Ninja Fortnite Settings

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Ninja Fortnite Settings



Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was born on June 5, 1991 and is a full-time Mixer streamer. Ninja started as a professional FPS player in Halo, H1Z1 & PUBG but has now moved on to focus on Fortnite. Ninja’s Fortnite Settings are close to average and a great starting point.

Mouse Settings – FinalMouse Air58 Ninja CBR Edition

  • DPI


  • Sensitivity X


  • Sensitivity Y


  • Hz


  • Targeting Sensitivity


  • Scope Sensitivity


Ninja Fortnite Keybinds – Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

  • Wall

    Mouse 4

  • Floor


  • Stairs

    Mouse 5

  • Roof


  • Trap


  • Use


  • Building Edit


  • Reload / Rotate


  • Crouch


  • Sprint By Default


  • Inventory


  • Map


  • Jump

    Space Bar

  • Auto Run

    MW Button

  • Harvesting Tool


  • Weapon Slot 1


  • Weapon Slot 2


  • Weapon Slot 3


  • Weapon Slot 4


  • Weapon Slot 5



  • HUD Scale


  • Brightness


  • Color Blind Mode


  • NVIDIA Settings


Ninja Fortnite Video Settings – EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

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376 Comments on “Ninja Fortnite Settings”

  1. Ninja used his G502 Proteus Spectrum, but that’s probably only because he’s waiting for the release of the next Finalmouse (tomorrow). Ninja’s mouse should therefore not be changed here.

    1. Fixed Ninja’s mouse until he receives the new FinalMouse. Thank you! 🙂

      Edit: Added the FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom as his new mouse.

  2. Ninja changed his sensitivity for the final time he said it is now x 0.08 and y 0.08. Btw love the website

    1. Ninja’s keybinds for running/edit are different now since he now uses L-Shift to edit. Hopefully he shares what he uses for running now soon. 🙂

  3. The keyboard and mouse are outdated. He now uses the Logitech G610 Brown and the Logitech G502

    1. No, Ninja’s mouse is definitely the FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom and his keyboard is the Corsair K70 Rapidfire.


      You can also check out his twitch commands that are always updated:

      !mouse = “Ninja uses the Finalmouse Ultra Light Pro”

      !keyboard = “Ninja is using the Corsair K70 Rapidfire”

      Ninja has not used any Logitech products for a long time now. 🙂

  4. His video settings are now this-
    Window Mode: Fullscreen
    Display Resolution: 1920×1080 16:9
    Frame Rate Limit: 240

    View Distance: Far
    Shadows: Off
    Anti-Aliasing: Off
    Textures: High
    Effects: High
    Post-Processing: Off

    V-Sync: Off
    Motion Blur: On
    Show FPS: On

      1. I don’t know if you noticed, but in the picture you put Anti-Aliasing and textures on high. In the video he has textures and effects on high and Anti-Aliasing turned to off 🙂

  5. ninjas mouse is the logitech G502 mouse, when the guy christopher bunjaj said that he was right. u can see in the photo on insta that that setup is CLEARLY for lola polooza only.

    1. Ninja’s mouse is the FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom ever since it came out. It has a better sensor and Ninja most likely prefers the shape. 🙂

    1. Ninja’s mouse polling rate on the FinalMouse UltraLight Phantom only goes up to 500 hz. 🙂

  6. Ninja raised his sensitivity because he has changed to the 502 for pax west which is heavier by 50-60g than his finalmouse .

    1. Ninja’s mouse is currently the Logitech G502 due to Pax West that’s coming up soon. He will most likely switch back to the FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom after the tournament. 🙂

  7. Is ninja actually taking part in this pax west tourney because he should be getting used to the 502 if he is and are all these events going to require a 502 or not in the future??

    1. Ninja’s mouse is definitely the FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom right now even though Pax West is happening. No, not every event will require the pros to use the Logitech G502. 🙂

  8. Hi there
    I wonder what Ninja’s past (144hz) monitor was, because I’m upgrading from 60hz to 144hz.
    Have a good day/night

    1. Ninja’s mouse polling rate is 1000 on the Logitech G502 and 500 on the FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom. 🙂

    1. Ninja’s keyboard was the Logitech G810 before he switched to the Corsair K70 Rapidfire. 🙂

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