Best Mousepad for Fortnite – The Ultimate Guide

If you want to take your game to the next level you’ll want to make sure that your gear is up to scratch. This goes for things such as your mouse and headset, but the mousepad is also a vital part of your setup. Different pads can have all sorts of different characteristics, and finding the one that’s right for you can greatly enhance your comfort and performance.

To help you find the mousepad that’s right for you we’ve been looking at the stuff that the pros are using. What you’re looking at are the five most used mousepads in the professional Fortnite scene. We’ll take a deeper look at every pad and highlight the most important features and characteristics so that we can help you find the perfect mousepad for you. Feel free to check out our review section where we have already reviewed a large selection of the most popular gaming mousepads as well.

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G640

2. Glorious 3XL

3. HyperX Fury S Pro

4. Steelseries QcK+

5. Steelseries QcK XXL

What makes a mousepad good for Fortnite?

If you’ve already taken a gander at the percentages of the most used pads you’ll have noticed that there isn’t really one very clear winner here. Fortnite pros use a wide variety of pads, but they do have one thing in common across the board: all of them are at least large sized pads. That’s something that we’ve seen in every game that we’ve analyzed so far, and it makes sense as well.

The average eDPI of professional players is much lower than that of most ‘casual gamers’, which means that they need a bigger surface to execute large sweeping motions with their mouse. You can take a look at our Fortnite Settings & Options guide to see the average eDPI and sensitivity of professional players. If you find that your overall sensitivity is way higher you might want to consider lowering it to get your aim to a more consistent level.

Aside from that we can also see that cloth pads are clearly in the majority here. That’s perhaps partially down to the fact that many companies don’t even make hard pads anymore, but it could also have something to do with the fact that cloth pads are easier to transport (doubly so if you’re using a large mousepad) and are, in general, less hard on your mouse feet. That being said: if speed is the name of the game for you it’s definitely a good idea to look at hard pads, since they can offer a much faster glide than cloth pads can.

Even playing field

In most of our top five guides there’s a pretty clear winner when it comes to particular pieces of gear, but that’s not really the case here. Logitech’s G640 leads the way as the most used mousepad, but it’s closely followed by the other four entries in this list as well.

What we do notice is that all of these pads have a very similar glide in the sense that they’re all medium to fast (for a cloth pad) gliding pads. You don’t see any dedicated control pads here, nor do you see any pads that are dedicated to speed. This might be a coincidence, but the more fast-paced action of Fortnite could be a factor in this.

When it comes to brands the pros seem to narrowly prefer SteelSeries, as they account for about a fifth of all pads. They are closely followed by ‘the usual suspects’ such as Logitech, Razer, and Corsair. What’s interesting here is that Glorious can count themselves among those big players as well, which is quite a feat for a relatively new/niche gaming brand.

Best mousepad for FortniteCheck on Amazon
Most used pads

Logitech G640
Glorious 3XL
HyperX Fury S Pro
SteelSeries QcK+
SteelSeries QcK XXL
A little over
of fortnite pros use a SteelSeries pad

1. Logitech G640

As used by Hamlinz, Calvin, WishYouLuckk, …

Logitech’s standard

The G640 is one of those pads that’s quite popular across a variety of games. It’s also perhaps the most ‘industry standard’ pad in this list.

With a thickness of 3 mm, size of 45 x 40 cm and medium-fast glide it’s basically the average of all these pads combined. It’s not an average pad, however. Our reviewer noted that it’s got a very pleasant glide that stays consistent for long periods of time. The glide itself is on the faster side when compared to other pads in this list, but as we said before all of these particular pads offer an extremely similar gliding experience, so take this with a grain of salt.

It’s a bummer that the G640 doesn’t have stitched edges (some team editions do have stitched edges though) but aside from that this should be a safe choice for almost everyone.

2. Glorious 3XL

As used by FiberFunk, 72hrs, …

Size matters

A lot of companies produce XL version of their mousepads, but Glorious have taken that whole concept up a notch and have created the table-sized 3XL. At a whopping 122 x 61 centimeters it’s by far the largest mousepad in this lineup (and, according to Glorious, in the entire world) so you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of space with this one.

This isn’t a gimmicky pad, though. It’s got stitched edges and a very smooth and consistent medium-fast glide. It’ll lay flat almost immediately due to the sheer size of it and once it’s in place it’s gonna be impossible to move it even if you’re doing crazy swipes every few seconds.

Having literally your entire desk consisting of mousepad gives you sort of a liberating feeling so if you are always looking for a bigger pad you should definitely check this one out. Due to the enormous size this obviously isn’t gonna cut it as a mousepad for people who go to LANs often though.

of fortnite pros use a custom branded (team or personal) mousepad

3. HyperX Fury S Pro

As used by Strafeshot, Chrispy, Megga, …

Medium glide

All of the pads in this list have an extremely similar glide, but if you’re looking for a pad that offers a bit more control you should look towards the Fury S Pro. It’s by no means a control pad but out of the pads listed here it does offer the most controlling glide.

Something to keep in mind with the Fury S Pro is that the glide starts to get a bit slower the more you use the pad, and it doesn’t get any faster after washing it either. That’s not a huge deal (it’s hard to notice the difference until you put a brand new pad next to a more well-worn one) but it’s something to keep in mind.

Aside from that weird quirk the Fury S Pro has everything going for it: it has stitched edges, a nicely textured rubber base, and a thickness of 4 mm to cover up any surface inconsistencies.

of fortnite pros use a glorious mousepad

4. SteelSeries QcK+

As used by Cizzorz, Gingerpop, Noizeeh, …

A classic

The QcK line is one of the industry standards in the gaming world. If you go to any given LAN tournament, odds are you’re gonna find a lot of these pads lying around on various desks.

The QcK+ has the same surface material as the QcK Heavy (which we’ve reviewed here) but is way thinner at 2 mm. It offers a pretty fast glide and due to the thin design it’s going to feel pretty seamless, but that has the trade-off that it won’t do a great job at covering up major imperfections on your playing surface.

Still, the QcK line is so popular in the gaming world for a reason. The QcK+ is a budget friendly pad with great performance, and thanks to its size and thickness it’s very portable to boot. Just make sure that you’re always using it on a decently even surface, or that you have another thicker or harder pad to place underneath it in case you have to play on a rocky desk.

5. SteelSeries QcK XXL

As used by Cloak, Jaomock, Thiefs, …

One thick pad

The regular QcK is a pretty thin pad, but the QcK XXL (which is the desk-sized version of the QcK Heavy) is the thickest pad on this list.

It’s got a thickness of 6 millimeters, which will ensure that it covers up everything but the rockiest of desks. Some people note that the QcK XXL feels a bit slower than the regular QcK, but in essence they’re both the same. The XXL might feel a bit slower because of the thickness which can cause your mouse to ‘sink in’ the pad a bit if you apply a lot of pressure when swiping, but the materials used are exactly the same.

The XXL is the perfect pad if you want to make sure that you’ll never feel your desk or playing surface through your pad, but you do have to be able to ignore the sheer thickness of it, which is something that some people find difficult to do.

Conclusion: the best mousepad for Fortnite

Fortnite pros don’t really go for one particular pad as a clear winner. All of the mousepads in this top five are very close together when it comes to overall pro scene usage, and that’s not really a huge surprise since they all offer a very similar glide.

If we can take anything away from this list it’s that you’ll want a large pad that offers a medium to fast glide for Fortnite. These things are very much subjective though. A mouse, for example, can have a dodgy sensor which hampers performance but as long as you’ve got a pad that feels comfortable and doesn’t limit your ability to swipe or anything like that you’re good to go. Mousepads aren’t the most expensive peripheral out there either so it’s definitely feasible to experiment a bit and buy a couple of pads.

In any case, we hope that this list has been helpful to you. If you have any questions on any of these pads feel free to write a comment on their reviews or contact us on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!