Apex Legends Pro Settings and Gear List

Every developer wants to get a piece of the Battle Royale pie these days, but Apex Legends is different and its tremendous success shows it’s absolutely deserved.

Apex Legends offers a fresh and interesting take on the Battle Royale genre. Mix the ability to respawn fallen teammates, selecting specific characters with specific abilities and an absolutely revolutionary pinging system (making it so that you don’t have to be talking ingame to work as an effective squad) and you get something that’s managed to deceive millions of players in the course of just three days.

You, too, can experience this new craze for yourself. Apex Legends is completely free to play, with the only form of monetization in the game coming in the form of cosmetics for the several ingame characters.

We’re super excited to see what this game can bring, and we’ve managed to stop ourselves from playing it just long enough to bring you our list of Apex Legends settings and setups that our analyzed professionals are using. This is obviously still very much a work in progress, and since this game is brand new, players will be added shortly. However, if you’re excited to begin your own Apex Legends journey this list can serve as an ideal baseline.

As always, if you have any corrections or want to make suggestions on which players to add, please feel free to comment them here or let us know. A quick message on Twitter and Discord is very much appreciated. We will fix every Apex Legends settings as soon as we can and keep on implementing things in our Apex Legends Pro Settings and Gear list. Thank you for reading.

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272 Comments on “Apex Legends Pro Settings and Gear List”

    1. A lot of pros use the FinalMouse which only goes up to 500 hz and some players just prefer the feel of having the mouse polling rate on 500 hz. 🙂

  1. these settings for spreeezy, the same guy from pubg settings list
    1600 DPI, 0.5 sens, 1.0 ads multi, 90 fov

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have any information on NoahJ456’s settings & gear yet. Hopefully we can add him soon. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have any information on Dafran’s Apex Legends settings yet. Hopefully we can add him in the future. 🙂

  2. TSM daequan 600dpi 3.5 sens 1 ads 104 fov
    TSM dakotaz 2400dpi 1 sens 1 ads ??fov
    TSM highdistortion 1600dpi 1.5 sens 0.8ads ??fov
    all 1920×1080

  3. i have a GTX 1070 Ti. None of the streamers listed have this. Therefore, I would like to know whether I can still consider purchasing some of the monitors listed such as the ASUS ROG Swift or BenQ Zowie without any fps issues or other issues. I am wanting to buy a new monitor for Apex Legends. Thanks.

    1. You won’t have any issues with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. It’s a great graphics card. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. That’s definitely something we want to add in the future. 🙂

  4. ProSettings team is really kind and supportive. They’re answering every question with such elegance!

  5. Hi,

    could you add Apex Legends guides in future?
    For example good (video)config settings, launch options etc…

    1. Good suggestion. An Apex Legends Settings & Options Guide will definitely be coming sooner or later. 🙂

  6. great website! I want to know who’s settings include toggle to aim and hold to aim.(in Apex)

  7. Could you guys by any chance add Shaiiko? He’s a streamer and ex R6 pro, his settings are as follows according to his stream:
    Mouse: Zowie Ec2-B Divina, 400 dpi, MouseSens: 2.8, SensMult: 0.6, Res: 1680×1050, FOV: 84
    His Hardware is the same as in your Siege list 🙂

  8. Would you guys mind adding Ace to this list? He’s the newest addition to the NRG roster. I don’t know his settings or gear unfortunately :/

  9. I would like you to add none other than Dellor’s settings! I have messaged him on discord and can confirm he plays at 1000 DPI at 1000 hz with a 1.0 and 1 sens.

  10. Could you add effective DPI too please? So we can filter out who has the slowest sensitivity and who the fastest. Just to get an idea of what most of the people play as a general rule of thumb.

    1. That’s definitely something we want to add in the future. Thank you for the suggestion. 🙂

  11. Tsm_Thump is playing 1440×1080 with Black bars . I dont know if it is his main but yesterday he was playing with that.

  12. If you still want dafran settings then on twitch it says he uses 400 dpi 2.2 sens. Also Dellor uses 90 fov not 110. Source twitch

  13. Please can you add 100T teenage, 100T lifted, 100T gigs, TSM imperialhal and catowski. They all stream on twicth.

  14. Please can you add Penta oraxe, he streams on twitch.
    Mouse : BenQ Zowie EC2-A
    Keyboard : Ducky Channel Shine 6 Speed Silver

    Headset : HyperX Cloud 2 + Mixamp
    Monitor : Benq 2411T

    PC : I7 8700k, CM Aorus Gaming 7, MSI GTX 1070, SSD, 16gb ram

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. Hopefully we can add the settings & gear of all these players to the list soon. 🙂

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