x – Skin Giveaway!

If there is one thing that we all know when it comes to CS:GO it’s that skins = wins. That’s of course a joke (see Flusha, famous for his usage of the default knife skin, and EliGE with his default skins for professional examples) but it can’t be denied that clutching that final round feels a lot better if you switch to your fancy knife right after that highlight-worthy fadeaway AWP shot.

So as a thank you to our fantastic community (we literally couldn’t do this without you) we’ve partnered with CS.MONEY and we’re giving away three top tier skins (including a $500 knife!) to three lucky readers!

And please use the Gleam actions below to enter the giveaway!

This won’t be our last giveaway either. We’re only just getting started! Follow us on social to get notified of future giveaways.


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