CS2 Update: Zeus skins confirmed for CS2

The latest CS2 update was focused on bug fixes and other small changes, so it wasn’t a very exciting update at first sight, but hidden in the last line of the patch notes was something that’s a bit more exciting: Zeus skins are all but confirmed for CS2.

If we look at the patch notes, we can see the following line:

Added Zeus x27 to workshop submission weapon list

Valve Release Notes for 6/15/23

This clearly indicates that Valve will now begin accepting submissions for skins for one of the game’s most meme-worthy weapons: the Zeus x27.

Default Zeus skin in CS2

After being added to the game more than a decade ago, the humble Zeus will thus get its own skins. Many concepts have been released by some very talented artists over the years, and it’ll be exciting to see which skins officially make the game now that Workshop submissions for the Zeus are officially open.

The Zeus is of course a weapon that’s rarely used, so whether this will change with the arrival of skins remains to be seen, but we personally can’t wait to see a Zeus skin with a lightning theme so that you can zap your enemies in style. It would certainly make us buy the weapon more often.

With skins looking better than ever in CS2, we can only guess how the skins market will look in a couple of months, but these are without a doubt exciting times for players who also enjoy the cosmetic side of the game.

About CS2

Counter-Strike 2 is planned to release this summer and is currently out in closed beta. Valve is steadily adding new updates to the game, and while not all of them will drastically change the meta of the game, there have definitely been some big changes already and we can’t wait to see what the game will look like once it’s out and being played in pro matches.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get access to the CS2 beta test, you can check out our Best CS2 loadouts article and our CS2 Best Settings & Options Guide to get started.

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