the photos he’s taken of his setup. You can google pictures of his setup.

  9. Streaming PC:
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x Procesor.
    CPU Cooler: Hydro SeriesH60 Liquid cooler.
    Motherboard: Asrock X370 Killer Sli.
    GPU: Radeon RX 480 G1 Gaming.
    RAM: DDR4-2400 Memory Module.
    Fans: 3X LED Red Fans.
    Case: Lighting:iBuypower RGB Lighting.
    Case: iBuypower Element Gaming Case

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