Best Mouse for Rainbow Six Siege – The Ultimate Guide

A mouse is one of the most important pieces of PC hardware that money can buy, and this is even more true if you’re playing a game where one precise shot can change the course of an entire round.

Learning Rainbow Six Siege is difficult enough as is (the game has a pretty steep learning curve, which makes it all the more rewarding to master if you’re asking us) so you definitely don’t want to be held back by your gear in the process. Even if you’re already intimately familiar with all the nooks and crannies of every map you’ll still want to make sure that your mouse does exactly what you want it to do in the game, and that’s where we come in.

We have unleashed our drones in order to scout out what kind of gaming mice the Rainbow Six professionals are using, and we came up with this list. In it you’ll find the five most used mice, along with a little bit of information on their standout features. This’ll serve as an ideal baseline for anyone who’s looking for a new mouse, so have fun reading!

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

2. Razer DeathAdder

3. Zowie EC2

4. Logitech G403

5. Zowie FK1

What makes a mouse good for Rainbow Six?

Rainbow Six Siege is a rather simple game if you look at the basics; it’s an old school objective-based multiplayer shooter with a relatively low TTK (Time To Kill) and, perhaps most importantly, instant kill headshots. This means that you can get dropped in an instant if you find yourself in a 1v1 situation and your aim isn’t up to par, so for that reason it’s of vital importance that you get a mouse with a sensor that flawlessly translates your movements to the game world.

Older gaming mice used to have smoothing, acceleration, and all sorts of other performance-limiting shenanigans built into the sensor, but luckily this is a thing of the past. Almost all gaming mice that are released by reputable brands today house a flawless sensor so that’s no longer a thing you need to worry about. Since Rainbow Six is a game with a heavy emphasis on (among other things) aiming duels it’s of paramount importance that you get a mouse that’s comfortable for you. Shape, size, and weight are the most important factors for games like these, and luckily we see a pretty big variety in the pro scene. This means that you’ll be likely to find something that matches your preferences in this list.

Of Rainbow Six Pros use a wireless mouse

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

As used by Ion, Kantoraketti, UUNO, …

The current king

If you’re a bit of a regular reader here and/or you’re a mouse enthusiast this will come as no surprise to you. The Logitech G Pro Wireless is simply dominant right now, with over 20% of all of our analyzed pro players (across all games) using it as their weapon of choice. That’s a lot, and if the mouse manages to find itself in every single top mouse list that we’ve got it should be something really special, right?

And special it is. Logitech’s G Pro line of gaming products is made ‘with gamers, for gamers,’ and while that particular type of marketing speech can be found on many websites and packaging boxes the G Pro Wireless undoubtedly takes the crown at this point in time. Not every G Pro product has been as successful as this one; the original G Pro mouse, which is now called the ‘G Pro Gaming Mouse’, had a rather polarizing shape for example, but the G Pro Wireless (commonly abbreviated as GPW) is a hit on all fronts.

Cutting edge

Logitech spared no expense when developing this mouse, and their engineers and designers came up with a wireless mouse that weighs an impressive 81 grams. These days that’s still considered pretty light even for a wired mouse, and pair that with Logitech’s flawless HERO sensor, crispy and responsive buttons, modular side buttons, great build quality, and a battery life of around 50 ingame hours and you’ve got what is currently the most popular gaming mouse in the professional Rainbow Six community.

Playing with a wireless mouse (with a faultless connection) is an experience in and of itself, and cutting the cord with a rodent that’s this light and packs a specsheet this impressive is a whole different ballpark.

Why this one?

The G Pro Wireless is revolutionary on many fronts, and that does come at a cost. It’s by far the most expensive mouse on this list so if you’re on a budget this won’t be it, but if you’re looking for a top tier ambidextrous mouse that’s lightweight and wireless this is very much the one to look at. If you don’t really care about wireless mice or you’re the type of person who doesn’t need an ever-lighter mouse it’s probably best to skip this one however.

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Logitech G Pro Wireless
Razer Deathadder
Zowie EC2
Logitech G403
Zowie FK1

2. Razer DeathAdder

As used by mav, risze, Saves, …

The gaming mouse elite

The Razer DeathAdder is without a doubt one of the most famous gaming mice on the planet. With a rich history going back all the way to 2006 it’s almost impossible to be a PC gamer without having seen one of these on someone’s desk, and that’s for a good reason. The almost universally loved shape has remained nearly untouched every since the first iteration of this mouse, and lately Razer have been on point with the updates that they’re making to this model.

Classic with a modern twist

The DeathAdder is perhaps the most recognizable gaming mouse out there. It’s been the weapon of choices for pros and casual gamers alike for over a decade now and there’s a reason Razer never really changes the shape of this mouse. It’s got a very comfortable ergonomic shape that’s become a classic in its own right over the past decade.

The most recent version of the DeathAdder (called the ‘V2’) is perhaps one of their best ever, all things considered. It has a great cable, onboard memory, fantastic mouse feet, an improved coating and Razer’s newest Focus+ optical sensor. It’s a fantastic marriage between new and fancy elements whilst still respecting what made the DeathAdder so ubiquitous in the first place.

Why this one?

If you’ve got larger hands and you’re looking for a pretty safe-shaped ergonomic gaming mouse with a very respectable history to boot then the DeathAdder V2 should be near the top of your list. It’s really an example for other manufacturers on how to update your previous model so that they can roll with the new kids on the block in 2020.

3. Zowie EC2

As used by Skys, VertcL, Vitoline, …

A classic

The Zowie EC has been out for almost a decade now, and even though it has been through a lot of iterations by now tons of professional players still swear by their trusty old EC2-A.

Under the motto ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ we still see the older EC2-A pop up in a variety of pro lists, thus reinforcing our belief that shape and comfort are among the most important aspects of a gaming mouse. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in this particular type of mouse we’d recommend you to go for the newer versions, as those have a 3360 sensor as opposed to a 3310.

Straight shooter

The EC2 is, like all Zowie products, a straight to the point mouse. You don’t need to install any software to use it, nor does it have a ton of flashy LED strips and awkward angles to make it look more ‘gamery’. It’s got an absolutely phenomenal shape (Zowie are known for their great shapes, and the EC series is one of the most often mentioned mice when people are talking about this subject) and combines that with a more than decent stock cable and a sturdy and reliable design. We would like to see Zowie make some improvements to the cable in future releases, since they are falling behind the competition a bit, but aside from that this is very much a top gaming mouse.

Why this one?

If you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse that’s comfortable for pretty much any grip style then you absolutely have to try out the EC2. The shape of this mouse is universally loved for a reason, and with its no-nonsense design and reliable performance this could be your mouse of choice for years to come.

4. Logitech G403

As used by Rask, BiBoo, REDGROOVE, …

My humps

Earlier we said that the original G Pro products weren’t for everyone, and even though the G403 technically isn’t a part of the G Pro line it was launched alongside the original G Pro (now called the G Pro Gaming Mouse) as part of Logitech’s initial release of products that housed the flawless 3366 sensor. It was plagued by pretty much the same issues that stopped the G Pro from going straight to the top of everyone’s list in the form of having a rather unsafe shape and a subpar braided cable.

The G403 has a top sensor and supremely satisfying clicks along with a respectable weight of around 87 grams, but it’s got a pretty pronounced hump at the back which is very much a ‘love it or hate it’ type of thing for a lot of people.

Held back by the cable?

If you don’t mind the aforementioned hump this has all the features of a top tier gaming mouse, except for the cable. Both the G403 and the G Pro (original) came out with this thick and sturdy braided cable, and while Logitech has made an update to the G Pro Gaming Mouse in the form of a more flexible rubber cable they haven’t yet done so with the G403. For this reason we do recommend you to go for the G703 (which we reviewed here) if this design interests you, or to use this mouse along with a bungee.

Why this one?

The shape of the G403 isn’t the safest out there, but don’t take that as a bad thing. Not every mouse needs to try and cater to as many people out there as possible, and if you can get over the hump in the design of this mouse this is likely to be a very good fit for you if you’re into ergonomic mice. Couple that with the flawless sensor, extremely pleasing clicks, and sturdy design and you’ve got a top mouse. Just make sure to use it with a bungee if you play on low(er) sensitivities to avoid cable drag.

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5. Zowie FK1

As used by Korey-, ziGueira, b1ologic, …

The other Zowie star

The Zowie EC has carved out a way as one of the most recommended ergonomic mice and the FK line has done the same for the ambidextrous part of their lineup. It did take a pretty long time for the FK lineup to get an upgrade from the older 3310 sensor but with the FK Divina (which has a glossy coating) being out for a while now and a regular black FK2 hitting the market as well Zowie have also gotten their (arguably) second most popular mouse up to speed.

No frills

Zowie mice are particularly loved by shooter gamers because of their simple and reliable design. Just plug in the FK1, choose your DPI, and get to fragging. There’s no need to download any software or mess around with a lot of settings; once you’ve got your mouse it’s a simple three second process to set it up and get to gaming for years to come.

‘Performance over visuals’ is Zowie’s credo, and the FK1 is another perfect example of that. There are no crazy logos to be found on the mouse, and there isn’t even an RGB strip or anything like that. The design of the shell and performance of the mouse speaks for itself.

Why this one?

The FK is a rather flat ambidextrous mouse that’s got a well-deserved reputation as having an amazing shape and being one of the better options out there if you’re after this sort of design. It’s an older model by now but it still very much holds up (as is evidenced by it being one of the most used mouse by the professionals) so don’t let that hold you back.

Conclusion: The best mouse for Rainbow Six Siege

As you can see you don’t need a whole row of extra buttons and crazy features to perform at your best in Rainbow Six Siege. The pros overwhelmingly go for ‘basic’ gaming mice with only two side buttons.

Aside from the simplicity when it comes to features there’s a pretty big variety of shapes to be found here, which emphasizes our idea that comfort is by far the most important aspect of a gaming mouse when it comes to these sorts of games.

All of the mice in this list are top tier performers (otherwise the pros wouldn’t be using them) so it’s a matter of deciding what kind of shape and size you prefer, but we do hope that this list is helpful in your search for a new gaming mouse.

Thanks for reading!